My 13 Year Old Friend And I Were Spanked With A Paddle By His Older Teenage Sister For Breaking Her Mirror

I was over at my friend Jamie's house (we were both 13). And dressed in matching football kits, red shirts and white shorts and blue lycra Swimming shorts As we were going swimming in a little while. We were goofing off and broke Jamie's big sisters mirror and it crashed to the floor. Kate Jamie's older sister had just come home from school and came running up the stairs to find her mirror shattered on the floor. Without asking for an explanation she told me to stand in the corner, and she went to her closet and brought out a table tennis bat. Kate sat down on the corner of her bed and told Jamie to come to her. He did as he was told and just then Kate grabbed his arm and pulled him over her knee pulling down his white shorts and proceeded to spank his lycra clad bottom with the table tennis bat in her other hand until he was crying tears falling on her school dress. Then she pulled down his lycra swimming shorts, Jamie's was by then begging for Kate to stop, Kate just ignored her little brother and spanked his bare bottom for what seemed forever. Finally she quickly pulled up Jamie's swim shorts and football shorts and made him watch me receive the same spanking he had just received. Both of us were then made to go in the back yard still crying and rubbing our sore bottoms. We didn't get to go swimming as Jamie's mother seeing us crying asked us what happened, and we told her what we had done and that Kate had punished us. We were told to get our PJ's on as I was sleeping over and to go straight to bed.
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At least she kept some modesty for you too at 13 and didnt pull down your pants and underpants and swim shorts until you were already over the lap and then pulled them back up before she let you off the lap. She gave both of you some considerations. Had she seen either of you naked in the front before and had either of you two started puberty at the age of this spanking? I was spanked till 15 by mom and 14 by an aunt on the bare bottom.

Yes, i could still see how embarrassing it would be just to get spanked and cry when a girl just a little older than you does the spanking. Did she or your freinds mom ever spank you beyond the age of 13? How old were you the last time your mom spanked you and the last time your mom ever spanked a freind of yours?

Did your freinds sister you bare bottom at age 16 too? Did she use the same method, over knees with pants on then pulled down and then pulled back up at the end of the spanking so she would see you naked in the front? She ever see you and your freind naked in the front after a spanking? What was one of the spankings you and your freind got from his mom when you were 14 or 15 and what was it for? Did your freinds mom spank bare bottom too and did she save some of your modesty too like his sister did? Did your mom spank totally bare too?

Sounds like your family and freinds family really believed in not sparing the rod. My mom, aunt, dad, principal, and a freinds mom also spanked me and my cousin till we were like almost 16.

Yea doing that spanking dance can be embarrassing. I know I did it everytime but once I was up after the spanking I only cared about the burning and stinging in my butt and not that my bits were flopping around as I jumped around. When you broke that greenhouse glass did you know right away you were in trouble and a spanking was coming. How did his mom react and what room did you get spanked in? How did she tell you to drop thepants down and did both of you do it at the same time before the sospanking or one at a time when it was your turn. She bend u 2 over the knee or over a bed?

Your mom ever spank your freind with you? What was the last age your mom spanked you two together and for what? I asusme your mom saw you in all your glory after spankings even at age 17 and 18.

How long did you end up naked during that spanking from yuor freinds mom? Seems like a while and did Jamie go out clothes to get the nettles? Were you done with the first part of your spanking at that time? Did you get bent over a chair a lap or a bed for the spanking? Hope you dont mind the questions or do you prefer a private email?

What country are you from?

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