Don't You Talk Back To Me Young Man!

This is the last spanking I remember. I think perhaps it might have been my very last. I only remember 3 distinct spankings, all by my stepfather. He was a strict disciplinarian, but usually fair. One of the spankings I remember was when he lost his temper, and that spanking was not as fair as when he caught me reading in class. This particular one though, I think he might have been a bit soft. I was fourteen, in ninth grade, a football player, and in four advanced placement courses. My stepfather wouldn't have it any other way. He wouldn't even get me a phone until I was in trigonometry, and if my grades dropped, I would usually get three slaps on the palm or wrist with a ruler, and grounded until I brought the grade up. My mother would relieve me of chores, and make me study at the table, only allowed to get up and go to the bathroom. I don't blame them, and it certainly gave me motivation to do better. This particular time, I definitely had it coming, and should have had my bum torn up by my stepdad. So it was a thursday, and I brought a test home with a B-. My stepfather wouldn't settle for anything below an A, and I knew I was in deep ****.
"How did your day go?" My mum asked as she was putting away dishes. I gulped, and decided to do the smart thing, and lie through my teeth.
"Fine mum." I said. She stood up and wiped her brow, she had been doing a lot of housework, so I put away the rest of the dishes. Livia came in and hung her backpack on the coat rack.
"Hi mum. Hi Elijah." She said, plopping down on the couch with her binder and opening it to a clean page for her homework.
"Elijah do you have any homework?" My stepfather asked as he came out of his study, just finishing grading papers.
"Yes Sir." I said.
"Do you understand it? Do you need help?" He offered. I shook my head.
"Well then get to it." He said, ruffling my hair. I shook my head back to normal and sat next to Livia. She was extremely intelligent, a smart ***, but intelligent.
"Do you have trig homework?" She inquired, craning her neck to see.
"Yeah, you?"
"Boring, easy math stuff, and some english homework too." She sighed. I put my arm around her shoulders.
"You seem agitated, what's wrong?" She asked. She was in first grade, but had an amazing vocabulary.
"Is that your word of the day?" I said, avoiding the subject.
"No. It is promiscuous." She said, grinning.
"Just kidding stupid." She said, punching me in the arm.
"It is antidisestablishmentarionism." She said.
"Of course it is." I said. I finished my homework about fifteen minutes after her. I was opening my back pack to put it in, and I pulled out the test, just momentarily, to put my homework in. My stepfather saw it, and his expression changed.
"Elijah, that had better not be what I think it is." He said in a dangerous tone. I froze and looked up, still holding the test in one hand and my homework in the other.
"What do you think it is Sir?" I asked, being a smart aleck.
"I expect you to use a more respectful tone with me Elijah."
"Sorry, yes Sir."
"Come here." He said, beckoning with two fingers. He crossed his arms and glared at me. I got up and walked over to him. He was about two heads taller, so I had to look up at him still. He held out his hand, gesturing for me to give him the test. There being nothing else for me to do, I gave it to him. He snatched it and skimmed over it, his face growing angrier and angrier as it read further.
"You're grounded until you bring me home an A. Go to my study and wait there." he said, controlling his voice perfectly. He rarely yelled, and was always perfectly calm, except for those times when I pushed way too far.
"Yes Sir." I grumbled and went into the study, waiting for him to come up after the discussion with my mum, and give me the inevitable promised lashes that punished bad performance. I waited there, shifting my weight from one foot to the other, crossed arms, agitated pacing, and huffy sighs every five seconds or so. I was feeling like crap that day, and I felt like testing my luck. My stupid self decided to be a smart aleck. My stepfather inforced the yes ma'am yes sir rule, and firmly believed in respect. I was to be polite and respectful to everyone, and so was my sister, but he never belted her. I always got the belt, and he always spanked her with his hand. However, he would always take me into a closed room, with no embarrassment from an audience to talk to me and punish me. Whenever she mouthed off, he got extremely angry, and would pull her over his knee anytime and anywhere. She got a few warnings though, like:"You'd better stop, or I'm going to spank you." Over all, he was pretty strict with both of us, and there was no discrimination. Sure, I got the belt, but she got publicity. Hand spankings always seemed equally as painful. I got a couple hand spankings when I was younger, in the third through fifth grade, then it was the belt. The first memorable discipline was in sixth grade, but he told me I had been spanked in third grade. I do not remember as well, but I do remember I was pulled over his knee, and he walloped my bottom at least thirty times on the bare, and I cried apparently. I think I had been disrespectful to him, and he would have none of it. Eventually, he came up to the study, with a belt. I thought I was getting just a wrist slap like usual, with a ruler. The belt struck a note of fear in me. My heart rate elevated at the sight of it.
"Elijah, your mum asked you how your day went, and it didn't occur to you to mention this?" He said, holding up my test. I swallowed and wetted my lips. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and looked down, my shoelaces suddenly becoming very interesting.
"Elijah, answer me." he said harshly.
"No Sir!" I blasted out, not being able to control myself. I knew it was a big mistake as soon as it left my mouth.
"Excuse me?" he said in a dangerously low voice. He threw down my test and folded the belt. I was cursing myself in my head for being so stupid. But I did it again.
"You watch your tone, boy."
"Whatever." I said. I was just digging a grave for myself at this point.
"No, I have told you time and time again that honesty is upmost."
"You know what? I'm not perfect! And guess what, neither are you!" I said, taking my hands out of my pockets and pointing at him.
"You will always be perfect to me, don't you understand? I expect the best out of you, and I don't know if this was just a bad day for you, but I expect that you answer me respectfully despite whatever may have happened. If you are having problems, you can let me know, and when you get a good or bad grade, I expect you to tell me, and try harder. If I have to remind you the rules at your age of fourteen, am I going to be bailing you out of jail later? Am I?" He asked. I hated this.
"Leave me alone." I said, turning my back to him.
"No, I can't. Not when you lied to your mum, and sassed me. I will have none of it, you hear me?"
"I don't care, just go away." I said, six feet deep by this time.
"Elijah, you are not yourself. What happened to the polite, respectful, and well-mannered son I had?"
"I'm not your son." I said in an undertone. I didn't believe this, but I wanted him to feel bad. He was always a good father to me, but I was not always a good son.
"Yes you are." he whispered. I began to cry. I had not been having the brightest of days.
"I knew you'd be disappointed, so I didn't tell you." I said, turning to face him.
"I know you probably had a bad day, and that happens, but it gives you no right to act like a brat, understand?"
"Why do I always have to be the one who gets caught?"
"Because you are a bad liar. That is a good thing."
"It's not fair! Livi never gets caught!"
"Oh yes she does, and she gets just as much of a spanking as you do. You are getting to old to be spanked. I am ashamed that I still have to do this, because I shouldn't, but if you keep acting like this, I have no choice."
"I'm sorry, I just, I don't know."
"I understand, teens apparently are like that. I would know, believe it or not, I was young once. I teach teens. Look, I may be thirty seven, but I still remember, and I know that if it is not corrected, it could spin out of control. I'll not have my son disrespecting me, or lying to his mother."
"Yes Sir." I said, a tear falling.
"You understand that I am going to have to punish you for this?"
"Yes Sir."
"Pull down your pants and bend over the desk." he said, without emotion, or just very well hidden. I did as I was told, knowing if I resisted, it would just be worse. He spanked me with the belt twenty five times. I was fighting the tears, but at the twentieth lash, out they spilled. Lash. Ow. Crack. Groan.Swap. Moan. Slap. Sob. Was pretty much how it went. I was fighting making any sounds at all, and grinding my teeth not to do so, but involuntary grunts of pain escaped anyway.
"I expect better tomorrow, understand?" He said, as I stood there, rubbing my welts. I nodded.
"You respond, yes sir." he said. I just nodded again. he hit my leg with the belt, and I curled up in pain.
"You respond, yes sir." he repeated.
"Yes Sir." I sobbed. He helped me up and gave me a hug.
"I don't like repeating myself, next time I expect better. Go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. You'll start with a clean slate, okay?"
"Yes sir."
"Alright, and if you ever have a bad day, I'm right here, and I'll understand. Okay?" He asked, holding me by the shoulders.
"Yes Sir." I said, holding back a sob. He rubbed my shoulders and sent me out the door. I was climbing the stair when Livia called from the lower floor.
"Did you get whipped elijah? Did you cry? I bet you did!" She said with glee. She always thought she was the one getting the spankings, and that I was the one who was favored. She is my favorite person now that we are all grown up, and she wasn't that bad when we were little either.
"Livia, don't you dare. Or it'll be you who gets the whipping." he said threateningly. She shut up immediately. I walked off and laid on my bed, belly down. I never mouthed off again, that was for sure. My mum came in and gave me some supper. She opened the door, thinking I was asleep, and put it on my bedside table. I moved and caught her wrist.
"Mum, I wanted to say I was sorry." I said, still choking on my own tears.
"I know baby. You wanna talk about it?" She offered, stroking back the hair that was in my eyes. She wiped away a tear and sat on the bed. She patted my back and gave me the warmest, most loving look a mother could give.
"I just had a bad day."
"I completely understand, and tomorrow is a new day. In fact, tomorrow is friday, and you only have to get through one more day until the weekend." She said. There was something about her that made me relax and calm down totally. My stepfather could be that way, but my mum was the only one who could master that look. My stepfather could do that when he wasn't mad at me. He rarely got actually mad at me, and reminded me he was proud of me everyday. But my mum was the one who melted my heart. Livia could do it almost as well, but it was a sister's job to irritate her brother constantly. She forgot sometimes though. My supper was hot, and she even left desert too. My stepfather insisted on helping me with studying that next day, and I brought home an A on the test the next week.

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Ok, a B- is not that horrible. Could it be better? Probably. Could it have been worse? Yes. Should you have said those things? probably not. Does it happen? Yes. I somehow got away with far worse. Being the great student constantly is exhausting. In my opinion 4AP classes at once is nuts. I only took one, but it was because of what was offered. (The college I was going to did not require American History as a GenEd, and I did not need economics.)

A sad time for you. I recognise the way your mouth can run away with you. Still, it is all over now. I hope times are happier. I liked your parents treating the next day as a new start. My parents did the same. Once the spanking was over, it and what I had done wrong were never mentioned again, even though I often repeated the offences for which I had been spanked.

I def wouldn't have gotten in trouble for getting a B, but lying and back talk...That would be grounds for my fathers belt. My father never punished us for bad grades, as long as he knew we were doing our best. If he knew we weren't trying that is when my brothers and I would get into trouble. Math was something I struggled in, so my grades were never great in Math, I barely passed. Good story, thank you for sharing.

I don't think I would have spanked you for getting a B. I do understand the part of punishment for lying, but too much grade pressure isn't always the best way to parent. He did seem like a loving step-father which mine certainly wasn't, so I didn't live in the house with him after 8th grade. My chosen adoptive parents when away at boarding school were very strict so I didn't see my first spanking until age 17. Check out my stories.

I will. He was pretty strict with grades, but he knew I could make an A if I tried, and he also knew if I got any lower, I wasn't trying. I will admit the grade pressure was a lot, but he was always willing to help me out with it.