I Got It Good!

Hey all! Yep, I got spanked as a kid! Started when I was around 6 is earliest I remember and stopped around 14.
More than often was across my Mum's knee, normaly bared and always painful! I'd say 99% of the time it was hand but my brush was used on occassion.
One other position was also used on rare occassion but that's not one I wish to discuss here!!!
I always remember the feeling I got in my stomach pre spanking and then the feeling of extreme uncomfort when bein spanked. God, awful!
I understand why I was spanked and bear no bad feelings for it. I wished more parents used it these days when I see the way some children behave!
Am open to chatting. If completely honest, find it easier to talk to females. I get very embarrassed talking to other males about it! As yes, i still get shy talking to females about it too!
I can still feel how my stomach use to jump at the thought of a trip across a knee!
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Are you from the UK and how did you feel about Mom baring your butt and spanking yuou at age 14? Did your pants and underwear come down to the knees for each of the spankings and what was the last spanking you got from mom?


Were you in high school the last time you were spanked by mom and did she bare your butt then too? Had you started puberty? I was 15 the last time mom spanked me, and 14 when I was last spanked by dad and by my aunt. What was the worst spanking you got and what age was that?