My First Birching..

I remember when I was 9, i had behaved very bad, and refused to do someting I was told to. My uncle, grabbed my arm and walked me fast to a place on his farm where he used to cut firewood. I remember how scared I was when he cut e switch from a tre and told me to pull my pants down.It was just one stick and he was svisjing it trough the air. I did not pull my pants down and he helped me indeed. My pants an my briefs as quickly removed, and I was bendt ower a pile of firewood. The next second the switch hit my rear end. It was my first time spanking ever, and I was screaming loud. I remember the second, and the third lick as very painfull, and I remember I was screaming. He gave me 10 licks and it felt as it should never end. My butt was red, warm, and it was hurting a lot. My uncle told my dad what I had done, and what he had done. My dad promised to learn me how to behave, and he started to use the same methode as my uncle.
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There's nothing like a good old fashioned (light) switch to bring a child back to reality. They will think again the next time they want to show out.

ouch that is all I can say been there done that don,t want to feel the birch again it hurts to f--king much. but as I was a slow learner I felt the birch many times and it hurt just as much the 50th time as it did the first time. hope that was the only time you got it !