My Cruel Foster Mother

I'm so new to this I really don't know where to begin so I'm just going to start telling you about some of my memories starting with the more recent ones with my foster mother Kim.

Kim and Lee were very wealthy, Lee was a business owner and never around Kim was a sadistic woman who got pleasure punishing and humiliating me. Here is a detailed account of one of my punishments.

I had just got home from school and Kim was standing in the kitchen waiting for me. I tried to go to my room but she yelled for me to come here. I turned and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. She was holding a glass scotch and was pretty intoxicated. She told me I was late and I said I missed the bus and had to walk she then told me to *****. I took off my clothes and dropped them on the floor by my feet. Then she told me to pick up my panties and hand them to her which I did. She looked at them then told me to bend over and grab my ankels. She walked into the living room and grabbed her laptop and set it on the kitchen counter. Then she left the room again and come back with the wooden paddle she liked to spank me with. Then she asked me if I knew why I was being spanked. I said because I'm late. She said no because you have spooge in your panties and you have been having sex. I learned not to talk back I just stayed bent over then I felt her hand on the top of my back and she started carressing my back going from top to bottom several times before sliding her hand down my butt crack stopping and feeling it, then saying there is even spooge inside your crack and probably your anus. Her hand was sliding back down my butt crack when the phone rang. She talked to who ever it was for a few minutes then said I'm just getting ready to spank Lacie. They must have asked her if she pulled my pants down because she said no she isn't wearing anything then laughed. Then she said ohh sure you want to listen do you. Then set the phone on a bar stool beside me. She picked up the paddle and told me to spread my legs wide. She never told me how many smacks I was getting it could be 5 or it could be 50 or more. I felt the paddle touch my butt and heard her giggle then smack down come the board on my ***. After a few minutes of spanking me she picked up the phone again and I could tell she was turned on and so was the person on the other end of the phone. She walked around the corner where I could no longer see her but I could still hear her. She was laughing and moaning. After a few more minutes she come back and placed the phone on the stool and continued spanking me. When she was done she handed me a small wet rag. She told me to clean the floor and kicked my clothes into the next room. She walked away for over an hour, I continued to clean the floor until she returned and told me to go upstairs to my room.
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this was awful. How old were you when this happened? How often did she spank you? How was she when she was sober?

That is a terrible story. I am so sorry you had to go through that. She belongs in jail for 20 years.

Yes, this is more than just cruel. It's criminal. If the law could have somehow gotten involved, I think "Kim" would be a registered sex offender. I'm really sorry this happened to you.

I got spanked every morning by my foster mum for wetting the bed. I was spanked at 16 as I was still wetting the bed, and she told every one of my friends about my bed wetting

ouch! that was so painful! i feel sorry for you having foster parents like that!