Skipping Practice

I guess I'm one of the few here who actually were not spanked at home. My parents used to threaten us with it and there were occasions when I was pretty sure I was gonna get it but fortunately I never did. Anyway I have been always interested in hearing stories involving spankings so I thought I would share my only experience when I actually got spanked.
Me and a friend of mine decided to skip practice once and instead we just hung out outdoors. After a while, we got hungry so we went to a grocery store. However, both of us had large backpacks and we started messing around. The inevitable happened and my friend's backpack hit a shelf with alcohol bottles (yes it's normal in Europe to sell alcohol in a grocery store). Two bottles got broken and in a little while the store manager was holding us asking who is going to pay for this. Obviously, we didn't have enough money to cover it so he asked us for our parent's phone numbers or otherwise he would have to call the police. We were scared as it was so we just gave him the phone numbers. He couldn't reach my parents but he did reach my friend's mom. She arrived after about 20 minutes, paid for the damages, took us to their house and told me I have to stay there until she can reach my parents. She yelled a lot at us for skipping the practice and just wondering around and then she told my friend to pull his pants down and bend over the sofa. I was shocked since I had never witnessed a spanking before. She took off her belt and gave my friend twenty licks. At the end he couldn't stop crying and she just looked at me and said now you. I really didn't see that coming and I was scared after seeing my friend getting it. I was about to start crying and I just shook my head. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to the sofa saying that she didn't care I wasn't her son and that I was gonna get what I deserve. So she pulled my pants and gave me 20 licks as well. After a while, my parents called her back and told her that she should just send me home. I didn't tell my parents about the spanking. I think I was affraid that it would give them some ideas and after this experience I was really glad they didn't punish me like that.
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how far down did she take your pants and underwear and did you cry and scream alot. Could she see your privates in the front too during or after the spanking. How old were you two and did your freind say he is spanked like that a lot.

In what country do you live ?

You sure are one of the few!

I never got spanked as a kid either and I do spank my cjild now but fully clothed and only with my hand or my husband hand. He 34 months old. But we will never bare bottom spank