A Little Acting Helps Sometimes

I was about ten years old and had gotten used to confessing to mom and being forgiven without any punishment. I finally tried it once to many times. I went to her bedroom and confessed. I have forgotten what I did. Instead of forgiving me she said I guess we need to take care of that. She sat down on the bed and called me over. I felt the need to pee and asked if I could use the bathroom first. She said no, just to get over there. I asked if I could close the bedroom door. She let me and I went to her. I was told to turn over. I was wearing shorts. Mom could spank through those easily, so I was allowed to keep them up. She placed her hand on my back and told me that I had been getting off too easy. The first lick stung but not very bad. It had been quite a while since she last spanked me. She was giving a nine year old spanking to a ten year old. I decided to act a little. I took a very audible deep breath. When I got the second I drew another deep breath threw my teeth. On the third I forced myself to cry. On the next few I shifted my hips like I was repressing the urge to move. At ten my tears were quite real but I was still playing it up a bit. She stopped and said, "It been awhile since you've gotten it like this. Hasn't it?" She leaned forward to look me in the eyes. I just pretended to be embaraced. She sat back up and started spanking again. She finished giving me the spanking with me playing it up a bit. After twenty my butt was on fire, but it could have been much worse.
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