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Hi don't know if it's the right place but I got spanked and whipped on diffrent times depended what the offending crime was. Let's see um, belt, apple tree switch, paddlel (spoon), hand. My Mom was not a hairbrush kinda gal so i did not get that! My Dad was the belt type. Hand was mostly for a smack across the face.

After a while I learned that if i came home late I'd get the belt so I soon realized that if I was drunk or had a buzz it didn;t hurt so bad. So that's what I did until I finally was able to move out. But the joke's on me cause now I have all these little welt scars on my *** and the backs of my thighs. I can see them if I twist around but they're prett light really. My ex-bf in high school used to love running his hand over my welts and make me shiver. He always said how sexy it was and I guess was kinda sexy but I'm the one that had to get beat not him!
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I know and feel your pain, I was beat on by my parents for 14 years of my life, with pool sticks, baseball bats, and leather sandles, on my back legs arms, and head, I have bad headaches now and nightmares.

I hated them for years for doing that to me. Now im to big id kill them for it!!!...

wow if you have permanent physical scars then I am sorry .I got the cane at school on the bare several times but never left those sort of scars I thought we had it bad and maybe our masters got some sort of sick kick but wow never should someone experience what you did especially from parents .I got the hand on my bare bum at home but not with mallice .You survived it so you are stronger than you think stay strong .

i enjoyed your summary - and your notes.. interesting the style between your mom and dad.. I would love your comments on things i have written about.

Thanks for the note - i agree that not all situations have that connotation. Part of what i was implying is that - how you described it, it was a catalyst for your boyfriend. I wondered if there was ever a interest on his part, to continue the discipline - as a full blown, discipline process, not necessarily as submission or foreplay. Finally - how do you think you will handle discipline when you have kids?

They still created a response, and you still pushed the limits, and earned the discipline. If your BF was intruiged by them - i am surprised it did not evolve to him taking a firm hand. have you been with others who discipline now that you are out of the house?

i to have the scars of a belt and cane mine started at the age of 4 with spankings and as i got older i got paddled then strap and then the cane

I am sorry you had to go through that. It must have been terrible.

oh my poor u!!that must be a lot of pain!!i´m sorry! :´(

:-( I'm sorry you have scars...We all have scars, some can be seen and some cannot. Sorry you went through that.

I'm sorry you suffered like this. "Doesn't everyone have scars?" A kid drinking to kill the pain before getting whipped until finally able to move away from her home. You can pick your friends but not your parents.

Sorry that sux.

Sounds like you got severe discipline. Ouch...

Sounds like mine! OUCH!