I Once Tried To Do The Math

I got my first real spanking from my stepfather when I was ten years old. Between the ages of ten and thirteen I was spanked at least once every couple of months. It was sometimes more than that, especially in the beginning when I was learning my stepfather's rules and expectations. So that would be somewhere in the vicinity of three dozen spankings. (I was close to eleven when my stepfather married my mother.) When I was thirteen my stepfather started using the belt. By that time I had learned the ropes (painfully) and was getting spanked less often, but still got it three or four times a year. So that, at a conservative estimate, would be another dozen spankings until I reached the age of sixteen, when my stepfather retired the belt. (A date that should go down in history.)

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to conclude that as a kid I received somewhere around fifty spankings. Now, not all of these spankings were equally hard. Some of them were no more than a few good licks with the belt across the bare ***. But nevertheless I was really amazed at the number when I figured it out, because I never felt growing up that I was abused or that my childhood was significantly different from those of most of my friends.

How the hell did we survive? Just thinking about all those spankings makes my butt tingle. Even now.
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Before you read this, let me state right now that I do not think I was "abused" because of the frequency of my spankings. I could have ended them any time I wanted, but I did not. I needed and wanted them. I knew before I even got my first one, that it was something that filled a need inside me. In my estimation I deliberately initiated about 30% of the spankings I got. All of them made me feel calm, at peace with myself and everyone else. I was stress free and fulfilled. It was this post-spanking sensations that made me either go out of my way to get one, or at least, not do anything to avoid being caught at something that would result in one.

On one long night I tried to do the same math. My first spanking was 2 weeks before my 7th birthday. My last was a bit more than 8 1/2 years later. In between I probably averaged about 3 or 4 per week.

Newman1833 said he got about 50. I got that many in the first year. But mine were not that severe. My bum would be back to normal within an hour of getting spanked, even when Gram used the belt.

But even now I crave severe spankings. Looking back with hindsight, I often wonder how many of my spankings I brought on myself. The rules were very clear, but I kept breaking them. And like you, I have always felt a strange kind of calm after a hard spanking, even if the spanking itself is a most unpleasant event.

It was ruff but we grow up with respect and knowing right from wrong. Mine were always on the butt never anywhere else.

Did your stepdad always spank bare bottom with the pants just down in the back or pulled to the floor or off? Did mom ever witness any of the spankings from dad and did you ever cry before a spanking started? Were you ever embarrassed getting spanked and did anyone outside of the family see you spanked?

I am sorry to hear that you were so abused as a child. Children who are taken away from the love and protection of our fathers are the most abused children. Mothers do twice as much child abuse as men, including sexual abuse and murder. Her latest **** (stepfather) is second in child abuse only to mothers, and his abuse is usually encouraged by her. Real fathers actually block more child abuse (by mothers) than they do.

But I never considered myself abused. Up to a point, abuse is a subjective concept. When I was growing up, most kids were spanked, at least occasionally. Looking back, I was spanked more often than most, but I had no way of knowing that as a kid. All I knew was that I was being punished in a way that was culturally acceptable in that time and place. And if I had complained to an adult, which I never considered doing, most would not have been sympathetic, and all I would have accomplished was to broadcast the fact that I was spanked, which would have been humiliating. Back then it was simply assumed that if a child was punished, the punishment was justified. The benefit of the doubt was entirely in favor of the adult. In sum, it was a very different time.

Newman, How did your mom respond when dad started taking up the spankings. Did she see you spanked some of the timne even during the ages from 13-16? Were all spankings bare and what room did you get spanked in the most? What age did puberty set in?

If you read my first spanking experience you'll see my "adoptive" father first spanked me after my best friend and I got into trouble together. I asked for the same treatment he gave his son so I would still be able to come to the ranch. The whole history is in that first story "My first real discipline at age seventeen". The story about Dave being spanked at age 13 by his mother was told to me when we were in high school. In the first paragraph I note that I adopted a 1st person license as a writer. Let me know what you think of my stories. Thanks for your interests.

Yea, I agree. When I think back on my less than 15, real, but hard discipline spankings (I believe you read some of my experiences) I wonder how I survived them at the time. Of course, we did. I don't know about you, but I don't regret them and think it framed a very successful like for me. Remember, there was a solid balance of love and respect between me and my adoptive parents.

To be honest, I didn't love my stepfather. I respected him, and I believe that he did what he believed was right, but there wasn't much real affection between us. He was fair. I never got a spanking I didn't deserve, but I wish he had tried talking to me and getting to know me more. I believe that corporal punishment can be an effective disciplinary tool, but to be honest I'm ambivalent about my own experience. My stepfather was all about the stick. There needed to be more carrot, if you know what I mean. Fear alone isn't adequate to motivate a child.

I totally agree. I had a great relationship even with my "away, boarding school parents", more so than my stepfather who I couldn't stand and never really lived with because I found a way out of the house at age 13 and never moved back in. He never touched me, but was a total uneducated idiot. My ranch parents were caring and supportive, but very strict with good balance. I could talk to either mom or dad about anything and, of course, my best friend brother Dave. Wish you had had that experience.