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Hi everyone my name is Lindsey I'm 21 years old and the mother of Logan whose is 34 months old. He very hyper and has my I dont giva a f@#$* attitude. My husband and I dont want to spank, but we do now because he isn't old enough to ground and taking something he really likes away is just a punishment to us. He is not three yet. I would really like advice on how to tame him also i will not use implements or bare bottom spank. That is child abuse to me thanks.
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Hace ypu tried timeouts for longer than if he moves?

You are a loving Mother. How about time outs. Also, not being a parent myself, if he talks, maybe you could explain to him why his behavior makes you unhappy. I think taking something he likes away from him is a good type of punishment. That is what life in the real world is like.

I do time outs but a 3 minute timee out ends up taking 30 minutes or more. The taking something away might work but if I take away somethiing he really likes he'll find something else to mess with or play. I do alot of talking with him but it's like it goes in one ear and out the other. My gma says it's just terrible twos but it's been pretty terrible.

I am not a parent, but I have friends, and a sister who is, and I have watched her deal with a similar difficult kid. She is a psychiatrist also. She would use a light tap on the bottom, but no more. She would use time outs, that lasted for 30 minutes also, and she would explain why he was making her unhappy, and why it was mean. It was not easy, but by 4 or so, he became a nice kid.

Yeah im doing all that i am raising him the way i was raised ajd I turned out alright. A bit spoiled but good

I suggest you go online to the Boys Town, Ne web site in the parenting section as there are several excellent parenting books that would be helpful for you. I agree that bare bottom spanking at that age isn't the first choice. A personality of a little one needs to be understood and worked with in more positive forms of behavior management. Good luck. I was much older when I experienced my first spanking in a rather unusual circumstance. I think five year-olds and older have better responses to a firm spank or two on a bare bottom or just on the underwear.