Spanking Ritual

One thng that always surprises me is the spontaneous nature some parents had towards spanking. For my parents, a spanking was meant to be memorable. While the pain certainly contributed to that, they also intended for the entire proess to be an event.

Once a spanking had been earned, I was typically lectured, then officially sentenced, then ordered to my room or the basement. I was always required to remove my shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. This was to occur before my parents arrival. Then I would wait. This was the worst, being bare always brought home for me the fact that I had nothing to protect me from whatever implement my parnts were currently deciding on.

All to soon though they would arrive. My stepdad almost always had me bend over the bed, legs spread very wide, arms straight ahead. His belief was that being stretched prevented clenching and allowed each stroke to be properly aborbed.

The worst was that they would lie the implement where I could see it while they lectured again. Then he'd pick it up, tap my bottom once, and get to work. My stepdad was rough, he'd spank 25-30 times and very hard. Anywhere from my upper butt to the knees, including the inner thighs were fair game. By the end he normally succeeded in breaking through any resistance I had.
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How often and until what age were you spanked by mom and dad? Were you and siblings ever spanked together? Did you try to cover up in front as your parents came into the room to protect your modesty?

I typically was either sitting on my bed or on the couch in the basement when they arrived. Once they ordered whatever position they wanted, I quickly got up and did as they asked. I typically wore a large shirt to cover my front. Modesty didn't bother me too much though since I knew my bare *** would be getting whipped momentarily and my screaming and begging would dwarf any embarrassment from them seeing my bare.

Do you feel the spankings you and your sister got had the desired effect of changing your behavior at least temporarily? Did you and your sister ever get spanked at the same time? And when a spanking occurred and you still had on a long shirt, was it raised over your back to make sure the backside was clearly in view for the belt. Did your mom always stay behind you as the spanking was taking place with a full view of your butt getting red and lastly did you ever jump up or turn around facing dad in the middle of the spanking asking for no more please?

Oh, what part of the US are you from or were raised?

We were always well behaved for a few weeks. Yes, the shirt was always pushed further than was necessary so that my dad had a clear target. For my mom it would vary. Sometimes she'd stay behind while other times she go around the bed and lecture me in between lashes. Those were the worst, nothing like feeling all alone. I never got up. I knew I had no choice but to take what I had coming no matter how badly it hurt. Any raising of legs or moving my body was always more lashes.

Did you ever do the spanking dance afterwards after a spanking was over jumping around the room rubbing your butt? Did you ever get it from dad just putting hands on the bed or bench and not laying down over the bed or pillows? If mom lectured during the spanking could you see her face and hear what she was saying during the spanking and was that done when you were laying on the bed or just bent over with hands on bed? How often as a 14, 15, 16, 17 year old were you spanked a month? How often your sister?

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Yes I remember all to well simiar I hated it and with dad it did'nt when where or who was there at the time you were ordered to undress and assume the postion so i got in front of friends ,realtives and strangers you just got it and you did'nt dare argue or question it

That sucks getting it in front of freinds and relatives? Until what age did dad spank you bare bottom and what age did your freinds last see you spanked? Did you ever see them spanked?


Whenever I got a spanking, it was a matter of several hours.First part was announcement of spanking, sometimes hours prior to the actual spanking, second was detailed discussion of the forthcoming spanking,third part was preparation for spanking, fourth part was prewarming my buttocks by patting and kneading,fifth part was the actual spanking, which also lasted maybe half an hour,because the main part of it was being lectured, the lectures interrupted by series off 5 to 10 whacks on my bare bottom.I'm going to write a story describing all that in detail, because it apparently was an extraordinary procedure, quite different from what the majority of people here experienced.

Nice story! It reminds me some old memories...