I Still Get It!

Hi I'm 18 and mom still spanks! Ive always want to post about my experiences but cant choose which (I get them often) so I guess message me if you would like to here!
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i think you are to old to be spanked i have 4 grown kids and there spankings stopped at 16 Charlotte had 1 more at 17 as a 1 off but none after

yes would love to here more.....

i tried but it wont let me..not in ur ciecleand wont let me add u?

I also got it at 18. Please add me

I'd love to read what you have to say about your spankings. I was intrigued when you wrote that you want to post about them. What is it that makes you 'want' to post?
I'd like to add you

My daughter still got her bare bottom spanked and at times thrashed with a slipper or rod until she was over 16. So it is not unusual. I take a total approach to discipline which incorporated many areas. It is not just the spanking itself

Well I maybe sounding harsh here but that is part of it. And in fact is part of the total discipline approach. When my daughter bared herself or was waiting for quite long periods to be dealt with yes she was embarrased by this, but that is what correction is about.

Feel free to write about whatever you are comfortable sharing. You might want to start with your earliest memories and move forward. Whatever you choose, remember that people are here to support you.

Type away.

Just write what ever you want. Why not write about some experiences your had growing up.

Just write about whatever you have a clear memory about. If you were spanked alot like I was there was something unusual about the spanking if it stands out in memory. I used to post under thebelthurtsbad. I changed my user name to one that suits me better. I wrote alot about spankings that were unusually bad or had something I was not expecting. To me it was thearaputic to write about bruises and such. If someone leaves a message that is vulgar or just not helpful you can delete it.

Sounds bad - I feel sorry for you. Go ahead and post and ignore the slobbering perverts and the outraged self righeous hand wringers who will respond.