Getting Spanked In Front Of Others

From age 7 onward my mom used the hairbrush for spankings.  It was awful.  I hated the hairbrush and after a spanking I would be in my bed still crying and wishing that the hairbrush had never been invented.  LOL
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You might have fun reading my story "For the love of Nichole and the truth about the fuller brush man". Let me know if you like it.

I hated getting spanked, period! But even worse was when my sister would be there to watch.. sometimes my aunt or grandma would be there too! There was never any sympathy from them. I think they quite enjoyed watching mommy blister my hiney with the hairbrush.

There was never any sympathy from adults when I was a kid. If you got spanked it was because you deserved it. Adults were always right. It was tough being a kid, especially on our poor little rear ends.

tripdelta3, was your sister spanked much or did you get into enough trouble for both of you? I always hated getting spanked with an audience. I always looked forward to when I could be the one with the popcorn enjoying the show.

My sister was 5 years older - I only remember one time that she got spanked, and unfortunately, all three of us got the hairbrush together.

It sounds like your sister got off easy compared to you unless you were a lot naughtier.

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