Dashing Through The Snow And Onto Thin Ice!!!

I lived in a development that had six culdasac streets. One Winter we got a lot of snow, and even in the Spring we still had a lot of snow. This was the year I got a snow tube, it was the newest craze at the time. I did more snow tubing that year than any other year that I can remember. My neighbors and I used to go to several places around the development that had great hills to sled or snow tube down. One was at a pond and during the Winter months we would make a little ramp of snow at the bottom of the hill so we would end up going over that ramp and slide across the pond. We would see how far we could make it on our snow tubes and have contests. The middle of the pond was the furthest any of us were able to make it. The pond wasn't very big but it was big enough. We would have an absolute blast there so we always chose the pond over the other sledding areas in the development. There was always a parent there when we would sled at the pond, even though it was frozen and not that deep, there was supervision when we went there. When Winter was over and we hit early Spring we still had a ton of snow which meant we could still go snow tubing. But the pond was off limits because it was a safety issue at that point. 

One day my next door neighbor Melody, my other neighbor and fair weather friend Kelly, her brother, and another neighbor were going snow tubing. I was invited to go so obviously I wasn't going to say "no." I asked my dad if it was okay and he said, "yes." So I dashed upstairs and put on my stretch pants followed by sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. Downstairs I put on my gloves, ear muffs, and my jacket. When I proceeded to go out the door that led to the garage my father stopped me. "Remember, the pond is off limits now because it is not safe anymore, understand?" I shook my head and said, "yes dad, I understand, I won't go near the pond." With that I opened the door, walked down the four steps into the garage, put on my boots, grabbed my snow tube, and headed outside. We all walked up the street and instead of going to the right towards the hill that was okay for me to go to, they took a left towards the pond that was in the center of our development. I knew I wasn't supposed to go, but that's where everyone else was going, so I disobeyed my dad and went along with them.

We got to the pond and it was just us. Robby, Kelly's brother went and made the ramp again, after about 15 minutes we had the best snow ramp we ever had, it was going to be awesome! Nobody else was there, just us. My friend Melody was 2 years older than me, my fair weather friend Kelly was my age, her brother Robby was a year and a half younger than us, as well as our other neighbor Christopher. Once the ramp was all set and ready to go we started taking turns, we would get a running start at the top of the hill and jump on our tubes, we either rode down sitting or we would go down on our stomach. We had been doing this for a while and having an absolute blast! It was my turn again, I got my running start, jumped on my tube and slid down the hill and over the ramp. Only this time I fell off my tube and slid across the snow and ice onto my backside. Everyone was laughing including myself, but that laughter quickly turned into panic. There was crackling sounds coming from the ice, I had to get up and walk to my snow tube since I slid in one direction and my tube another. As I was walking towards my tube the ice started to crack even more which was scary because I didn't know if the ice was going to give way. It wasn't that deep and I was a good swimmer but still didn't want to take any chances. So I started to walk even faster, just as I reached the edge of the pond and put one boot back in the snow from the top of the hill I hear my name being shouted. I look up and there was my dad, instantly my stomach dropped and a different kind of panic set in. I looked at my friends and proceeded to walk up the hill towards my father. I knew I was in big-big trouble! Once I made it to the top of the hill my dad took my snow tube. "Get in the car right now." My father did not yell, but he was talking very sternly to me. He then turned to everyone else, "do your parents know you are over here?" They all shook their heads no. "I suggest all of you go home right now." So they all took their snow tubes and started to head back home. I didn't get to walk with them, I stood at my door and watched my dad take the air out of my snow tube. He looked up to see me still standing at the door, "what did I tell you to do?" I opened the door and got in the car. My stomach was in knots, I kept thinking to myself, "why didn't I listen?" 

As I was sitting in the front seat wishing I had listened and obeyed my dad his door opened and he popped open the trunk, I almost jumped out of my seat because he slammed the trunk shut and it startled me. Once the trunk was shut he walked back towards the car and got in slamming his door. He turned the car on, didn't look at me, and didn't say a word to me as he started to drive. Silence was always a killer for me, it made things more tense and made me even more anxious. I looked at my dad as he made the turn down our street, "dad, I..." But my father cut me off instantly, "I don't want to hear it!" I looked down and didn't say another word, it didn't take long to get back to our house since the pond was only just up the street. As the car pulled into the garage my stomach started to turn even more as the butterflies fluttered visciously in my tummy. I opened my door and proceeded to get out of the car and my dad did the same. I got to the steps and removed my boots and my jacket since that was the routine when coming home from being out in the snow. I walked inside and went into the laundry room and removed my ear muffs and put them on top of the dryer. Then removed my gloves, socks, my sweatpants, and my sweatshirt and put them in the dryer. My stretch pants were wet too but I wasn't taking them off until I got upstairs. Just as I finished putting my stuff in the dryer the garage door shut. I emerged from the laundry room to see one very angry dad.

"What the hell were you thinking? I forbid you to go to the pond, did I not?" I put my head down and just shook my head yes. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" I looked up and again shook my head yes. "Do you have any idea how dangerous it is right now to be on that pond?" I shook my head no and proceeded to say, "but dad the pond is not deep at all, nothing would have happened." My dad could have burned holdes through my skin at that point with the way he was glaring at me. "You just know it all don't you? Has nothing to do with how deep the water is but how cold it is! And that isn't your call to make, I forbid you to go there and you did what you wanted. So you can march your little butt up to your room right now!" I knew I was in trouble from the second my dad showed up at the pond, but it didn't matter, I wanted no part of what was about to occur. "Dad please don't, I'm sorry, I'll never..." And as soon as I finished saying never my dad just put his hand up, "I am not going to tell you again, you have nothing else to say, upstairs to your room!" I bursted into tears and ran up the stairs to my room and shut the door. Kneeled down infront of my dresser to pull out a pair of pajama pants since my stretch pants were wet and my legs and backside were cold. As I was opening the dresser drawer I heard heavy footsteps and my door swung open, my dad walked in and shut it quickly. "Bend over your bed," he said this as he started to unbuckle his belt, "dad just let me get into some dry pants, please," I pleaded. He finished pulling it through the loops and had it folded over and pointed to my bed, "now young lady." I froze to my floor and shook my head no, "dad please, I just want to change." At that point my dad just walked over and pulled me to my feet, "if I have to ask you one more time, you will have extra, do you understand me? Do as I say!" I finally obeyed and got into position, gripping my blankets tightly in my fists.

Laying on my stomach bracing myself I heard the belt whistling through the air, I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, that first lick just about took my breath away. Having leather crack across a wet cold backside was unbearable for me. I released my grip from my blankets and immediately covered my backside with my right hand. "Dad please let me change out of these pants, please!" I was choking on my tears at that point and I had only received one lick. "Move your hand right now." So I moved my hand and again gripped onto my blankets. The second lick made contact and I cried out as I again reached back with my hand to cover my backside. I knew better than to do this, but I honestly just could not help it. My dad moved my hand and pulled me to my feet. He had me turned around and looking at him in seconds. "So help me God young lady, if you keep resisting this you will have 5 additional that you will count, do I make myself clear?" I was already at the hyperventalating stage of crying and shook my head yes. He turned me back around and again I bent over my bed. And like instinct after that 3rd lick my hand went back again. "Dad please stop, I'm sorry, I'm so-so sorry!" And at that point my dad grabbed my right hand and removed it. "I'm sorry too, but this is what happens when you disobey me, you know what happens when you do. What you did was disobedient and it was extremely dangerous, you have no idea what could have happened if you fell through that ice.This is your fault, now you need to accept your consequences, you are only making it harder for yourself."

As soon as he finished with saying that he made sure I would not beable to reach back anymore as there was no time inbetween those licks, what I call rapid fire. Crying myself a river would have been an understatement at that point. What I thought was my last lick was not because my dad held his word about those 5 extra licks for continuing to reach back. I could hardly talk much less count, but I didn't dare resist those, I wanted to get it over with and I had only extended it by resisting, and I damn well knew better than to do that. It took a little while to get to 5 as I could hardly say each number because I was crying so hard. So he would wait until I was able to say each number before continuing onto the next lick until I made it to five. I was so relieved when I got to five, it seemed to have taken forever to get there. I was an absolute disaster after that spanking. If you have ever been spanked after playing in the snow and having a cold wet bottom, I couldn't really fully describe that feeling except quite bluntly, it F***ING hurt! This was the second time my dad made me count extra licks, there was only one other time I was made to do this, and I'm quite thankful this wasn't an often thing I had to do.

Laying on my stomach still gripping onto my blankets as if the belt was still making contact with my backside I cried...and cried...and cried for quite some time. I didn't fully understand the danger associated with thin ice, I obviously do now. And I understand why the depth of the water didn't matter because I didn't know about hypothermia at that age. My dad was right to punish me, I know that, but when you are a child and you know how a belt feels across your bottom you will do everything you can to get out of it. Doing that always made things worse for me, and I knew that as well, sometimes I just couldn't help it, this was one of those times because of how much it hurt with a cold wet bottom. Stretch pants doesn't give you much protection to begin with...Not much at all!

Thank you for reading...
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Your poor bottom. Cold and wet makes it hurt so much!

Well, I'm glad I never had to experience that. It doesn't surprise me it would hurt more if it was on a cold, wet bottom. Doing exactly what your dad just told you not to do wasn't a great idea. It doesn't seem like that pond was really much of a danger, but maybe you had to be there. My dad could be that way sometimes. If he had the idea that something was dangerous, even it was much less dangerous that other things we were allowed to do, he'd get on his soapbox about it. Going against the rules in that case, and getting caught, would end up with someone not wanting to sit down for awhile.

I am glad you didn't either especially w/that paddle. :-( The pond was probably 4 feet at the most towards the middle. I think it had to do with the temp of the water, but I still did what I was told not to only minutes after, sometimes I just asked for it. Thanks for reading/commenting, hope all is well on your end. :)

Ouch- sounds painful. And I'm going by imagination. I know peer pressure and childhood ignorance are powerful factors, but after reading several stories of yours, I'd think you'd realize not to test your dad. Though, I do wonder why he thought the belt was the best option. I'd think that not being allowed to play outside for a period of time, and then ONLY with confirmed adult supervision would have been appropriate. You showed him that you were not able to be trusted etc. Do you ever think that your repeated acts of disobedience caused him to be any angrier at the time? Do you think he was ever angry at himself after you did something, as he felt he was a poor parent?

It was painful! I was a pretty good kid, I didn't constantly disobey, and I wasn't spanked all the time. My dad didn't always reach for his belt, it all depended on what I did. Kids are going to disobey, it's part of growing up. And part of how discipline was in my house, was my dads belt. We all knew that we risked getting a spanking with the belt if we disobeyed, lied, etc. was very well aware of what it would cost me, sometimes I just did what I wanted without thinking about my consequences. As far as my dad ever thinking he was a bad parent, I don't think so. Things that always made things worse for any of us was lying and deliberate disobedience.

I'm sure you were. May I ask, were you the most "independent minded" kid in your family? I know you were a good kid (though I don't believe there is such a thing as a bad kid) but I guess the stories on here are of your bigger OOOPS moments. Yeah, anytime I tried to cover something up/ lie it was always worse. Mom was always more upset. She kept saying that she couldn't stand it, but I'm not sure I remember a time where consequences were worse. She was just more pissed. I must say I would have been thinking twice brfore lying if I were you.

Yes, when I got in trouble like this for sure my bigger OOOOPS moments. As far as your question about me being the most independent child in my family, that's hard to say actually. Sometimes I followed to the beat of my own drum and sometimes not. And lying to my dad was a big no-no, when we got caught lying it was no bueno!

Ouch! Nothing hurts worse than a whipping on a cold wet bottom! I know from experience!

No, sucked on high volume...This was the one and only time I ever had one of those, thank GOD!

I had one once, it's in my stories!

I know I commented on it a week or so ago, you used some sort of rubber house in your garage to tie around your sled?

yeah! I can still feel that today when I think of it!

I hear you, it's not something you forget, obviously...

That's the whole idea of a spanking!

Oh my, I never got whipped like thankfully. That must have hurt so much. I had a few spankings after a bath, and I know how much they hurt.

Those wet bottom ones are the worst!

Aleciab, it really did...I'm sure after a bath was just as painful or pretty close. :-(

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