My Cousin Made A Paddle For My Mom To Spank Me.

There were four of us kids and mom stayed at home full-time. I was the second oldest, but felt like a middle child between my older sister and two younger brothers. As a result, I was always getting into trouble! I remember one of my older cousins made a paddle when he was in high school just for my mom to spank me! It was supposedly for all of us kids, but I was the only one who was spanked with it!

Looking back, I know I deserved every spanking and probably more! I wasn't bad, just very mischievous! Still am! =)
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Sounds like you didn't need any enemies as you had a cousin.


Discipline was private and we all got spanked by my mom. I just received more than my siblings. I can only remember my older sister getting it 2x, but she was always very good. I tested all my boundaries and have always been curious. I don't remember my brothers every getting spanked, but they were 5 and 7 years younger than me.

That was nice of him! LOL

LOL. I wonder how it is that your cousin came to know about your mom needing a paddle to spank you all (and apparently just you) with. Do you think your mom asked your cousin to make it? I am curious as well, did you all get spanked? or just you? I wonder why you were the only one to get the paddle! Thanks for sharing!