A 'spanking' Is A 'spanking'

I have a bunch of stories posted on my page about spankings I received when I was a child and into my early teen years, and I still have more to share.

When I was 5 till 7 I was spanked with my dads hand, bent over my bed while dad spanked my butt.

Not too long after I turned 7 I did something that earned me my very first spanking w/my dads belt, I always only thought the belt was for boys and not girls. That night was just an earth shattering and frightening moment for me. I knew what it was used for and had heard my brothers when they would be getting it.

When I started getting the belt that was the only way I was spanked from then on. I never had to pull my pants and underwear down. One time I was in a sheer night gown and held upside down by my ankles causing my nightgown to cover my face and received those licks across my underwear. But was never told to take down my pants/underwear or had them pulled down. I wore stretch pants a lot or in the summer cotton shorts which doesn't really give you much protection from a long leather belt whipping your backside.

For some reason there are folks on this site that say if it was not bare it wasn't a REAL spanking. And that is quite far from the truth. My spankings hurt, a whole frigging lot. I just recently found out that my two older brothers got the belt across their bare behind most of the time, or if it wasn't bare over their underwear but mostly bare. I had never heard of bare bottom spankings till I joined EP so I was shocked when I learned that.

I think that because I was a girl and my dad was the one who administered spankings he wouldn't do that. But I can tell you that when I got spanked I was always a crying disaster afterwards. My spankings might not have been on the bare but they sure as hell still hurt which is the whole point of a spanking, they sure as hell didn't tickle and got the job done and the message delivered.

All parents have their own way of disciplining. What they use to spank with, how they spank, etc. but a spanking is a spanking whether it be bare bottomed, over underwear, pj's, or over your pants. It is still a 'SPANKING'
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I total agree here my spankings growing up were all on cloth bottom and my Kids is also spanked over cloth bottom when they need it

I agree. You definitely got "spanked". I did not know so many people got on bare butt until I was on here too.

You are correct. The only difference is that it is more painful and as 'jonsgoodgirls' said, one can see the potential damage, specially during a caning.

A spanking doesn't have to be on the bare bottom to be effective. It can sting plenty over underwear. I guess one advantage to a bare bottom is being able to see the skin and stop before it goes too far. You're right that all spankers have their own methods and in the end a spanking is a spanking. What matters most is that it is given withe love and for the right reasons.

I agree whole heartedly with your comment.

You are right, a spanking is a spanking no matter what you are or aren't wearing.
Those that say a bare bottom spanking is about fetishism are wrong though. Many parents spank on the bare bottom. It makes the whole spanking experience worse without having to smack longer or harder.

My parents always spanked bare bottom. I didn't question it, and I'm pretty sure they didn't have a fetish. However, if I saw that either of my parents was hanging around here telling people a spanking isn't real unless it's bare, then I'd have to reconsider.

I just think the whole "It is not considered a real spanking unless its bare bottomed" is ridiculous and insensitive to others who weren't spanked bare bottomed. They sure as hell hurt. This story has the 2nd to most views out of all my stories so I'm surprised nobody who feels that way has touched this. I'm up for a challenge but maybe they know they are wrong.

whetstone22 - you sound like you knew my mom. She never said why she felt she had to pull my pants down, but your reasons seem to make the best sense.
Thanks for sharing the input.

You are quite correct. A school or "principal's" paddle, especially with holes in it, should NEVER be used on a bare bottom. By the 4th swat, your message will be getting through loud and clear. And a cane or bathbrush will blister a young lady (of any age!)'s backside quite thoroughly through her jeans. A switch and small paddles (and hand) are the only things I always use on a bare bottom. And of course, rulers and wooden spoons---gotta get those sit spots;-)

Yah well according to some folks on this site, if it isn't bare bottomed it isn't a spanking. Which I'm surprised nobody that feels that way commented on this story. I was sure that would have happened.

A lot of these accounts are fiction. Some have some truth to them mixed in. But those who truly believe that a spanking must be bare-bottom to "count" clearly need lessons in the way to administer a spanking.

The fiction one's are pretty easy to figure out, but there are just people on here that say 'bare bottom' is the 'only' way, not true.

If it hurts and makes you cry, then it's a good spanking!

Yes and I always cried, tons

me too :(

At least there are ppl who agree with this :)

Thanks for sharing that. Now that I'm older, my thought on the 'bare' thing is it isn't so much of a fetish, as it's a power-trip. Causing pain AND humiliation is all about power.

Yes, I can see how it could be a power trip to force someone to expose themselves. I use the word "fetish" kind of loosely. What I mean is that a person is focused on something and gets a lot of pleasure out of it. Domination and submission are well-known aspects of something like that. Also sadism and masochism. And nudity, as in exposing the butt. So someone might be on a power trip when they spank, but they can't control what happened to a child years ago. Why would a person read someone else's experience and say that what you got wasn't real unless it was on the bare bottom? That sounds fetishy to me. But maybe the commenter really doesn't know what a spanking is.

I basically agree with you, but I could see a non-spanko putting someone through this just because they could and that type behavior would come through in many other aspects of the relationship.

Humiliation should not be part of a spanking, I think it is completely out of line and goes somewhere else.

How true that is. They still sting.

Yes they sure as heck do!

People who say you have to be bare for it to be a real spanking have a fetish, pure and simple. Just recognize that they like bare bottom spanking and are disappointed that you didn't give them what they want. If something feels like punishment, it's punishment. Period.

Absolutely! :)

I completely agree.


You said it! Absolutely right.

Thank you :-)