My First Not From My Parents

Yes I had gotten spanked before but this is a spanking story I will never forget. I was at a HUGE slumber party. 10 of us I remember....
1. Me, Taylor
2. Catie
3. Emily
4. Mackenzie
5. Livvie
6. Margaret
7. Megan
8. Holly
9. Gracie
10. Peyton
We had gone to see a movie and had just gotten home. Me, Emily, and Catie were being excluded. Holly's mom said if you do it again we'll have a chat to all of us. So of course us, 11 yr. old girls did it again and again. She called each of us in 1 at a time. This is what happened...
"Taylor, you disobeyed me. What do your parents do?" she asked. "Spank me or ground me." I say. "Yes I have talked to your parents and have gotten permission to spank you" "In front of them?" I ask. "No right here in the bedroom. Pull your pants down." She says. I do not wanting to earn more spanks on my butt. As i do she asks, "Are you nervous?" "Yes I never have been spanked by anyone else except Dad and Mom." "Well that is what happens if you do." She says. She pulls me over her lap, naked. (i am the one who is naked.) She takes a huge wooden paddle and smushes it against my butt. then she lifts it up and starts slapping me as hard as she could. My butt was purple in 1 min. It was the short but hurt. Alot! And yes every one of our friends got that same treatment. Oh  but Holly got it by far the worst from her mom with the belt on her legs and bootie.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

So what did you all do to deserve a spanking. Being spanked with a paddle I am sure you were all doing the spank dance once your were released.

No all we did was shut up and lie on our backs watching TV.

So what did you guys do ? I don't get why you got in trouble

Well you now 11 yr. olds leaving people out. ya know+