Sometimes I Look Back And Laugh At Myself

I remember when i was about 7 or 8 years old and living with my aunt i had never seen anyone get spanked at home, all we got was yelling and being sent to our rooms or sitting where she could "see" us lol. 

One day a cousin i really liked came over, she was around the age of 25 i think. We had a good time the whole week, she was helping my aunt babysit. I remember we were having dinner just the two of us...i didn't feel like eating so i started feeding the cat from under the table like i always did when i wasn't hungry. She told me in a rather rude voice to "go feed that stupid thing outside!" I loved my cat so that kinda made me mad, i picked it up and put it on the dinning table and continued feeding it 

My cousin stared at me, first surprised look then angry look ha ha she got up and walked out. When she returned a few minutes later she was holding a tinny stick and she said she was gonna spank with it me for not listening. Now i was the one with the surprised look, i got up from my sit and ran for it! She chased me around for a few minutes then stopped and let me run. I got tired of running and came back inside, she was still waiting for me with that scary stick. She asked me if i was tired and i said "yeah"  then she told me to get ready for my punishment. I asked to go pee first ( i wasn't giving up that easily lol) She accepted and followed me to the bathroom and waited at the door. I took ages in there trying to lock the door so that i don't have to get spanked unfortunately my little hands and feet could not reach high enough to turn the lock. I heard my cousin knocking and telling me to hurry up or she would come in and get me, that's the moment i finally gave up.

I opened the door slowly and came out teary eyed, extremely scared and a bit confused about what was going to happen. She then took me back to the dinning area and pulled out a chair which she sat on. She turned me around so that my butt was turned her direction (i was still standing) and hit me twice with the stick. It didn't hurt so much and ended quickly but because of fear i was crying. She made me clean up the mess i had made on the table then i went to my room. I stayed there crying for a while then got so angry because she wasn't even my guardian.

Moments later i got out of my room, when i saw my cousin i remembered what had just happened and swore at her. Am still not sure what i said but i saw her get that angry look again this time i ran to my room where i could reach the lock, i locked the door and didn't come out till my aunt came back. She didn't say anything and left the next day. I stopped talking to her after that incident because it just felt weird getting spanked by someone really close but with time i got over it and everything got back to normal. Sometimes i remember how i over reacted and it makes me laugh.       
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18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012