I Got Excited Being Spanked As A Kid...

As a kid, my mom would spank me with a little folded up belt when I had done something wrong. She would send me to her room to drop my pants and underpants and wait for her. I would lean against her bed in position. She would vary the amount of smacks depending on the gravity of what I had done, but if I received more than three, I would always wind up being "obviously" excited when she finished. She would turn me around and if was "standing at attention" I would get two more whacks.

I'm pretty sure it impacts on how I perceive (and enjoy) spanking now - and I know it made me get into trouble more when I was a kid.
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I always got hard when my dad told me he was going to strap me and sent me to my room.
Whenever he unbuckled his belt and pulled it thru the loops and doubled it up.... I got harder

How old were you the last time your mom spanked you?

Probably about 15 or so - she was raising us by herself my last 4 years at home - and I was pretty lazy and always in trouble at home; nothing horrible, just hated doing my chores, etc.

You sound just like me as a kid. Except I didn't like the belt. Not then anyway. That came later.

and did your mom have you drop your panbts and boxers even at ages 13-15 when she stopped spanking you? She ever see all of you after or duriun g the spanking or did you do a good job of covering up?