Spanked By My Uncle

I have always had a close relationship with my uncle and aunt as they had three boys, so i have always been a bit of a surrogate daughter. My uncle is in the Navy and is a very disciplined man, he has always been very strict when it comes to his family.

During the holidays i would go and stay with them, they are great memories from my childhood but also some of the most painful! I wasn't a naughty child but put me and my older cousins together and somehow it always seemed to end with me and my cousins over my uncles lap, because of one of their escapades that i got pulled into, well that was my story anyway, however it never worked, and i always seemed to end up with a sore bottom.

We regularly used to just disappear into the woods for hours buildings dens or playing in their boathouse, only to return to find out we had missed lunch and were in trouble with the Captain. The eldest of my three cousins was ten years older than me and the youngest was five so i was generally babied quite a bit (and still am). I don't really remember specific events where i was spanked as a small child just the fact that they happened, if anything they were events i tried to forget, but in the last seven or eight years their have been several occasions in which my uncles hand has collided with my backside and once where my cousin spanked me while i was staying with him in London but that's another story.

My uncle was posted abroad for three years but the first time i saw him after returning home i found myself in trouble straight away, i was fifteen when he returned home and a bit lippy my parents would tell me off but term time i was at boarding school, anyway when the summer holidays came and i got shipped to my uncle and aunts i had a bit of a shock on the discipline front. The last time they had seen me i was twelve and a little now they had returned to a bolshie fifteen year old who thought she knew best, but in my uncles house that kind of attitude wasn't accepted.

It was my first day there, i had only been there a couple of hours having been picked up by my eldest cousin (who was twenty-five at the time) on his way down to the family house, he had warned me in the car to stop being cheeky and that i needed to sort out my attitude before i got there but i didn't really listen. After a four hour drive we arrived in time for lunch, everything went smoothly and we had a nice time, but after clearing everything away my uncle asked me to help him and my cousins in the garden, i mouthed off and told him i didn't want to, he strode across the room, turned me around and smacked my bottom, and said that he didn't want any of my lip and that i wasn't to old to be spanked so i better buck up my ideas. Throughout the three week stay i received quite a few warning smacks from him for my attitude and rolling my eyes which he hated, but during the last week i really screwed up.

As i had spent every summer with them i had a group of friends down there, on my last week my uncle and aunt let me go out with a group of them but i had to be back by 10 o'clock, however i did the unspeakable in their house and got home an hour late. When i walked in the door my uncle was sitting on the bench waiting. He looked up at me and asked where i had been, i told him it was 'none of his f**king business' he slowly got up from the bench and walked towards me, he didn't say anything but he didn't need to, the grip he had on my shoulder was enough to persuade me that i hadn't made the wisest decision and that i was going to pay for it. I thought i was going to get it then and their but instead he decided i needed to get to bed so i had all night to stew over it (waiting is the worse) he walked me to my room gave me THE LOOK (as we called it, that meant disobey if you dare) then closed the door. The next morning i was woken up at 6:00 am once i was all showered he called me into his study, it was so embarrassing, he made me stand in front of him while he talked about how he had hoped he would never have to spank me again and how he thought i had grown up, but he was obviously wrong and i couldn't be trusted, i was mortified, the odd smack was fine but being pulled over his knee was horrible.

He only ever spanked with his hand but it really hurt, and pleas and wriggling didn't go down well. Since that day he has spanked me half a dozen times but now days its just a smack to my bottom when he thinks i am out of line.
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Jan 8, 2013