Upside Down With A Frown

(This was the first story I ever posted on EP this summer and only shared it in one group, I am reposting in the other two groups I usually share stories in)

I am no stranger to the belt, I guess my experiences were a cake walk compared to some of the stories I have read on here. I am in my mid 30's now and still remember this as if it just took place yesterday.

I am the youngest, I have two older brothers, they are 10 and 7 years older than me. This particular summer night my oldest brother was at work, his first job ever and he worked at a 6 Flags theme park. My other brother was at a friends house, and my mother had gone to Bingo. I was really bored and wanted a friend to sleep over. She lived within walking distance of my house. My father had said it was okay to ask her. When I called my friend she actually did not want to spend the night. So before asking my dad I called a different friend instead. She actually said, "yes" and that she could so I was all excited. I ran downstairs to tell my dad I asked someone other than who I originally asked because my first friend had said no. My father told me to call my other friend back and tell her she could not sleep over. My immediate response was "why not?" I didn't understand why he said yes to the first one but no to the second one. It probably had to do with me not asking if it was ok before asking a different friend. I was so upset and didn't like the answer, plus I did not want to call my friend back who was probably just as excited for a sleepover as I was to tell her she now could not come over. So I started crying and making a big fuss about it saying that it wasn't fair and blah blah blah. I did not understand why he was making me call my other friend back. My little tantrum got me sent to my bedroom for the evening, night gown on, end of discussion. But not before making the phone call infront of my dad.

I went upstairs and put on my nightgown. I was crying because it was so early, the sun was still shining, and I just wanted a friend to play with. I was a little attention deprived, my brothers were older than me and I was the annoying bratty little sister so they did not play with me. My dad traveled most of the time because of his job so when he was home he either played golf, watched sports, or read books and my mother never really did anything with me. I also had something else going on at the time that nobody else knew about and I just wanted to be with a friend.

I was sitting on the carpet in front of my tv (yes I had one in my room, my mom got it to keep me entertained so she did not have to) and I actually punched the floor really hard several times in reaction to being frustrated and angry. My bedroom was right above the family room where my dad was relaxing watching tv. Because he was out of town a lot when he was done and wanted to relax that was it. The loud footsteps of my father coming up the steps came shortly after my last fist hit the floor. My stomache dropped immediately because I knew I was really in trouble now. He must have went to his room because when my dad entered my bedroom his belt was in his right hand. Which my brothers and I knew as 'the strap.' (I hate that word so I try to avoid using it in my stories and stick with belt) Obviously I really started to cry at this point because I knew what was about to happen. I was only in a sheer night gown with underwear, that was it. I had never been hit in my underwear, I always had pants or shorts on. "Get up, come over here, and bend over your bed NOW," my father shouted. He was really angry with me. But I froze, I stayed on the floor crying and pleading for him not to and that I was sorry I punched the floor. Again he shouted the same thing. I reluctantly got up and slowly walked over still not obeying him. "BEND OVER THE BED," he exclaimed again. In a desperate attempt to make him change his mind I went to hug him and plead again, but my begging fell onto deaf ears. He actually had to force me to bend over my bed. I really fought him that night. My immediate reaction was to cover my backside with both hands still pleading. The next thing I knew my father grabbed both of my ankles and in one quick yank I was upside down in mid air. My night gown was now covering my face and I couldn't see. But I sure did not have to see. I had been hit with my dad's belt before, but at the time this occurred, this one had been the worst. I had never been spanked just over my underwear, as I said, I always had pants or shorts on, so it stung a lot more than what I was used to.

Unlike when my brothers got into trouble that warranted my fathers belt, I cried before it even began. My brothers held it in trying to be all macho, not me, I held back nothing. Each time that belt made contact I cried harder each time. I was upside down, couldn't see, and the belt was unforgiving to my backside. The fact that my father was holding me the way he was caused him to lose aim a couple of times. When that occurred the belt bit into such a tender part of my backside that was not protected by my underwear. When this happened I actually screamed because of how much more it hurt. Those ended up being the last ones because I not only screamed but cried so much harder that he probably realized instantly why and made sure not to continue.

When I was done receiving what was quite a painful licking from my dad he was actually out of breath when he laid me back down on the bed. Holding me upside down while doing that was probably really difficult. He left my room without saying anything. I had cried really hard for a long time after that. You know because you kind of hyperventilate,those fast uncontrollable breaths in and out that only happen after really hard cry. I just stayed in my bed because I obviously was tired after all of that crying. I was curled up with my favorite doll replaying what had just happened and regretting punching my floor, had I not done that my punishment would have just been going to my room early for the night. But instead I earned one heck of a spanking.

The sun was starting to set and the sky was getting dark. I heard footsteps again, this time the sound of normal light footsteps. Then I heard the sound of my doorknob turning. My father walked in and sat down at the edge of my bed. All I remember him saying was that he was sorry he had to hit me like that. I really don't remember much more because I was still upset and embarrassed because of how I got spanked that I don't think I payed any attention to anythig else he had to say. He kissed me on the cheek and left my room. That was the last time I ever pounded the floor because I was told no. Was it the last time I ever got hit with his belt? No, but the one and only time I was ever held upside down while getting it.
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I would hate being held upside down. It would feel strange and frightening for a kid. Thanks for sharing your story.

Your stomach must have been doing back flips when you saw your dad enter your room holding the strap. You may have had a tantrum but I don't think you acted much worse than a lot of kids at that age. I'm glad you didn't get the belt upside down like that again. It sounds pretty scary.

You could say my stomach did a flip flop. I will say that I hated the sound of the belt being removed so good thing was I did not need to hear that sound. However being held upside down was as awful as you can imagine that & my bottom was more vulnerable. My dad felt bad, he never hugged me after a spanking, which I am ok with, but that night he kissed my cheek cause he knew he hurt me more than what I was used to or even what he meant to. Thank you for your comments