Spanked By My Cousin

I was fifteen and it was the Easter Holidays, i had gone to London to do some research for a school project and was going to stay with my cousin who was twenty-five at the time. We are a very close family and as you may know if you have read my other story his family were no strangers to spanking, so when i royally screwed up at his flat i kind of expected him to react the way he did, but it didn't mean i was happy about it.

I had been there for a couple of days and everything had been going well we had gone out for supper, coffee and to an exhibition, on the fourth night i was there I got a phone call from a friend i hadn't seen in ages and we were having a serious catch up, but my cousin thought i should be doing some school work, i had been at the Arts Library all day reading and taking notes but apparently that wasn't enough for the slave driver. He told me i had ten minutes left on the phone then he wanted to see me do an hour of work before supper, i rolled away from him on my bed so i had my back to him as the last thing i wanted was to do some more work, but he got me by the waist and rolled me over so i was facing him again and told me to hang up, i (obviously delusional) decided it would be better to kick him, it wasn't hard but enough for him to grab the phone out of my hand tell my friend i had to go and pull me over his lap, i put up an almighty fuss, and in return received a very sore backside and a tongue lashing, defiantly wasn't the best night of my stay!

My cousin had never spanked me properly until that night, the odd smack when i was at their family house if i was out of line but he had never followed through with his threats of a proper spanking.
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It seems it was needed. Did it happen again?

No, I've managed to stay on his good side :) x

That must have been quite a shock to suddenly be spanked by your cousin. I'm glad your bottom wasn't bared. I think that should be reserved for when the spanker and spankee are very close and less severe spankings have not worked. Your poor bottom! Reading your stories it sounds like you were over more laps than a napkin. lol

Gosh you make me sound like I'm a terror, constantly over someone's knee :) !!! It was a bit of a shock, he always threatens but I never thought he actually would do it.