The Spanking And The Swim

My grandparents live in a big house with sprawling grounds, within it runs a really clear spring fed chalk river, because it is spring fed it is always quite cold so we normally all swim in wet-suits. We were all at my grandparents for the yearly family get together, the adults were all in the house so my cousins and i decided we were going to go for a swim as we were bored of the niceties that were taking place in the drawing room.

We had all ******** off to our underwear and jumped into the water, it feels freezing at first but you soon get used to it and it becomes a bearable temperature (my grandfather swims in it every day during the summer months), parts of it is very shallow and you can just paddle (close to the riverbank) but beneath a small weir it's pretty deep and a great place to jump into from an old wall which used to be the old footbridge.

I was fifteen at the time and the youngest of everyone there, all my cousins are boys, the oldest would have been twenty-five and the youngest nineteen. So there were seven of us playing in the river when suddenly we heard two booming voices coming through the woods, out emerged my grandfather and my uncle, if looks could kill we would all have been dead, they were really angry. Apparently we had been gone for four house they had searched the house, my grandparents closed the third floor off a long time ago but we used to go and play up there, but they couldn't find us, it was going dark and they really weren't happy that we had disturbed the party.

We all scrambled out of the water and stood in front of two very angry men, it was a warm summers evening, but now we had all stopped moving the chill from the water set in, we stood their shivering slightly as our grandfather calmed down, then he did the unthinkable and reached for his belt buckle, just that sound sends shivers down my spine, luckily i had never had any contact with it but the mere thought made me feel sick. He looked up and down the row and said who is first, as my eldest cousin stepped forward, my uncle walked towards me with my clothes and shoes in hand, picked me up and carried me out of the woods, all i could hear was the sound of leather hitting skin. When we finally got to the garden he put me down and said 'don't think your getting away without being punished little lady' with that he pulled me over his lap and reigned ten hard smacks down on my wet bottom.

Later that night when we recounted what had happened, we all agreed that they didn't enjoy a smack from my grandfathers belt and i didn't enjoy my spanking but the evening was defiantly worth it.
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Are you saying the older cousins all got the strap from your GP even the 25 year old? A long strapping or one or two swats?

Just one, my oldest cousin just got that awful disappointment chat!