My Mom Got Sexually Aroused While Spanking Me With The Leather Belt.

My mom was a blond bikini model her *** was 42 inches large breasts and flat stomach with size 10 feet. She moved to L.A on a modeling contract and did that of Hot Rod and Harley shoots, There are magazines with her on the cover.

However like most strippers and hot girls that wind up with super loser men, my mom was no exception. There were countless offers from nice guys, but no she seen them all as intellectual bores, and wound up marrying a string of losers starting with a tall blond surfer.

I was conceived at party a one night stand I have no idea who my biological father is and neither does she. After losing her figure, well her demand was low, she became very jealous as well as resentful to what she called "the fat women living in big homes"!

On a nice summers day my mother and I went walking to the local 7/eleven.
Before leaving I asked her if I could bring along my little red wagon?
ok fine! Upon arrival my mom told me to wait by the door while she shopped.

Half an hour later we left the store and returned home on foot, along the way she kept yelling at me " hurry up! walk faster!" I was 7 at the time and could not keep up to her.

Arriving at the apartment she sent me to my room and started yelling and lecturing me about walking too slow and waiving to a friend. She then went to her room and took off the leather belt from the hanger. It was long and skinny a 60 inch strap that her fat dad had worn. I heard the jingle of the buckle as she returned to my room.

I began to cry pleading that next time I would walk faster! no! I then asked if we could pray before she spanked me? ok. we knelt at the foot of the bed, I began pleading with God. Please God don't let mommy hit hard!
She begin to laugh then I saw her toes wiggling then her spine wiggling as she left out woof from her mouth. years later in counseling I believe that she orgasmed.

I journal this story today because it's therapeutic for years I was full of rage, however the more I journal the lesser the anger.

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Believe it or not! I over came my anger by going to a dom, there was a Jewish shrink in NYC who said inorder to get over the anger from the event. One must relive the event, for me this was so true. Lastly I'll be your student anytime you want.

There may be some parents who were excited at the thought of spanking one of their own, just in the same way there are some who as youngsters wanted to feel the closeness of being across Mums knee and spanked. The whole spanking scenario is full of possible situations that can give rise to feelings which are not always negative.

I was a teacher in 1960 and in those days we were allowed to hand spank, which I did. This was not because I wanted too but inorder to control a class of 30 children. There a definate need and that way was kinder to the child otherwise the alternative was to send the child to the school head for the cane. I was not going to let that happen.

I spanked as a parent because sometimes the child / children do not listen.

It is a complicated subject and those who suffered obvious abuse never really get over it.

You should be proud that you put pen to paper to speak

Thank you for sharing your most private and difficult moment