Spanked 3 Times In A Day

my mom spanked me one day three time for three different things!! it was the worst day ever!
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What did you do tjis day to get spanked 3 times?

Where the Hell are you; I mean what country and how old are you?
In the UK, that would be classed as abuse and your mum could end up put away,

when you get spanked do you have to pull your undies down or you get spanked with them on

I Think Kitty may be a man, such interest

was it too much painfull

you seam to have a problem with doing what you are told. Dont you learn from you mistakes

many pain

was it painfull log time how old are you this day was it whit hands or bross

it happened many time

That had to be the worst day...i cant imagine...heather

Yikes! Oooooowwwwweeeeee

once as a young teen i got caught 1 being some where i was not to be 2 with kids i was not to hang with 3 lied about it all = 3 spankings for 3 bad things all the same day otk of mom for a paddle few hours latter laying on bed for a belt stapping from dad at bedtime otk of dad for a long hand spanking oww it hurt 3 spankings and crying in 1 day i was sore red for days

Ouch three in a day I bet you were sore. Yikes

i was 1 sorry girl and so sore red tender

Yikes I bet! How old were you? I'M sure you didn't make the same mistakes for awhile. I wouldn't have. Add me sometime.

Sometimes you just think you can get away with things so push the rules . At least you found out the hard way that you could be spanked every time you acted up in a day! You must of had a real sore bottom for awhile after ..keeping a soft pillow handy..

3 times in a day? Ouch, you must have felt pretty sore after that!

I wonder did you deserve

That ain't ****, lol! I got spanked 5 times all at once one time, because I'd done a crap load of bad stuff. The only one I specifically remember was putting honey on the cat, lol!

omg you were just a bad kid that day!

your mom still spanks you?

even though your profile says 18-21 i dare not ask your real age I'm thinking.

Yes you have a point ,I have spanked plenty over 21 ha ha ha

Oh still common to spank a lover even if she were 40!Spankings add some much to an intimate experience right?

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