I still get spanked at least twice a week my mom is so strict!!!!!! my butt is always red it sucks..comment or mesage me
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44 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Hope you don't have trouble sitting from it!

If you would behave, your butt will maybe not being red all the time.......

I hope you add me.

Hey msg me?

mostly I get also spanked 1 or 2 times a week.....

I would love to see that cute red butt of yours.

Do you have a snapchat? I think you're sexy

I would still get it too if I lived at home

Have you been spanked in front of your kids?

hi I get spanked to please add me

Hi please add me would love to chat.

Did you like to watch your red butt in the mirror?

How do you explain your red butt in gym class at school?

Add me to message you.

I used to get ******** naked and hand spanked out in the front yard for all to see. We didn't have the laws we have today. Usually it was for something my sister did and I was being blamed for it.

I wish you would let me kiss the red away.....

I feel so sorry for you. No one should be spanked this often it is just cruelty.

What are the last four things you got a spanking for?

How old are you that she spanks you twice a week?

Your a real babe. I think I'd like to spank you l.o.l

Do you get wet when you are spanked

That often? do you have the feeling your mom enjoys spanking you?

Do you think you deserve all those spankings? Curious cause if you hate it so much, I would think you'd avoid them

how long time did you feel the pain

Surely this is still not happening. You must either fight back or have a serious talk about it with your mom.

what do you get your spankings for?

do you like your spanking or hate it?

i gave my daughter her last spanking when she was 16 you must be a bad girl to be getting spanked at your age

That is a lot of you feel you deserve most of them?
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Add me

Hello Spanked that much I bet it is sore all the time. add me as a friend also please

well you probably deserve it!!!, what do you think?

You have such a lovely bottom... is it ticklish?

I had strict parents who often spanked me in a non abusive way but very stern. I didn't get away with much but I still was a little **** and got into trouble. Today I am 21 and have 2 drinking related records. I don't think it worked so well on me!

Hi ananda how does mom spank you?

Love to hear your storys. Pls add me

I spanked my kids too when thy misbehaved..they turned out fine. Spanked a couple of nephews and nieces too.

Please add me to your circle...would love to chat

i find its a need for the parent as for the teen. best at times with a pillow under and a belt used properly

Sorry you are still getting spankings at your age. What do you do that you are spanked weekly.

i was the same i got the belt and spanked it was like being in the army but i have 4 kids now and i spanked them but never like my spankings

Sorry you get it so often.

Sounds like you need frequent discipline. Your settings prevent people adding you.

i have Respect for your Mum and Agree with her being strict .i wish i could smack your bare bottom mySelf i hope it hurts . its what Naughty youngsters need . Strict Parenting works .Without Discipline their is just CHAOS .Trusted Well Respected Gent Age64 years young .