My Spanking Experiences

Looking back on my spankings, I would say they started around age 4 and my last one was around age 9. My older brother, younger sister, and I were all spanked. Most spankings were given by my father. Most spankings were earned by lying or talking back. Spankings were always over my fathers knee and anywhere from 3 to 10 hard swats with an open hand. I was rarely spanked bare bottom, although looking back I probably should have been. My father would get on one knee and say "bednd over now". I had until the count of three to obey. I was always hesitant to bend over for the fear of accepting the spanking. If I did not bend over his knee by the count of three the number of spanks was doubled and twice as hard. Here are two specific spankings I remember.

For some reason my brother was getting spanked in the living room, I think it was for lying. I remained in the living room during this, with a smirk on my face. I thought it was funny and a little enjoyable to watch my brother get his butt spanked. My dad turned to me after he was done and said with that face I think you just earned yourself a good spanking too now bend over. Needless to say I got spanked!

The other vivid memory I have is when I was probably 8 years old. I had been told to do some chores and I lied to my parents saying I had done them when really I hadn't. When my dad discovered I had lied I was in the shower. He was so angry he barged in the bathroom ripping open the shower curtain and yanked me out of the shower. He took my bare wet bottom over his knee and gave me about 10 hard spanks. I was then sent up finish showering and straight to bed.

I was never spanked in my teen years although looking back I probably could have benefited from it. I am not grateful that I was spanked as I thought they were terrible but I understand where sometimes a parent needs to spank to regain control. Not sure if I will spank my kids someday and if so which method I will use.
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I was spanked in similar fashion. I can't say for sure if it helped me signifucantly, but I don't think it hurt (literally in the moment or emotionally in the long run). We did learn that some issues were so serious that we should not mess with them.

The key, i also believe, is not spanking in anger. This is what most people don't understand: spanking is not about parents venting, but about instilling a sense of consequence. We were always first evaluated (for instance swordfighting with kitchen knives), sentenced, and sent to our rooms to await execution (of the spanking).

Thus, we had time to think and regret. My mom (usually the executioner) had time to cool off, so the spanking was a solemn ceremony. We learned to be contrite, submissive, and to scream in agony at the moment of contact--don't ever let them think it didn't hurt. My poor mom really must have suffered worse than we, with the screaming and crying; I never actually recalled any noticeable pain afterward. The terror was the thing. And we remembered.

I noted that you write that you probably should have been spanked bare bottom and that you probably would have benefited from being spanked until a later age. Yet, you are not certain if you would spank your own children, because you did not like being spanked yourself.

Children do not like being spanked, because it hurts, but that is exactly how spankings work. - And like you are saying: You probably would have benefited from them later in your life.

My experience is that spankings work. Children benefit from caring discipline. You should never abuse your kids, never spank in anger and never spank them without them knowing why they are punished. But if you administer spankings on a consistent basis and always explain the child why they are spanked, it will be a benefit for them when they grow up.