My First Spanking At 14!

So, I will be the first to say I was awful to my Mom. She was a single parent and I took advantage of that. When I was around 14 she tried everything to get me under control until finally she had enough. Shortly after turning 14, she told me I would not be grounded again, but from now on I would get a spanking. I laughed and out loud said yeah right! So about a week later I stole some money from her purse, I had done it before without her even noticing... That night she explained that I was getting a spanking, I lol in her face. About an hour later my aunt and my grandmother knocked at the door. They sat me down in my bedroom and explained to me that I was out of control and it most stop. They then explained the procedure! I was mortified. First my mom was going to use a belt, and second I was to be bared, and they were there to hold. Me down if necessary. After some struggle I just gave up. I had to lay on the bed with my hands flat on the headboard. I still remember that first pop of the belt on my behind. After the first one, I was told I was receiving 13 more...I was spanked 3 more times that year, and I did stop being that problem child!
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Oh, and I remember when once or twice I stole some small money from my sister money box, but this I was very very young.

I was also spanked till I was 15 by mom and sometimes my aunbt and always bare bottom. When you got the first one who took down the pants and boxers and how far down did they come? How much of you was seen by your mom, aunt, and grandmom on that first spanking and how much crying did you do?

What were your other three spankings for at 14 and how many did you get at 15 and at 16 years of age and were all from mom?

I stolen money to, but this is when I was very very young kid and I stole only very small money and always not everything, so they not see :)
And I also think small money is not much (I was always good kid and don't want do any harm).
And I never got spanking for it. Once my grandmother see that and talk with me. I never stole money again. Some years later I tried stole supplement from journal (It's not very expensive and I think anyone care) but shop assistant saw me. I don't have any problems for it but I don't tried ever again.

I can empathize because I got my first spanking at age 17, a rude awakening wasn't it. Mine was with hand followed by razor strop. Check it out and let me know what you think. I'm glad (not at the time) these spankings happened. It made me a strong man.

Sounds like it got your attention. Did it happen after that year or was the threat that it could enough?

I received 3 more that year and my final spanking was right after I turned 16.

it worked and you stoped being a Disobiediant child . your Mum has my Respect . Without Discipline their is chaos . Respected Trusted Gent Age64 years young .