Potty Training Tips

My sson will be 3 on Feb 16th and he wants no part of potty training. My aunts are telling me that I should spank him. But my mom and gma tell me to use a reward system. I tried the reward thing and he did well for about a week. Any tips are greatly apprieacted.
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I think 3 is a bit young for spanking and I think you should experiment more with rewards

It is not unusual for 3 yr olds especially boys to not be ready or interested in potty training at this age. I am a pediatric nurse. My nephew was not interested in potty training until 4 yrs. We asked him if he wanted to be a big boy and use the potty. He said " no I like my diapers and I want to still be a baby" Many kids are not motivated by wanting to be a "big boy or girl" You will know if your son is ready pshycologicaly nd physically if he has a dry diaper after a nap. when a child has a dry diaper for 2-4 hrs then he is ready for potty training. We used a potty chart. Everytime the boys used the potty we placed a sticker on the chart. We also in the early first day or so would reward him with 1-2 small candies like m&m's you book says and I agree using food as a reward should never be used. dogs are trained with the use of food rewards. NEVER spank him for accidents. Remember spanking is for bad behavior and when a little child has an accident they are not doing it to spit you. Accidents happen because their sphincter is not yet mature. our boys did have occasional bedwetting up until 10 yrs old children who are heavy sleepers are more likely to wet their beds and my boys are very heavy sleepers. I hope this helps

Don't spank him make it look like fun to go and talk to him if you spank him he will get scare to go my brother did that to his kids the they where scare to go

My mother, aunts, gramma, and babysitter always spanked me during potty training, and for any accidents, or bedwetting I had up through age 10. The few accidents/bedwetting incidents I have had in teen years I was so used to getting a good hard spanking for it, and felt so guilty, that I would ask one of them to spank me just like they had before. I had some magor stress issues during my 16th year, and had a four month stretch of bedwetting, and just to keep the added stress of the guilt off my mind, I actually asked them to go back to checking my bed and panties each morning, and spanking me for any wetting. It worked perfectly for me at least.

I was a bedwetter until I was 14 yrs old an I was never spanked for it I was put on eveery pill nose spray or suppository out there and none of them worked. My granma and my dad both wet the bed
tho. I wont spank my son for it because I wss so embarassed because I

Wore pull up at night that I never went to sleepover or had sleepovers and to me that wwas punishment enough for me I couldnt help it I took sleeping medications and wouldnt wake up to go pea Im 21 yrs old and married now and still occassionally have an accident. My husbannd dont make a big deal out of it tho.

I would turn him over my and spank his bare bottom

I dont bare bottom spank and I don't want to hate going to the bathroom. My mom and stepdad would spank me cause I wouldn't go to sleep I have insomnia. I've had to take medicine to get to sleep since I was nine. So I really couldn't go to sleep, but it made me hate going to bed.

As a professional caregiver, I do not recommend spanking to be used in the event of potty training. I work with older 2's in a child care setting. There are many techniques that can be effective...talk to your pediatrician and they can give you pointers. Are you using pull-ups? If so, get rid of them and start using underwear. There is nothing wrong with letting a child feel the discomfort of wet or poopy clothes for a few minutes....sometimes, it is that simple...you shouldn't shame them if they do wet their clothes...every 30 min to an hour should be "potty time." Children that age love stickers...try a sticker chart for everyone to see, including guests when he uses the potty. You can allow like for instance an ice cream treat after 10 stickers or something of that nature. I can give you many proven tactics but every child is different. And I am not against spanking by any means...however, I always tell my children's parents that I don't recommend spanking a chil for having an accident...good luck

I was spanked and it never hurt me , well of course my butt hurt

As I said, every child is different. On top of my own, a girl and a boy, I have only helped to potty train about 200 children...lol...I would say I have a little experience...and I never spanked a single one during the potty training process.