Let's Go To The Movies...

"Let's go to the movies, let's go see the stars..."

    I remember singing that song when I first got to see Annie, my mom took me to see it twice in the theater because I loved it so very much. It proved to be my favorite movie as a child. Going to the movies was a very special treat for me. But there was this one night where I ruined that special treat in spades! We were going to see the Dark Crystal by Jim Henson which I was super excited about. My parents and I had gone out for dinner and were going to see the early showing of the movie. After dinner I wanted dessert, but I was told if I got dessert I could not get candy at the theater, only popcorn. Well I really wanted dessert, so I chose dessert. We finished at the restaurant and headed over to the movie theater. After we got our tickets we got in the snack line and I asked if I could get snowcaps. My father had reminded me that I could not get candy because I chose to have dessert. Well I didn't like that answer and immediately started to whine and my dad told me to stop. As we moved closer to the counter to get popcorn, I kept carrying on that I wanted candy too. My father was getting very annoyed because I just wouldn't let it go. He said, "you keep it up and we won't get popcorn either." So I crossed my arms, huffed, put my head down, and pouted.

     After we got the popcorn and drinks we proceeded to head into our theater, it was crowded because the movie hadn't been out for that long. We got our seats and I started complaining because I did not like where we were sitting and started to really make a fuss about it. My dad told me to stop and that where we were seated would have to do because if we sat too close it would give everybody a headache and wasn't good for your eyes. So at this point I'm already annoyed because I wanted snow caps (which was my favorite candy to have at the movies) and I didn't like where we were sitting. I don't know why I kept pressing the issue but I continued to whine and fuss and my dad through gritted teeth said, "I'm warning you, stop or we are going to leave." I let out a huff, looked down, and pouted again.

     Right when the movie began I started to fuss and whine which then escalated into a full blown temper tantrum in a packed movie theater. I was carrying on about not getting the candy and how I didn't want to sit where we were sitting. So now I'm making a scene and disrupting the theater. People were staring and shushing and that is when my father said, "that's it, we are leaving!" Well now I was really upset because I'm not going to get to see the movie. I started crying, "that's not fair, I wanna see the movie, no, no, no!" And that is when the popcorn was dumped all over the floor by me. It was at that moment in the little light I could see casted across my father's face that I knew I was in big-big trouble. But I still proceeded with this tantrum. My dad grabbed my hand to pull me up but I put on the breaks sinking into my seat. Then I started to really escalate my voice/cries. "No, I wanna see the movie daddy, please, I don't want to leave, let me go!!!" My dad was able to pull me out of the seat but I somehow managed to get on the ground which was covered in popcorn. Being on the floor did not make one bit of difference, my dad scooped me up and carried me out of the theater over his shoulders. My mom followed behind us shaking her head at me. I'm crying, flailing my arms, and kicking my legs. "Daddy no, please, I'll be good, I wanna see the movie, please...I don't wanna go home." But he completely ignored me as he carried me through the lobby with even more people gawking at us. How my dad kept his cool is beyond me, but he never spanked me in public, ever. My dad gave my mom the tickets to return and get his money back as I was carried out of the lobby and into the parking lot.

     Once we were back at our car my dad put me down, opened the door, and placed me in the back seat. I was just inconsolable at this point, but my dad got in my face and grabbed my chin, he looked me in the eyes and said, "you are going to be one very sorry little girl for what you just pulled in there, that will give you something to think about on the way home." He shut the door as my tears were now a consistent flow. My mom got back to the car and just like that we were out of the parking lot and on our way. The entire ride back I was hysterical in the back seat. I was upset that I not only was missing the movie I could not wait to see but I knew I was in a lot of trouble. As I'm crying uncontrollably in the backseat my father said, "you are going to be crying even more when we get back home!" And that only made me cry even more.

     We pulled down the street we lived on and into our driveway. My dad turned the car off and my mother got out before he had the keys out of the ignition. I sat in the backseat still crying, I watched my dad grab his keys, get out of the car, and open my door. "Let's go young lady," as my dad grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the car. I got a lecture as we were walking up the walk to our front door as I continued to cry. He opened the door and sent me straight to my room. To say I was not a happy child would be an understatement.
     I was in my room for a little while and was laying down on my bed holding my favorite doll which was now drenched in my tears when my door opened. I sat up and wiped my eyes and my nose as I was taking short fast breaths. Once my dad was in my room he shut the door. Now I hadn't had many spankings at this time, but I knew what one was, and I knew it was an unwanted event for me. With my dads hands placed firmly on his hips he said four words, "bend over your bed." I knew what those four words meant, a spanking. Four words that I would learn to dread throughout my childhood and into my very early teen years. Four words I never wanted to hear because I knew what followed them.

     I put my doll down and shook my head no. Well my dad didn't ask me again, he grabbed hold of my shoulders, pulled me forward, turned me around, and bent me over himself. He pressed one hand into my back and I started kicking up a storm as my crying started to escalate. "Hold still or I will spank you longer." Well I didn't want to be spanked any longer than I had to be. I stopped kicking and just like that my dads hand came down across my bottom and I immediately started kicking again along with very load cries as each whack came down on my backside with his hand. This was obviously before my dad introduced me to the belt. But let me tell you, just because it was only his hand doesn't mean my bottom didn't hurt. This was the worst hand spanking I had received up to this point, like I said, I hadn't had many spankings yet. But prior to this wonderful event a normal spanking would be five or six good whacks to my bottom with the last one being harder than the rest. Well this was definitely more than six whacks, he meant it when he said I would be one sorry little girl. I was crying really hard and kept kicking my legs and squirming until he was finished, and that last whack was always the worst, it just left that extra sting.

     I was laying on the bed crying into my blankets when my dad pulled me up, turned me back around, and got down to my level to explain that my behavior was unacceptable and that I earned that spanking by behaving the way I did. I don't blame him, I embarrassed him horribly that night and my mother with the show I put on in that theater. I was 'that' kid that people turn around and look at in the store. Well not only did my behavior cause me to lose out on the movie I couldn't wait to see, I got one very sore bottom because of it. Once my dad was done lecturing me I was sent to get ready for bed. My tears didn't stop after the spanking because I was upset about the entire evening and on top of that I now had a very sore backside. All because I didn't get my snowcaps and didn't like where we were sitting. Well I can assure you I never did that in the movies again, but was certainly not my only temper tantrum...I had one more 'bad' temper tantrum which would be my last, I will share that story another time...Funny thing is I never ended up seeing the Dark Crystal, and still have not seen it, LOL. I only saw the very beginning of it in the theater, before I was carried out. 

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Do you remember what you had for dessert before you left to go to the movie?

I realize this question may seem odd, but I think it might be very relevant.

Your behavior at the theater, where everything felt wrong to you and you couldn't stop fussing about everything, sounds to me exactly like the symptoms of low blood sugar.

Perhaps your blood sugar levels were roller coastering from too much refined sugar going into your bloodstream at once from dessert. And your little pancreas overreacted by releasing too much insulin, which then caused your blood sugar levels to fall too low.

Children with low blood sugar from too much sweets often act just like you did. And a spanking might seem to "cure" them in the short run by activating their fight-or-flight response, which causes their liver to break glycogen down to glucose and release it into their blood.

But spanking a child for behaving badly when her blood sugar is low isn't fair to the child. Glucose is the brain's food and when the brain doesn't have enough of it available from the blood, it makes the whole world and everything in it seem infuriating, unfair and wrong.

Had nothing to do with blood sugar so I will say this was out there. I had tantrums, I didn't get what I wanted and that was me being an out of control brat. My Dad didn't spank me till I got home which a lot of ppl on here would have gotten their assess spanked in the theater. When I had a tantrum I had a tantrum. I had two really bad public tantrums only two because I learned my lesson. But I can assure you that blood sugar had nothing to do with it. I had a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. But irrelevant to my behavior honestly...

Thank you for such a well written story.

I sympathize with your dad up to a point. He definitely needed to take you home. But the natural consequence of missing your movie was enough discipline, I think. Spanking you sounds like your dad venting his frustration with your impossible behavior more than discipline intended for your benefit.

I sadly disagree. Kids need to learn that actions have consequences. Her parents took her out to dinner and paid for a movie ... did everything they could to make it special for her. The fact that her tantrum made it end this way is punishment for her parents, actually. We live in a world that is very much *** for tat. Being removed from the movie punishes everybody. Very few kids I know, including myself as a kid, would have gone home and gone to bed, with no measurable (and physically uncomfortable) consequences.

Her actions did have a consequence. She missed her movie.

This is a very detailed and lively story and I sympathize totally with your father. Of course, I'm sorry that you had to learn at such a young age through the painful way, that you should behave in public, and listen to the warnings of your patient father, but after this senseless fuss you've certainly deserved a sore butt and a throbbing backside, which gives you something to think about.

Well I was well behaved for a little while till my next and last public tantrum. That story is 'The Last Tantrum.' My Dad was patient enough to wait till we got home. Part of growing up is learning lessons. I call these growing pains. Thx for reading and your comment.

You are welcome and yes, I like your term"growing pains" very much. This term explains very well the efficiency of a sore butt. I will read the story about your last tantrum and I wonder how your parents or your father have managed to finish your tendency to play violent tantrums.

I wouldn't call them violent tantrums, but your usual bratty I'm not getting my way outbursts. LOL! My Last Tantrum story was for sure my last bad tantrum. Thank you again...

To tell you the truth, you didn't miss out on anything not seeing that movie. It was pretty crappy.

umm wats the dark crystal? is it just a story of my life? lol

and whats snow caps?

I'm usually pretty sympathetic for someone who was spanked, but ummm yah you needed that spanking

Which is why I wrote "I don't blame him"

Amazing story by the way, forgot to mention that in previous comment. I kept thinking, wow, I got in this kind of trouble, but I can't ever remember why. I'm impressed with not only your memory, but the storytelling. My previous question was provoked more by me being impressed with your self-awareness than any kind of judgement. Please don't consider it so.

Thank you I responded below

If you didn't get beat I'm shocked. But I'm curious, what would make you want to do something like that to your dad? I got spanked so many times, I can't remember anything this vividly. However, every single time was because I wanted to have fun, and I had to break a rule in order to do so. It was never to just be ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous. I'm a father now, I'd truly love to know, if you can remember, why you would decide to act this way with no provocation?

I don't know what you mean by "if you didn't get beat I'm shocked?" My dad gave me one heck of a hand spanking for my behavior. I was a little kid that wasn't getting her way. Wasn't something I thought about. I wanted the candy and I didn't like where we were sitting so I just had a meltdown that obviously escalated and wasn't calming down. I was a little kid...5 1/2 years old when this occurred. My memory goes back to as young as 3 years old. I have a very vivid memory and can see everything in my head as if it only occurred yesterday. I can tell you what I was wearing, how I had my hair, etc. My memory is a blessing and a curse...But that is why I am able to write all of the details...

So, what were you wearing? How was your hair fixed? :-)

Wow, were you being a brat. I don't really favor the use of spanking for children, but I can sympathize with your father here. You were out-of-control, and something had to be done to get your attention. You had to understand that your behavior was not acceptable and would not be tolerated. Things were different in my family. We might have started acting like a brat as you did, but the threat of a spanking always worked to stop it cold. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks GC

I was a brat! At this point I had not had many spankings, I had only been spanked three times prior to this and it wasn't for a situation such as this one. The threat of a spanking at this time wasn't really there for me, it was a very new form of punishment for me so the bells weren't going off in my head yet. I knew I was in trouble but wasn't thinking of a spanking. It wasn't until my dad came into my room that it became clear what was going to happen, and I wanted no part of it. Not one of my finer moments as a child and sadly I had other tantrums after this, mostly small one's. But I did have one tantrum that rivaled the one in this story and it was in public again, just not at a movie theater. That tantrum was my very last, my dad made sure of that...Thank you again for stopping by, hope all is well. :-)

I was made a very sorry little girl more than once for throwing a tantrum. Funny how we had to learn the hard way at times.

I was sorry alright...The hard way was something I refer to as 'growing pains'

Lol, yes then i had plenty of growing pains growing up

I def had my share, I wasn't spanked frequently, but when I managed to get one, I really out did myself, LOL!

Holy WOW. that was an amazing story! Like...edge of my seat all the way through. Captivated. kept begging the question.. Is she gonna get it? Where, Theater lobby? restroom? car? Home? I could totally see you on the floor in the theater making a fuss. (Not that I have any experience in such behavior mind you.) <br />
FYI... Dark Crystal is on Netflix. :) Good luck trying to enjoy it without remembering... well... you know. <br />
<br />

Thanks for your comment/feedback, I appreciate it...I have had many chances to see the Dark Crystal, but I cannot bring myself to watch it, all I would beable to think of was that spanking, LOL! It was one of my earliest spankings as a child, so I associate this movie with that. I guess I should make an attempt. :-)

Another amazing, well remembered narrative. It is curious how children get something into their heads and cannot get it out even though they know that they are losing the thing they would say they want most in the world. I am not sure my father would have waited to get me home if I had behaved as you did, but somewhere along the line my bum would have been as sore as yours. So commiserations from one who could have been a fellow sufferer, and who, in different circumstances was.

Thanks my friend as always :-)