The Fine Art Of The Scottish Tawse

After a few tumultuous years in the US mom packed everything up and we moved back to the land of her moorings. It felt like being transferred from the frying pan into the fire school wise.
The new school administered the tawse. The tawse is made from a stiff, hard hide from the soles of navy seaman boots its a minumum of 24 inches long 2 inches wide and about 1/4 thick 15 to 36 lashes can be applied to either side of the hands for a girl and the back of the trousers for boys.
Tawseing is an art with rudiments proper! It has cadence as well as sonnets.
A good tawseing should done without noise the time between lash is when the child has almost recovered from gulping and gasping for air only to have another smack to restart the event.
While playing football I kneed the headmaster squarely in the testicles unintentionally, for which I was immediately sent to the office to wait for the return of the Headmaster.
----- that was not called for it shall be 15 it wont be hard and it wont be long if you scream it shall be harder, cry and it shall be longer!
Assume the position!
I lost it on the fifth lash my mouth popped open the sixth I was chocking on my own snot and tears. I may have come close to passing out I don't remember. What I do remember was planning to kill the headmaster.
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our school used tawse n cane. tawse was administered by teachers... very few classes wnt by without it being used

actually a teacher could be fired for not using it, they were seen as not being tough enough to manage students.

yes! The head master was a fiery red head that talked through clenched teeth making it hard to judge his mood, also he had a brogue making communication almost impossible.
The edge of the tawse instead of being cut straight had divets or a cut which resembles steps. In addition to having ones buttocks slapped the tawse's fingers also gave a pinch this was the brilliant innovation that went into the tawse. I have been caned and plan to write about the experience in the future depending if I choose to recollect the memory. However the cane didn't have the same impact as the tawse which used more surface.

An excellent description of the tawse's effects. It is a formidable instrument of correction and should never be used in anger. It sounds as if this headmaster could have used a few lashes himself.