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I go by Utopia, but that is obviously not my real name. I got spanked as a child for various reasons. Swearing, Lying, Stealing, Disobeying, Temper Tantrums/Meltdowns, etc. I started out with hand spankings until my dad took off his belt one day and from that day on that is how I was spanked. My dad did not abuse me, he never left a mark, a welt, nothing. When I did wrong, my backside paid the price. All of my spankings were well earned, I have disagreed with only a couple, but if I got one, I earned it. Some hurt more than others, some were longer than others, it just depended on what I did...

When I share my stories on here I appreciate comments/feedback. What I do not appreciate is uneccessary and rude responses/comments/etc.

Some examples:

"You deserved that"

(I think I know I earned them, you don't need to tell me I deserved what I got, if that is going to be your comment, better off you just don't type anything at all)

"You are lucky it wasn't bare bottomed"

(As to say that the belting I got didn't hurt as much because my bum was not completely exposed, my butt was on fire trust me, stretch pants, cotton pants, sweat pants doesn't provide much protection from a leather belt)

"Glad you got it good"

(Rude, PERIOD)

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it is how you express that opinion that matters. Don't attack people or make them feel bad about the story they have shared. It only makes you look like a Jack ***...I share my childhood spankings because this was a place that I could relate to what others had endured, not to make them feel bad and say, "well you asked for that" or "you definitley deserved that *** whippin" Honestly that is just not supportive or respectful...

If you are reading stories in the "I got spanked as a kid" group or any of the groups that are about being spanked, think about what you say before you type it in. If you were spanked as a child I would think you would know how to be respectful since being disrespectful in my house was also a reason to be punished/spanked.

Follow the Golden Rule, Do Onto Others...And if you cannot follow that rule, then just keep anything mean or cruel to yourself. I know that there will be people that still do not care and will still just say whatever comes to their mind, but being rude only tells me one thing about the person that writes it, and it is not a good thing either.

-At the end of every story you read on this site there is a sentence-

"Please respond with autenticity, support, and respect"

More people need to do this...All I'm asking is that if you are going to read any of my stories a little respect is appreciated. I appreciate feedback/comments on whatever I share, all I'm asking, which I don't think is a tall order is to be respectful in what you have to say. You don't have to agree with me, but there is a way to say so. Just think about what you say before you comment on not just one of my stories but anyone elses.  

Thank you

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I agree with you completely.


I am sorry, but i can't understand how can a parent bring pain to his kid. Parents heart usually stop when they see their kids in pain.

I definetely agree with this!!:) very well put!:)

i would love to talk to you more can you add me

Great post utopia you said what alot of folks were probably wanted to say but were afraid to say! Good work!

Thanks, I've been wanting to post this for a while and then was provoked the other day to write this. :-)

Great job hun. Don't ever let anyone bully you to doing things you don't want to do here. Glad to see you got over your fear ( for lack of a better term) and posted what you did I am sure there are a bunch more that woild have liked to say the same but didn't for whatever reason. :)

Thank you, I won't allow anyone to bully myself on here or in everyday life, I spent years being bullied in school. I also won't let anyone bully anyone in my circle if I see it.

I hear you! Keep staying tough!

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Very well put :-)

I absolutely agree. Comment, please; but do not judge.

I see things like that a lot on EP. I like to answer the questions, but I see most people joke about them. As far as your story goes, I had the same trouble. I was not spanked much, but for those kind of things, I was. However I was lucky I did not get the belt, but i was threatened with it a few times.

The first time I got the belt was a moment I will never forget and all of the emotions I felt. A lot of ppl on here have a tendency to say things that are completely unnecessary and offer no constructive anything. I was not spanked all of the time, but when they happened they were quite memorable...Glad you didn't get the belt...

Very well said, Utopia. People can be very presumptuous online, and writing things they'd probably never say face-to-face.

Thank you and you are totally right...