An Adventure On The Water Doesn't End Well!

I was eleven and was staying with my uncle, aunt and three cousins during the summer holidays. The holidays hadn't started well as I had already taken a trip to his study on the day I got back from boarding school.

Two weeks later on a rather lovely British summers day my cousins and I decided that we would take out the dinghy and sail over to the little island for a picnic (very Swallows and Amazons) we got the mirror dinghy out of the boathouse, rigged it then moored it to the pontoon while we collected a picnic that my aunt had made. Once we had waved adieu we sailed aimlessly for a while then the boys wanted to fish, so we lowered the boom and gaff, I got relegated to sitting at the bow of the boat on top of the bouyancy tanks while the boys fished for some ever elusive fish, I think they caught something but I'm not sure what (fishing is not my thing), after an hour or so we pulled up the centreboard and the boys rowed over to the island where we let down the anchor and swam/waded ashore with the picnic in a dry bag. We set up under a few trees and had lunch, my aunt is an amazing cook and hadn't disappointed us with this picnic, (she is the queen of Tupperware) she had made a salad, cucumber sandwiches, an asparagus quiche and then there was apples and mini treacle tarts for pudding after eating we lay in the dappled sun chatting about anything and everything.

We then decided to go for a swim, I was adamant I was going to get in the water first so I pulled my summer dress off, revealing the swimming costume I had on underneath but kept on my canvas plimsoles then ran down the stone jetty and jumped into the water, closely followed by my cousins. We had been messing around for a while in the water when we got out and started jumping, I followed but instead of jumping I did an aerial into the water (I have danced since I was little), my oldest cousin went crazy he grabbed me by the waist and hauled me out of the water, he landed a smack on my bottom and told me that what i had done was seriously dangerous, he yelled at my cousins that we were going home and hauled me over his shoulder, I was a small eleven year old and as such it was easy for people to lift me. He put me down next to the picnic so I could pull my dress on while we waited for the other two then we got back to the boat, raised the sail and went straight home, once we had moored the boat my eldest cousin escorted me into the house where my uncle and aunt were having a cup of tea, he walked me right up to my uncle and said what do you have to say.

By the time I had explained I was already being pulled over his lap in the middle of the kitchen, he laid into my bottom pretty well, he didn't think I had made particularly good choices and he let my bottom know and the fact that two other people were in the room just made it more embarrassing, once he had finished he sent me to go and find the boys and sort the boat out. I spent the afternoon with a sore backside, but it didn't stop me playing in the woods and fields with my younger cousins making camps until we were called for supper.

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Jan 20, 2013