My Parents Hankering For Spankering

My mom passed away when I was only a couple of months old.When I was around 2 my dad started seeing a woman called Joanne.By the time I was 2 and a half she was living with us and I called her mom.Both my parents were pro spanking so I found this forum and decided to share some of my own memories of being over someones knee having my bottom spanked.

Once when I was about 6 I woke up before everybody else and decided that I was going to for a swim despite the fact I had been told to never go in the pool unsupervised.I went down the stairs in just my panties and ran and jumped into the pool.The next thing I knew my mom was fiercely walking towards the pool with fire in her eyes. She must have woken up from the noise of the splashing.

She literally just grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the pool " what on earth do you think you'r doing young lady? You could have drowned! ". " I'm sorry mommy I was just swimming " I replied. Before I knew what was happening I was being dragged back towards the house. I started to tear up as I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen next " I'm sorry mama I won't do it ever ever again I promise please mama don't spank me! "

As soon as we got into the house mom marched straight over to the utensils drawer and pulled out the oh so dreaded spatula. I cried and begged "no mama please I'm sooorrry".Well you should have thought about that before you broke the rules shouldn't you was her reply. She Quickly yanked me over her lap and stated " your going to have a very sore botty to remind you to never repeat your actions by the time I'm finished with you ". The first spank landed with a bang on my sit spot which was wet from being in the pool. I screamed,cried and pleaded through the next 19 spanks.

When it was over I was placed in the corner and told not to rub my bottom. Of coarse me being a stubborn child my hands quickly found there way to my bottom. I then received to sharp smacks on my thigh which quickly reminded me why I should do as I'm told.

After 10 minutes in the corner my mom picked me up and comforted me and told me how much she loved me.
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I am sorry about your mother passing. Your stepmother sounds like she loves you a lot.

A spanking given out of love.
She must have been terribly afraid of what could have happened to you and wanted to be sure you NEVER did that again!
Do you still like to swim?

So you are pro too?