After Lights Out

This is probably one of my most memorable spankings from when I was young. I got smacked on the bum regularly as a kid but only 2 or 3 swats whenever I got a full spanking I really deserved it.

This night, I was about 10 and my sister was 8 we had been sent to bed (I don't think we had been naughty from what I can remember it was just our regular bed time on a school night) it was the middle of summer so it was still quite light outside. I'm sure this effects young children as neither of us were tired, in fact we were full of energy. My sister and I were whispering and trying to play games to amuse ourselves such as 'I spy' and 'spot the...' Anyway we eventually got bored and so started to look through the bottom of the wardrobe to see if there was a quiet game we could play until we felt more tired. What we found instead was a plaster of Paris moulding kit; if you have never seen one you basically add water to the powder and mix it into a cement and then fill the moulds, when they are dry you then pop them out the moulds and paint them. Why this seemed like a good idea I don't know but at the time we thought it was.

I crept to the bathroom and got a glass of water and gave it to my sister who began to mix the solution. Looking back I'm guessing it was my trip to the bathroom that alerted my parents that we were still awake but any way the next thing we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I put the box and moulds under my bed and lay down pretending to sleep, but my poor sister tried to hide the solution under her duvet which inevitably spilt when she lay down. She was sat up and covered in plaster when my mum came into our bedroom. The minute she saw my sister the bedroom light went on and my mum started shouting at her about the mess she had made and what the hell she was doing at this time of night. She grabbed my sister dragged her out of bed swatted her bum and then dragged her out of the room. I lay so still pretending to sleep. I could hear them in the bathroom, my mum lecturing broken up by 3-4 spanks my sister crying and whineing and then more lecturing. I later found out that she had been running a bath and spanked and lectured my sister until the bath was full, she then ordered her into the bath.

While this was going on my dad had come into our room and ******** my sisters bed...the plan was to wash the bedding before it set but I think that bedding ended up in the bin. He had returned to downstairs and I listened to what else was happening. My mum then came striding into our room, she came straight over to my bed and before it registered she pulled by duvet off, dumped it on the floor, pulled me over onto my tummy and yanked my nightie up to my shoulders. She then start to spank my bare bum. She was hitting me really hard 3-4 spanks and then lecture followed by more spanks and then lecture, it seemed to last for ages and I was crying and kicking. My mum kept saying that although I hadn't been caught red handed she knew that I had played a part in what had happened. After what felt like hours she stopped, she didn't even bother to put my nightie back in place just picked the duvet off the floor and dumped it back on top of me. I was crying and holding on to my bare bottom which seemed to be throbbing.

My mum started to make my sisters bed up with clean sheets, I peeked out from under the duvet but didn't make a sound apart from the odd sniffle. Just as my mum was finishing my sister came back into the bedroom, red blotchy faced and covering herself with a bath towel. My mum took the towel from her and handed her a clean nightie, my sister put it straight on. She then turned to get into bed and as she did my mum gave her a hard slap to her backside. My sister immediately started crying again.

My mum then spoke to both of us stating her disappointment and ordered us to go straight to sleep, stating that if she heard another peep we would be truly sorry. She turned the light out and went downstairs. I lay curled in a ball on my side gripping my sore bottom with both hands feeling the heat coming off it. I didn't dare say anything so I eventually fell asleep to the sound of my little sisters sniffles.

This wasn't the last time I got such a spanking but it definitely made me be on my best behaviour for the following weeks, and when we were sent to bed we went straight to sleep.
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I hate going to bed with a throbbing red bottom

I used to share a bedroom with my older sister and there were a few times when Mom or Dad would tire of the giggles and footfalls after repeated warnings to go to sleep causing them to storm in and redden our bottoms. After that we fell asleep snuffling and whimpering with throbbing bottoms, deathly afraid that our muffled sobs would bring on another visit.

Thank you for sharing your story.