My Mothers Aunty!

My great aunt Jude baby sat me and my younger sister quite frequently as me parents both worked. I adored my aunt but when it came to discipling me and sister she was very strict. She was the proud owner of an award winning garden and never let us forget it!!

On a regular Friday afternoon when I was about eight years old, my sister and I were at my aunts house for the afternoon and we were playing with other kids on the street on our bikes.One of my friends decided it would be great fun to see who could cycle through my aunts garden with out getting caught. As it was my aunts house and I was older than my sister, I was nominated to go first. as I had expected, by the time I had cycled no more than five meters into the garden through the back enterance my aunt had spotted me.

I quickly jumped off my bicycle and stood with my hands by my side unsure of how to play my cards. Aunt Jude came over to me turned me around so my back was facing her and planted two sharp, stinging spanks on my naked thigh ( I was wearing shorts). I cried and pleaded innocence " I didn't mean to aunt jane my brakes wouldn't work I'm sorry you've already spanked me hard enough ". Aunt Jude was having absolutely none of it " spanked you hard enough! My dear your botty is going to be beet root after your proper spanking ".

When we got into the house my aunt placed me in the corner, planted another heart stopping spank on my thigh and stated " I'm going into the kitchen to take the bread out of the oven and then you will have a long talking to with the hairbrush over my knee in your bedroom "

I stayed quite still in the corner crying. I shouted out to my aunty " please aunt jude don't spank me with the brush I promise I'll be good and I won't ever cycle through your garden again ". There was then a couple of seconds silence before my aunt appeared at the door " Darling you have just added an extra few spanks now for your petty attempts to get out of being punished. Do you not think you deserve a good hard spanking after what you did? After all you know how much that garden means to me, don't you?" I was angry for being told off so I replied " I don't care about you stupid garden I wish I had cycled straight over your roses! ". With that I was told to get straight up to my room and be sitting on my bed when she got there or my mother and father would be advised to give me a repeat spanking when I got home. As I knew my mother and father would have no pity on me I obliged and stormed up the stairs. " less of that attitude young lady, if you know whats good for you " she bellowed from the bottom of the stairs.

My aunt appeared moments later with hairbrush in hand. She sat herself down in the armchair in my room and looked over to me. " Honey you need to get that attitude under control. You cannot go around doing what you like and then mouthing of to your parents and guardians when you realise you'r going to get punished for it. Now come here and receive your spankin darlin because if I have to go over there to get you this is gonna be a lot worse. " I slowly slunk off my bed at the other side of the room and strolled over to her hesitantly " Aunt Jude please don't spank me you already smacked me three times can't that be enough " My aunt didn't say another word. When I was standing by her side, crying and pleading my aunt pulled off my shorts and placed my over her knee. She then proceeded to pull my panties down around my ankles. She then highered my bottom and the spanking commenced. I was bawling my eyes out crying and started flailing my legs like something possessed and after only two or three slaps managed to wriggle out of my aunts grip and just stood in front of her crying. My aunt looked at me and said " I'm gonna give you one more chance to co-operate and if you don't you WILL receive another spanking by your uncle when he gets home from work and you can be sure of that so get your botty back over here right now " in a very stern voice. I decided to be good and walked back over to aunt Jude. She lifted me up and placed me back over her lap and around 25 more hard, stingy smacks landed on my bare bottom.

I was then carried downstairs howling and placed in the time out corner once again untill I calmed down. Once my howling had ceased aunt Jude appeared and sat on the couch. She motioned me over to her and sat me on her lap. I couldnt sit still as my bottom was still aching and my bare bottom on her rough gardening jeans was not a good mix! My aunt explained once more why she spanked me and stated that she hope I would not need another spanking for the same offence ever again. she cuddled me and helped me get dressed back into my panties and shorts and the allowed me to go back outside and play with my friends untill dinner was ready although, needless to say I didn't cycle my bike for the rest of the day!!
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25+ with a hairbrush on her bare bottom is more than enough for any eight-year-old.

really? was that all you needed to make you a good girl? :0

Great Aunts and hairbrushes. "nuff said!"

Pretty feisty young lady, weren't you? How old were U when U got this well-deserved spanking and did U get another one at home, like I would have?

I was about eight! no my aunt or uncle never told my parents about any spankings they gave me unless they thought I deserved another ... probably because they minded me alot so they spanked me pretty regularly!