Spanking With My Brothers

Let me start by saying i have 2 brothers. And there was times when we grew up together and we misbeaved together and there would be times where it seem like mom or dad would spank us together in the living room with one us waiting or all us waiting for our turn why they other was being spanked. If we all was getting spanked it seem like they call us in the living room where spanking would be given. Tell us what they was going to do and handle situation. Some times it would be spanking. Sometimes they would send us all bed early. But if it was a spanking. They would somtimes look at me and my brothers always asked who wanted go first. Some times none us would speak up. Usually by that point usually id be sniffleing and crying. Some times my brothers would be to. Sometimes one or all us would beg plead promise good behavior. And not return of getting the spanking they promised. Usually by that Point they would always count or grab or call who ever over and if that person and some times it seem like they startest youngest first. Has anyone ever experiened similar situation.
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That's what it was like when I was a kid with my brothers. It started when it was just my two brothers then I came and it ended like that until my parents got two tired to spank us and make each other spank the person.

painfull and ashame

How old were your brothers compared to you and did all three of you get spanked bare bottom with everything down at the ankles? Everyone cry and until what age did each of you get bare bottom spankings?

Probably up age 12. And yes all us was bare bottom. We all cryed begged and pleaded. up till about teenagers we got it like this.

How did it make you feel being exposed in front of your brothers?

I have an older sister and sometimes we would get it together but I don't think there was any order who would go first. An exception was when one of us was to be given a worse punishment. In that case the worse spanking would be the second one.

Are you a male or female and did both of you get it together and bare in front of each other? Unrtil what age did you both get spanked bare Nolah? Was it from mom or dad?

I think the natural reaction is to stall and put it off as long as possible but there was no real benefit to this when lining up to be spanked! There was no real set rules about who got spanked first but more often than not it seemed to be youngest to oldest I agree! As the middle child and the boy I usually went 2nd or last! I never was able to force myself to volunteer to go first but as soon as we were bare and in line I always wished I had!

I agree with you. it was just normal for you to stall. When they ask who want go first get it over with etc. From what i remember no one really volunteer to go first and like you said usually when you was in line bare butt watching the one ahead you get spanked you always wished you would went first. So you didnt have hear and see the entire thing. I was oldest it sem like i was last they justdid youngest to oldest thing and i think most familiys did. Watching what was coming to you. Was even worst then actually Getting ready your own.

The hardest thing in the world to do sometimes is to volunteer to go first for a spanking. You want to get it over but you never want it to start. I preferred to go first to get it done and hopefully win some mercy for being cooperative. I'm not sure it worked since either way I ended up crying and sore.

i so remember that you thought if you did go first. It wouldnt be to bad cause you cooperated. Might make them les mad. But there was times i didnt want go first i wanted to stall it out. Cause i wanted to not get it yet. But either way your turn was coming. If you went first or not. Going first meant everyone elsewaitin to be spanked saw what they had coming. And if they went first you stood there waiting your turn. Scared nervous. Anxious. Butterflys in your tummy.

Sometimes it would depend on how we were (un)dresed while waiting. It didn't matter if we were bared right before the spanking. If we had to wait and watch while bare, going first got both the spanking and the exposure over faster.

I have agree if you was already bare waiting to be spanked. Sooner it was over sooner you could move on. You wasnst exposed waiting for it as the others in line would be. If you was standing there bare watching it. kinda made it worser some cases. Anticipation rised.

did you sometimes have to bare everything first and then wait your turn? Until what ages were you spanked bare and was that by mom or by dad?

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Must have been sooo embaressing

yes many times and we always got spanked bare it was horrible at the time but never really did us any harm.It was worse at school where it was the cane bare .We never told our parents or complained it just made it worse.

I agree I got numerous spankings growing up but I deserved the vast majority of them and whilst they were not very nice at the time, they did be no harm and actually helped me to learn how to behave I guess!

Understand what you are saying about school too as trouble in school always meant worse trouble at home for us!!!

I was often spanked with my two sisters growing up in front of whoever happened to be there at the time as my parents didn't really believe in privacy for naughty children! We would usually get it with either mums hand, a slipper or a hairbrush over her knee depending upon what we had done to earn the spanking almost always followed by either some cornertime or being send straight to bed!

Us to if we was spanked somtimes before bed they tell us pull our underwear up and go bed. Don't make me have to do this again was the saying.

Yes I remember those times well!

Somtimes we would have bedtime spankings. Where they would spank us right after our bath. Cause behavior we had that day. Those was very bad.

Yeah remember being spanked on a wet bottom too, always more painful that way and of course embarrassing too since you would be naked!

We would always be naked for our spankings if we had come straight out of the bath. Did you sometimes get it straight out of the tub too?

That must have been v embarrassing for you all!!!

Oh yes Those was awful. I remember being promised spanking entire day. They would wait them till after bath time. And like you i was already naked. Being bent over knee. After them boy oy boy did i do a dance. I would jump rub after them. THose Spanking Seem like they Stung. And you wouldbe hopping around hope to be able put pair underwear on or PJS. So you would not have your bare butt there reach again. You the same?

Yeah having to wait for your spanking was always awful wasn't it? And then just when you thought maybe they have actually forgotten for a change, it happened!!!

Would have loved the chance to get into PJs and bed after those bath spankings but unfortunately that was never an option as they were always followed by a good period of sore bright red bare bottom cornertime - hands on head so that we couldn't rub of course!!!

oh yeah i always hope they forgot about it. When i was being led into the living room after my bath u know they didnt forget about it. I would always be hoping they least let me get my pjs on. They would always then confront you that you was going promised a spanking. Did you hink we forgot about it. I woud be told you can put pjs on after we are done spanking you. You don't need them now.

At least you got to put them on after your spanking though as I said we usually had to do some naked cornertime first!

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