Tantrum On The Beach

It was during the summer holidays I was 9 years old, my mum had said she was going to take my sister and I to the beach for the day and we were each allowed to invite a friend. I asked my best friend laura and my little sister asked her friend poppy. After their parents had dropped them off at our house in the morning we all helped mum to pack a picnic, and then another bag with swimming costumes and towels.

We walked down to the beach, which was very busy as it was a hot day and the school holidays, and found a spot on the sand which was also close to the sea and the rock pools. We set our things down and laura and I immediately changed into our swimming things so that we could go and play in the sea. This must have been comical to watch as we were at an age where we were starting to become self conscious of our bodies and so we threaded our costumes up trouser legs and under shirts so that we were never exposed. As we were older we could go into the sea without my mum being with us. We spent the whole morning jumping waves and playing games in the sea.

We stopped to join my mum, sister and poppy for lunch. The two younger kids had spent the morning building a sand fort, and took great enjoyment in showing it off whilst we ate.

After lunch laura and I stood to return to the sea, when the younger kids started asking if they could come with us. My mum asked me to supervise them and said that we were not allowed to go too deep as it was too dangerous for the little ones. We all headed for the sea and they started playing this little kid game where they were lying in the shallow waters pretending to be mermaids. I thought it was lame and wanted to go back into the deep water and continue the fun from the morning. Laura happily joined in with the little two, seeing as she is an only child I think it's was novel for her to be around little kids whereas I was sick of it. I sat down in the shallow water where they were playing but I didn't join in, in fact I kept trying to spoil it in the hope that the little ones would return to mum.

This didn't work and the three of them were engrossed in their game so in a huff I stormed up to where my mum was sitting and sat in the sand. My mum spoke to me saying that I was being silly and that I could have fun and join in the game if I wanted to or I could sit by myself and be miserable. I didn't even answer and just sat cross legged staring at the sand and drawing shapes with my fingers. The others noticed I had gone and shortly all were back with us asking me to go and play. I don't know why, maybe just because I was in a bad mood, but I was convinced that I was going to be miserable and out of protest would not play wih the little kids. My mum said I was being very silly and behaving like a little child myself, this just made me sulk even more.

Laura then suggested that we go in the rock pools and see if we could find and crabs or starfish. This actually sounded like fun so I agreed and got laura to run with me in the hope that the little ones wouldn't keep up and I could just have fun with my friend. At the rocks laura waited for poppy and Sophie and helped them climb across big or slippery rocks. I was mad again I just wanted them to leave us alone. I went to storm back to the beach but as I pushed past the others Sophie fell off a rock and landed in a pool. She wasn't really hurt but she cried all the same, I didn't even stop to see if she was ok I was just mad that she was getting even more attention. Laura picked her up and gave her a hug and they continued playing just the three of them.

I got back to where mum was sitting, I noticed that my legs and stomach had dirty marks all over off lying in the seaweed earlier so I went to the sea dunked myself to get clean then returned to mum and sat on the sand. Mum didn't look up but stated in her stern voice that she did not appreciate my behaviour and how I had treated my little sister and if I did not stop immediately I would be very sorry. She also said something along the line of I was acting younger than my sister and being a brat. I guess I was just mad, and stupid, because I said a few swear words under my breath. Next thing I know my mum had pulled me to my feet and was smacking my bottom. After dunking in the sea and sitting in the sand it was fair to say that my bikini bottoms were more up my bum than covering my cheeks so she might as well have been spanking me on the bare bottom. On top of this my bottom was wet and had sand sticking to it which seemed to make each slap sting ten times what it normally would. All the families sitting close to us seemed to be watching me and my mum kept smacking completely covering my whole bottom. She then gave me three extra hard smacks to the tops of my thighs and warned me that she would not tolerate this behaviour anymore.

When she had finished I had a total of about 20 smacks and was crying from both the pain and embarrassment, I cuddled myself into my towel and sat down on the sand. When I looked up I noticed at the rock pools that laura Sophie and poppy had all witnessed my spanking which just added to the humiliation. I spent the rest of the day out sitting by myself miserable, all because I didn't want to play with my little sister.
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

A spanking on a wet bum is worse than on bare bum, skin is tender. you are lucky that your sis didn't have a small wooden shovel.

Brings back memories of beach spankings from my past, remember having my bare or almost bare bottom spanked on the beach several times growing up! Must just be something about the beach that brings out the brat in us all!