Daddys Spankings

I was a real daddys girl 50% of the time and a complete brat the other 50%. MY daddy is really loving and always trys to be fair but he is also a firm believer in spanking. He is a big man (about 6ft 3inches).Even though I'm 18 he's still easily able to pick me up and put me over his knee as I am only 5ft 2inches.

A couple of days ago I was geting really annoyed with my little sister who is thirteen because she kept asking me questions to do with her history homework while I was trying to watch the television. I tolf her to leave me alone and do her homework herself. She wouldn't get the hint so I grabbed her history copy off her and through it in the fire. She took off to my daddys study and told him what I did.

A couple of seconds later I heard my name being shouted from my dads study so I made my way there. On my way my mom asked me what was going on and I told her what I did and she told me to go and talk to her in her room when my daddy was finished with me.

When I got to daddys study he asked me in a very stern voice " Is what your sister told me true " I replied " yes daddy but she wouldn't leave me alone and I just go......" I was cut off as me dad just told me to " get over to me this instance " I walked over to daddy and he put me over his lap, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties. As I lay there he said to me " your going to regret what you did. Do you understand why you are getting spanked?? " I replied " yes daddy ". He started spanking my hard with his hand on my bare botty giving me a lecture as he went. Although I am basically an adult when I'm over my mom or daddys knee I cry like a naughty little girl.

When my daddys spanking was over I went upstairs to my mommy and went into her room.
mom: " Is your bottom nice and warmed up? "
me: " Yes mommy I think I've been punished properly"
mom: "I don't think so that was a very naughty stunt you pulled. Ally don't you understand that all of andrea's notes are now ruined young lady!! "
me: " I know but she really annoyed me"
mom: " Well I don't think thats a good enough excuse young lady now get your bottom over here this minute. I'm going to make sure you have to sleep on your tummy tonight"

I walked over to my mom and she threw me over her knee and it was up with the skirt down with the panties and she tore my bottom up with about 15 spanks with the hairbrush. I was screaming like a baby again and was sent straight to bed. I did sleep on my tummy that night!!
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Seems like overkill to me.

Did your sister get spanked too? She should have been.
I don't think this was all your fault.

Wow that really sucks.

Did you do it deliberately? ;)