Spilled Paint

I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparents house when I was younger, I liked to get away from my little sister and feel spoiled and also quite often my cousin Gillian (she is 3 months older so pretty much the same age) would stay as well. I loved having someone my own age to hang around with and as she is an only child she liked having another kid to play with. We were typical kids and into the same sort of things playing out, climbing trees, exploring, building dens, getting messy...

There was one weekend (when we were about 7) we had both gone to stay and grandma and pop's house, we had got there on the Friday night and were staying till Sunday. We had stayed up late on Friday chatting about typical girl stuff and planning all the things we could do over the weekend. When we had woken on Saturday it was raining really heavily so we had been told that we weren't allowed to play out until it stopped and so would have to amuse ourselves indoors. Although we were disappointed we were soon engrossed in a game by turning our (the guest) bedroom into a fort. We used the bed sheets and blankets and even the double mattress became a wall...I actually remember it being quite impressive. Anyway taking our fort quite seriously we decided we needed more things for it like weapons to defend an attack and supplies of food and other essentials.

We headed downstairs and went into the kitchen where grandma was pottering around. We explained what we are doing and asked if she had any cool stuff that could help us. She said that we may look in the garage but only what was in the 3 storage draws and we had to make sure that everything got put back afterwards. We raced into the garage and took some things out of the draws...there was washing line and bungee rope which we knew would come in handy. Then Gillian spotted some jars on one of the high shelves, these jars had tacks picture hooks screws nails typical grandparent type supplies that were obviously left overs from whenever they had done anything resembling DIY in their lives. We thought these would be perfect for setting traps around our fort and to use as ammunition.

Neither of us could reach the high shelves so Gillian suggested since I was smaller she would help me to climb on top of the draws and I could climb up to the shelf and pass the jars down to her. Stupidly I thought this was a brilliant idea. She lifted me up and I scrambled onto the draws I then reached up to the first shelf and tried to pull myself up but there was something wet on the shelf which caused me to slip. I fell backwards and took a large paint an with me, I landed on top of Gillian and we both fell to the floor, the paint can landed next to us exploding covering both of us in paint, splashing up the side of my grandparents car and leaving a large pool on the floor.

We hadn't even registered what had happened when the kitchen door opened and my grandma burst through, she dragged both of us up and immediately gave us both several swats to the backside. She was yelling about the mess and the car and how she had trusted us, and then she said our pops could deal with us. She ushered us through the house and up the stairs to the bathroom, swatting our bums as we went. In the bathroom we were both ******** and put in the bath. The paint was still wet and mainly on our clothes so we were clean pretty quickly. She then told us to get out and get dried, she gave us our dressing gowns and told us to get to the lounge and see pop.

After another hard swat we headed down the stairs, I was at the front but neither of us uttered a word to the other. Whilst we had been upstairs pop had been into the garage and seen the damage, luckily he had managed to get the paint off the car as he had caught it while the paint was still wet. To say pop was mad was an understatement he was absolutely furious with both of us. We walked over to his chair and stood facing him, I think we were both already crying. He yelled at us for our behaviour and being reckless and causing damage. He then spun me around, with one hand he lifted my dressing gown and with the other hand he removed his slipper and started to spank my bare bum. He only gave me about three swats before he got frustrated as there was too much fabric on my dressing gown and it kept falling in the way, so he stopped spanking and yelled take it off then looked at my cousin and told her you too. I opened my dressing gown and dropped it to the floor, pop then immediately resumed the spanking, he completely covered my *** with about 30 swats, when he had finished I was bright red from the the top of my bottom, down over both cheeks, the under curve of my *** and my thighs to just above my knees. I was sobbing so hard and saying sorry, my pops simply took my arm and moved me to the side and then positioned my cousin where I had just been stood and gave her the same treatment.

When he had finished Gillian's spanking we were both told that we had been very naughty and that behaviour would not be accepted in their house. My grandma then joined us in the lounge and handed Gillian and I our pyjamas to put on. I remember putting my bottoms on very carefully because my bum felt like it was on fire. My grandma put an end to our game and for the rest of the weekend we were limited to quiet games or watching tv. I think this was the last time I ever went in their garage without one of them with me, this spanking stuck with me and I didn't do it again.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

So, was that one good spanking good enough for you?

only a week - so you were spanked many many many times were you?

and you still love to be naughty now? :o

My grandparents would have done the same. Was your bottom still wet? It hurts a hell of a lot more that way!!!

Maybe that was the last time you wanted to be a granny's home.