I love the beach. I love laying in the sun, hanging out with my friends, splashing in the water, and now that am old enough to flirt at the Tiki bar.

But the worst spanking my mother ever gave me was when I was 16 and begged to borrow the car to go the beach on the most beautiful Saturday with my friends. The only requirement was that I stop at the dry cleaners to pick up a dress for my Mother.

It was the most perfect day with my friends and I was exhausted by the time I got home. But the minute I walked in the house I knew I was doomed. My Mother asked me where her dress was. I gulped and had to admit that I had forgotten to pick it up at the dry cleaners and by now they were closed. My mother wanted to wear that dress when she went out with my Father that evening and she was mad.

She told me to get up to her room, which meant only one thing…I was going to be spanked. I started to sob and went upstairs to wait for my fate. Normally my Mother would spank me after dinner when she had cooled down a bit but since she was going out I was going to get it right away.

She let me wait for her at least a half hour. I knew I was doomed and I could hear my brother and sister roaming the halls like vultures waiting to hear my punishment. Finally my Mother came in and sat down. She called me over and immediately removed my shorts and then my panties and stopped in her tracks.

I had the habit back then (and still do) of wearing very skimpy bikini’s. Except back then I would hide them from my Mother as I knew that she was not going to approve. But the little patch of white skin that was revealed on my butt and even smaller patch on my front clearly gave me away. If my mother was mad before, not she was livid.

“Looks like you didn’t wear the same swim suit you left the house with did you my dear?” she said in a very angry voice. “Let’s see the rest of it,” she said as she pulled my top off showing a few little spots of white skin. Then she said, “Go get the bath brush!” and pointed towards the door. Upping the spanking from the hairbrush to the bath brush was bad enough but having to get the instrument of my demise (and naked no less) was even worse.

Half way out in the hallway I met my brother and sister which made it even worse. My brother grabbed his chest with both hands and wiggled them up and down as if he was juggling his boobs. My brother never seemed as interested in seeing me bare below my waist but he loved seeing my ****. My sister copped a pose like the Coppertone Girl and patted her butt as I rushed past them into the bathroom to get the brush.

Of course, my brother and sister were waiting for a return viewing as I nearly ran them over to get back to my Mother’s room with the bath brush. Already crying up a storm I handed it to her and she pulled me over her lap.

The spanking started right away and I was kicking, crying, howling, and pleading for her to stop with tears dripping onto the floor, snot running out my nose and dribble coming from my mouth. I knew I was going to die and the spanking went on and on.

Finally she stopped and I went limp over her lap and waited for her to help me up like she always did after a spanking and put me against the wall. But instead she just inspected my butt and said that the little patch of white skin that was showing needed to be tanned too and that she honestly didn’t know why I bothered to wear anything.

Then the hairbrush landed again only even harder. I screamed as she gave me an even harder spanking on just the little area what was covered by my bikini bottom. Crying and shaking with my butt burning she finally stopped, helped me up and took me to the wall only this time she made me stand facing out. I was crying so hard I could barely see and I knew that there couldn’t be any skin left on my butt.

I stood there for at least a half hour. Of course, my brother and sister had to walk to the bathroom and just happened to look into my Mother’s room to see me standing there crying my eyes out.

Finally my Mother told me to go to my room. I started to put on my top but she grabbed it away from me and said that I was showing it all afternoon and there wasn’t a need to cover it up now. Of course, my stupid brother met me in the hallway and said, “Nice **** Marcey,” which just started me crying again.

Once in my room I made a bee line to the mirror and looked at my butt. I was deep red with two very sore bruises on my sitting spots. I laid face down on my bed, buried my head in the pillow and cried as my butt burned and throbbed before I finally fell asleep.

My mother never said anything else after that. She always felt that once you were punished it was over. Normally she would have hugged me a bit but she was so mad at me this time she just sent me to my room. Of course, I still had to deal with taunting from my brother and sister that I had to endure until one of them got into trouble and I could turn the tables on them.
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Ouch! sibling rivalries/teasing when it comes to spanking always make it worse too! How long did you have to wait for a little payback?

j, sounds like you had experience with siblings and spankings? For me it was with my cousins...

Yes, definitely! I had sisters too which meant I was outnumbered somewhat in that game! So you had this kind of dynamic with your cousins then?

Another fantastic story Marcy, I know how much you feared and dreaded that bath brush in the teasing was submitted so much worse.

It could have been worse, she could have spanked the patch at the front as well

That is sick

I agree sick!

My parents never had any cares about modesty when my sisters or I or all of us were spanked. Made for some great entertainment for those not being spanked.

OMG! I can't believe your brother said that stuff to you (sister, that's expected though). What would have happened if your mom had heard?

Also, where were your other brothers, did they miss the show?

Oh, brothers can be cruel - believe me!

i have 2 sisters who are 2 and 3-and-a-half years older than me. They used to gang up against me so i felt justified in making the odd snide comment about their appearance.

Oops, I thought that you mentioned multiple brothers in that story about them getting busted without their life jackets.

hi spankings are used in our house a lot please ad me so we can talk peter

I always hated how my Stepmother managed to make my spankings extra embarrassing and hard....I know that feeling of OH MY GOD I can't TAKE anymore! but still got spanked and spanked!

Wow sounds like you got a harsh hairbrush spanking from your mother. Did she have to spank you with her hairbrush ever again?

My mother had a bathbrush too. I hated it, probably more than her belt.

Are bathbrushs that bad ? I know when i hit puberty and was "upgraded" from hairbrush to the belt it was so much worse

When my mother used the brush, she would hit the same spots over and over, which really hurt. She wasn't as accurate with the belt and didn't hit as many times.

Great story!

Looking back today, do you feel the punishment was deserved, or that it was too severe?

I deserved it. I only got spanked a couple of times a year. This was going to be a special evening for my mother and I blew it not getting her dress. And I knew that I was supposed to be more modest at the beach than what I was. Did the deed, deserved what I got.

How old were you then ? And how old were they?

Can you add me please I keep loosing track of you and enjoy reading your stories. If you add me i can the keep up with you.

wow that was harsh . I only ever got dads hand at home and hated when my mother said wait till your dad gets home . I got the cane at school and it was always naked and hurt like hell couldn't sit for days as it had black and blue tramlines on my but for days after .

Yours was much harsher than mine.