My mama is threatening to get the belt out and spank my bare butt. Just because our house is on the lake when it storms she wont even let me outside. If it lightening's and you don't head straight home and she has to come get you she has the belt in her hand. Thank God I was walking to the house when she started looking for me or I would have already gotten a whooping. Its not even fair some kids don't even get 1 whooping and I get them all the time.
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I went to church with someone who got struck by lightening. The heat produced was enough to melt his glasses to his face before he died. It is not just something that happens to other people. Your mom knows this and does not want you to become a statistic.

I know mama is right. She is a physical therapist and see's other people after bad accidents. She thinks a butt whooping is what you get when you are told over and over about something. Especially if its dangerous. She is always worried about me getting hurt, what does she think the belt does to me.

I understand what you are saying. I think a butt whooping should be used sparingly, not all the time.

Me too. I hate whoopings. Mama says I dont listen until I get whooped.

hi how old r u, i think ur may be to old for spanking


That's really not a reason to get spanked **** if you get wet that's your problem and the possibility of getting struck with lightening is very slim

So, Ms Tai, you'd like his mom check how slim this possibility is?

I think the whole situation is a little overbearing I think he is capable of dealing with the weather he shouldn't be punished for getting stuck in it that's his fault

Ms Tai, looks like you haven't got any kid yet, otherwise you'd know that mothers worry about their kids' safety almost all the time (at least, so it seems to me).

I don't have any kids but I believe when your 18 you can choose your own actions at 18 you can fight in the war but not walk in a storm

Today I retold my Mistress this story and she agreed that every mother ALWAYS worries about her children and she approved what Derrek's mom had done. Plus I'm not so sure that Derrek is already 18...

Of course mother's worry my mom still worries about me but his age says 18 that's why I'm like let him breath he's going to be okay

When you put it that way then yeah glad my mom didn't have strict rules when I was growing up

Yes it sucks sometimes but we do a lot of fun stuff . My friends all say I am lucky and spoiled. They might think that but they never got a real whooping from her.

My mama says 18 is just a number. She will always be my mama and I better listen to her.

I am a him and yes its been a rule for the 10 years we lived here and the few years it was a vacation home. Safety or the belt when it comes to the lake.

You sound like my parents. They figure out everything you did wrong by not listening. And yes I did end up getting a whooping.

Yes I am 18 and she does worry. My mama makes me give her a hug before her or I leave the house. She always says she says come over here and give your mama a hug baby. I do it don't embarrass me because I always have had too. Plus she is right u never know when something might happen. Even after a belt whooping she comes in later and hugs me and explains why I got a whooping.

Tell her I did get a whooping and it sucked and yes I am 18.

You already know my mama is like that about me. But you know she does stuff with me all the time too. She says we do enough but sometimes no is the answer.

my mama is way too over protective of me. I don't have any brothers or sisters so its just me and that gives her time to know everything I do. I should have just listened and behaved she wanted to go make snacks and watch a movie. She is nice and would play a game or do something with me. I just feel like she treats me like a baby and all she says is you are my baby.

She wont let me be down by the lake when it is storming. That's been a rule that got me a spanking since we moved here when I was 8.

Well, the fact that you are her only child is a good answer why she is so protective. You'd better accept it. And you should get used to the beltings. If I were in your shoes, I'd even thank her for them.

I am not going to thank them for a belting. when I get the belt I go lay on my bed on my stomach rubbing my sore butt that is on fire I cant thank anyone for that.

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Walking outside when it storms and especially lightenings is now the brightest idea, so your mother evidently cares about you and tries to explain it to you. Since you still don't understand her words, she has to use a belt. Or do you understand the belt as poorly as words? Then she should use a cane.

Canes are more a UK implement, and they give good results!

If there's no cane available, his mother could use a switch.

What is the difference between a cane and a switch ? Arent those both... sticks?

I assume that a switch can be made of any available branch (thick or thin, flexible or not).

so a cane is a proffesional switch ?

I assume that a cane is a polished stick, maybe with a hook.

I know she could

You seem abusive it's 2014 not the 60s and he's grown 18+ is an adult

A switch hurts real bad. She has used one down by the lake many times and it hurts like crazy it makes me cry hard even if people are around its horrible.

She has used a switch before many of times.

Is a cane there the same as here something old people use to walk?

The belt works she has a strap too for when I really mess up. I should have just listened because she is nice when I behave.

So your own words "I should have just listened because she is nice when I behave" are a good answer for your troubles. It shows, too, that a belt and a strap are still good for you and your mom is right when she uses them. As for a switch, the pain of it is really horrible and so I believe that it suould be used only if the naughty boy (guy) does something dangerous for his own (or somebody's) life. As for a cane, I've never been spanked with it and don't dream about it at all. In the same time, I respect all the guys who accept it regularily -- in my eyes they are heroes.

Mama says the belt gets bad behavior to stop and also gets kids to talk.

I understand the belt just fine.

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the more i read the stories here the more i think my parents are quite reasonable about spanking me...

sorry it seems you are in some kind of trouble there. Is it just because of the lightning and you wanting to go outside? It is better to be inside when you have a lightning storm, though it seems maybe a bit harsh to threaten the belt. I know it does not seem fair that some kids to not get whippings. Though some have things worse in other ways and I hope you parents are loving and supportive. Hope you also get through the night without the belt. take care

Yeah I got in trouble last week for mouthing off to the neighbor and cussing. So now for 2 weeks I have to have someone with me down at the lake. Yes I have loving parents that are nice and we do fun things all the time but if I mess up they spank me.

How old are you

18. But I live in the south 18 is a number out of college is an adult or sometimes never. Southern mamas are not afraid to whoop their kids at any age.

shes just tring to make sure u r safe

I know but I shouldn't have to come in the house like a little kid.

if you don't like the house rules move out but if you continue to live in her house then you do so by her rules that's the bottom line

Mad annoying

I know my butt got a reminder of that.


not funny

It is to me as Iam not the one being spanked this minute

lol I guess if you look at it that way. It sucked for me. I have a strict southern mama. In the south you listen to your mama or your daddy will whoop you even worse when he gets home. My mama says she will stop when I stop needing them.

You should say a little more to the left please oh ahhhh do it again mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh mommmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Are you crazy. Plus I am way to busy crying,

tell your dad he makes u hard hell stop lol

I don't think that works unless it would happen and when dad whoops you that's the last thing on your mind. Dad has a strap that feels like 100 bee stings at one time.

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