I Was Spanked

Spankings were as normal as breathing in my house growing up.   I was raised by a working-class divorced mom in Michigan who had been harshly spanked by her own parents.  My dad left the state when I was 5, and I started going to a Christian school that used a rod of correction.  Around that time mom stopped using her hand to spank me and got a wooden spoon, which was later replaced by two wooden rulers taped together.

Mom ruled our house, there is no other word for it.  Anything that could be construed as talking back or talking in a disrespectful tone of voice or giving a dirty look might earn me a trip across her lap, or when I was older, bent over the couch.  Depended on her mood.  Of course, real offenses like lying or disobedience earned spankings too.  When I was spanked I was also always grounded to my room, at least for the rest of the night.  Usually longer, and I had the worst possible chores when I was grounded.

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i was raised on spankings also common when iwas kid back in the 60s

i was raised on spankings also common when iwas kid back in the 60s

I was spanked either bent over the couch or over the knee depending on severity. I was always done with the hand, or once with an implement.

I too was raised by my mother after my dad died of cancer. Upto that time I never knew what a spanking was. I was 8 when I got my first bare bottom spanking from my mother. My little sister was 6 when she found out what happens when she makes fun of me. My mother took on the roll of dad/mother never married just cared for us. Sent us to great schools but when we messed up. Or cause trouble it was time to meet the paddle/belt/switch/hand. My mother would tell me (after Dinner) clean up the kitchen go take a shower dress in my night grown report to her bedroom. I never wore underpanties when I was told to report. In her room she would talk with me then I had to ask to be punished that was hard. I would lift my gown lay across the bed close my eyes and wait to feel whatever she used. After 10 swats I was crying but stay still because if I moved or blocked it. My mother would stop and start from 1 again. I hated the spankings at the time but I thank her offen because she always forgave us girls. And she wouldn't let anyone else punish us without her being there like a few of my anuts did. Today I am still spanked but as a adult. Spanking and love can make you grow into a nice lady

I was 4 when I got my first real spanking. Before that it was just a swat to make me mind. For some reason I wanted to go naked all the time. One day I was supose to be taken a nap, but I managed to sneak out of the house naked in the hot summer sunshine. My mother found me and picked me up under her arm and gave me a spanking that cured me of wanting to go naked.

ere you usually spanked bare bottom even over the couch and did you have any siblings and were they spanked too. Did mom do all the spanking in your house?

Yes, every spanking at my house was on my bare bottom. And nothing about it being a "last resort" or an "attention getter", it was intended to hurt and it did hurt. Mom spanked at our house but my grandparents and some sitters were also allowed to spank, as did teachers at one school I attended.

Twilla see thats just rediculous why, because it isn't that you didn't laod the dishwasher, its not that you refused to and you don't wake a kid out of bed like that <br />
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i think all parents who spank oought to be beat within an inch of theor life with a cat of nine tales because thats not how you parent it makes agressive people, people with poor comunication skills, people who think the way to get those weaker, smaller or related to them to do something they want is to hit them <br />
<br />
or <br />
<br />
it creates timid frightened people who never learn to stand up for themselves will be the victims of everything from bullies to sexual preditors when young and everything from the victim of domestic violence to the perpetrators of it <br />
<br />
Women who are spanked in this manner end up people pleasers who don't know how to say no don't know how to set boundries who are stressed drpressed and a mess <br />
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and isn't society wonderful???

If a youngster has really crossed the line sometimes a slap might be in order. As a boy at school canning was in force. You'd be called to the headmasters study, he would lecture you on your crime, then he would pass sentence; 2,4 or 6 strokes and take a cane from behind the piano (yes, there was a piano in his study) It was kind of intimidating. The cane was about 4 ft long and 3/4 inch round. He ordered you to bend over the chair standing in the middle of the room, he might have you take your blazer off or maybe pull it a little way up your back to get a clear shot. The swish, swish it made being lifted and then brought down was frightening and the pain across your rear end was total. Most of those punished left the heads study with their butt in their hands and tears in their eyes. <br />
What made it more humiliating, I guess, was that there'd be an audience listening to the swish smack noises from the corridor and enjoying every blow. Or, and this was probably worse, It was an old building and his study had a full length window on the ground floor. If the punishment was at the right time we didn't stand around in the corridor, we went into the yard. There was an imaginary line we were not supposed to cross but if punishment was happening there'd be dozens of us out there enjoying the spectacle and counting the strokes. We were a sadistic lot of 8-12 yr olds. <br />
It has to be said that all sorts of games went on there. I have written about de-bagging (Pantsing) elsewhere, but there were also other violent games. I remember particularly a game we used to play at lunchtime. After lunch the whole school turned out onto the common which was across the road from the school. Again there were imaginary boundaries but there was plenty of space and undergrowth and bushes to play around. Anyway, the idea of this game was to hurl abuse and insults at the prefect class. There were fewer of them than us but they were physically more developed. They'd get mad that we didn't show due respect etc and give chase. If you got caught you got hit. <br />
There was one particularly large and unpleasant lad called Spenser. He was not as quick as the others but he was very unpleasant. One day I made a mistake and ran right into him. He grabbed me, pushed me to the ground and lay across me. I couldn't move. He sent his followers ( there were a few younger lads who hung around these guys) to pull some ferns. If you peel the leaves off a fern you have a very flexible switch. He got me in a position so that my bottom was pointing to the sky and he procceded to demonstrate how effective a fern could be. At first it hurt, it hurt like mad, then I started to get warm. By the time lunch break ended and I walked back with my friends my back side was red hot. I think it was like that for most of the afternoon. By the time I cycled home that evening sitting on a saddle wasn't comfortable. I guess I should be grateful he left my trousers on. <br />
Coming back to the punishment of children. What I experienced wasn't that traumatic and it could happen to anyone at school. There was mutual support. But in isolation, one to one with a parent there is no support. Your parent is supposed to be your primary support. <br />
Perhaps an example of abuse in a very real sense are the experiences of the West children. The sons and daughters of Rosemary and Fred West. The Cromwell St horrors. Many of their experiences have been documented and don't sound to disimilar to some of the experiences I have read about here. Perhaps some of these abusing parents should read about 25 Cromwell Street to see an example of the type of parents who abuse like this.

Sadly your mother never healed her problem...she was abused and now she is an abuser<br />
<br />
Hitting anyone is never ever justified.....it really ****** me off how people get away with it when dishing it out to children, yet if done to an adult they would be arrested for assault<br />
<br />
That is so screwed up<br />
<br />
Do unto others as you would have done to yourself<br />
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my mother was belted and spanked as was i but i did not carry it on as much as i was a spanking for my kids was they had to do some thing very bad to get over my knee and i think over the years i only spanked each one once and the youngest never got spanked she did do naughty things but not enough to deserve a spanking

Sometimes spanking is the only effective way to correct!

Hear! Hear!!, YDKM.

Fannyfire your main reason or at least one of your reasons for not spanking your child is because you this that will turn your child on to like to be spanked? how could you think something like that? if that were even remotely true the world would be dead by the time we are 15 do you know how much violence and blood and killing we have seen we would all be Professional killer's from the stuff we watch. wow ... I'm going to stop you have no idea how frustrated that comment made me but whatever. good luck raising your child and i mean that sincerely

Hahaha....psycho-sexual wires getting tangled up! <br />
hahaha...thats funny........um......I think I like you..<br />
when I was a little girl at primary school if I seen a boy in my year get spanked it would make me feel all sorry for him & want to make out. I think its not a good idea to spank kids, but I dont have kids yet so if my boyfriend gave me a spank Id be ok.

ME TO! I remember once getting woke up out of my sleep to the belt because I didnt load the dishwasher correctly.

Yeah, no complaints here, I knew kids who got spanked harder than I did, although I must say mom was no slouch. Any instrument will have you sobbing if you get hit enough times with it! LOL

Did you cry on most of your spankings?

Yes, I tried not to but mom usually didn't stop until there were at least some tears.