My Last, Worst Spanking

When I was a month short of my 15th birthday, I did something at my grandparents' house that was really stupid and endangered some other kids.  I won't get into the whole timeline of it but basically it involved a friend of mine swinging a knife around that we'd stolen from my grandpa's basement.  Word went from the other kids' parents to my grandparents, who sent me upstairs and called my mom.  Mom had a class that night, so I had to wait and sweat it out upstairs for three hours until she came to fetch me.

She told me right out that I was really in for a good licking (as well as being grounded to my room for a month).  She borrowed my grandpa's army belt, which she'd never done before, and asked me if I'd be able to hold still for it.  I told her I didn't know and she might want to bring my grandpa up to help her (he had done this at times when I was younger and couldn't hold still).  I got undressed and when my grandpa came up to the room he tried to figure out how best to proceed.  Well, he told me to lie on my back and before I knew it he'd grabbed my ankles with one hand and bent my legs so far back towards my head that I could smell my feet.  Then mom went to work whipping my butt with the belt, but the pain in my legs was actually worse, and I had bruises on my ankles as well as my butt for the next week.  Yes, it was overkill and I could've called in a case of child abuse if I'd wanted to, but under the circumstances it was fully deserved.

I think the results of it scared mom though, because she never spanked me again, although the threat of it was there until I left home.

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Did your mom leave the room to get your grandad and did she tell you to get ready or undressed for the spanking? Did you take everything off or just down to the boxers and were you standing there waiting when your mom returned with granddad? How often before that last spanking were you getting spanked by your mom and were almost all of her spankis over boxers or bare even at age 13 and 14? With legs up and in diaper position had to suck and if bare everything was out and nothing left to the imagination and at that age you had to have started puberty and been growing down there? Did you feel it was a well deserved spanking and could everyone in the house hear you hollering and yelling and crying during the spanking?

Was it hard not only hard to sit down - but take a dump for some time?

Wow I haven't read many experiences about being spanked with a belt by a woman. It sounds like a very painful and embarrassing experience.


When grandmom and grandpa sent you upstairs did you know a good spanking was coming. Had you been spanked much at 14 prior to that and how did mom usually spank you when she did?

When mom came upstairs with grandpas belt did she tell you to take off your pants and underwear. Did she lecture you while you were getting undressed and once undressed did you have to wait for grandp to come up. Once he got there and you layed on your back and he grabbed your legs did you start crying and you were clearly totally exposed. Had you started getting pubic hair down there yet?

Once the spanking was over did you get up off the bed and do any dance around the room and how long did it take to get dressed. I guess you went home shortly after that and was there any talk on the way home from mom?

Hope you dont mind the questions.

if someone asks I will share and I have shared several times in messages when asked. But for you I will say I was spanked by my mom, aunt, the principal of my school until 8th grade, my dad, uncle and a freinds mom at age 14. I was alsways spanked bare except for a few times in school over pants but many times schookl paddlings were bare too. I was spanked in front of my sisters and cousins several times and I was spanked till I was two months shy of my 16th birthday.

Now, I haven't seen much from you, I probabloy havent read your postings which I will do soon. But I think when the questions are answered in detail they provide more to the thread and let readers know the small details on how each of us was spanked growing up. Many of the spankings we got growing up are generically the same, in that pants down and spanked; however, the small details on how a person was lectured, the thoughts going thru the spankees mind, the room they were spanked in, how they got ready for the spanking, all lead to interesting discussions. If no questions or comments are ever put on the board everything dies and ends.

Just my thoughts but look to hear more from you wsbehind.

As an exmple...for me I was more embarrassed when I got spanked witha sister or femal cousin watching but more so after I started getting pubic hair down there. Before that I didnt give it much thought being bare but when changes started coming I felt different. Many of the writers talk about spankings at the critical age of 12-14 so I may ask if they had started puberty as that may change the feel they feel about and change the embrrassment level. Some guys were embarrassed being seen bare by mom being spanked but not by dad, so the questions help elicit some of the responses. I also ask many times what part of the country they are from as spnkings were more prevalent in the midwest and south than in the NE and in Europe where they were banned years ago in some countries. Hope most people are not turned off and maybe I can find a way to rephrase some of the questions but I type fast nd probably put notes on 20-30 posts a day. Thanks for your input and insight.

And I hope Lever2000 still responds back, :)

I never had that position. But I do think you didn't deserve that. You were a teenager. Why should being a kid hurt?

Being a human being hurts sometimes, whatever age you are. I think it may have been overkill, but I'm not angry about it.

Lever, were your pants down for this spanking when you had to lay on your back? Was that the worst spanking you got growing up? Were you embarrassed getting spanked in that position and were you trying to cover up at all? Had you started puberty?

It sounds like your mother did what she thought would help you. I too been spanked/paddled that way when I was younger. It hurt real bad and it taught me to never do it again. But playing with knifes and stealing it could had landed you in jail and how would that went over? I do not think anyone should just beat a kid or a adult unless you have given premission to do it as adult. But just think if you slipped and someone got hurt? How would your mother acted than

to much pain but stolen is wrong

Did you feel you deserved the spanking? When your grandpa got into the room were you already naked and waiting to be spanked or just had your pants down? Was mom downstairs waiting for your granpa while you were upstairs and had she told you to get ready for a spanking and you knew what to do? Did mom and grandpa come into the room at the same time and were you just standing there waiting for them to come up for the spanking? I bet you were surprised when you had to lay on your back and he lifted your legs had to be so exposed to mom and him and embarrassed? Did you cry out and scream during the spanking and beg for mom to stop. Probably worst spanking you got? What are your thoughts?

too much pain for this mistakre you suffered how much days poor legs and poor bom

Hello, basically, I found your site because unfortunately, I tend to get a twisted sense of comfort in finding other girls and women who have suffered more abuse (physical and emotional, with some sexual undertones) than I have. I am now a grown woman with a professional career and I hide my secrets well. At age 15 in the 1990’s I was sent for a "summer vacation" to stay with my aunt and uncle on the beach. I was apparently an "unruly" teenager and my mother needed a break. I never knew my father.<br />
<br />
My uncle Charles was a medical doctor, and my aunt (previously a nurse) was a stay at home mom. They had 4 sons, all younger than me and they were a constant nightmare throughout the house. My aunt (with the "enabling" and I believe, the encouragement of my uncle, became a drug addict and an alcoholic.) Uncle Charles was in a position to get her whatever drugs she needed. He even brought home catalogues for her to order from. So, she stayed numbed out and I was supposed to be in charge of the boys (all brats). I know this was very bad of me, but I would sometimes sneak off and go to the local convenience store and hang out. I would meet guys who had always seemed to have pot and drugs. I only ever smoked pot with them and hung out. <br />
<br />
One day, Uncle Charles pulled up and found me there. He was irate, to say the least. I already knew he was a mean and stingy man (despite his outward show of wealth). Whenever we would all go to the store, he would buy whatever the boys wanted. I asked for a candy bar once, and he said I was too fat and would have to work for it and would not buy it for me until I proved my worth to him. I may have been slightly plump at the time, but nothing at all like obese kids today. At any rate, he made me get in the car with him to go home and told me that I was grounded for the summer. That was nothing compared to the brutal beating with his belt that I received once we got home. <br />
<br />
He told me that since I didn’t have a real “daddy” to straighten me out, I was going to learn my lesson same as he did growing up with the lash of a belt. He said he had my mother’s approval to “take me in hand” that summer. I was about to be severely whipped. This terrified me to no end. I had never been really whipped, just spanked by hand or with a wooden spoon by my mother or her boyfriend. This whipping was the 1st of many for that summer. I think brutal, unrelenting beatings with his weapon of choice, his God awful thick heavy black leather belt, is more of an accurate desc<x>ription than just a simple whipping.<br />
<br />
Since I knew what was coming, I stuffed my jeans with a bunch of toilet paper. It was a stupid move on my part. He figured it out and made me pull down my jeans, but thankfully, I was allowed to keep my panties on. I could sense and feel the presence of the 2 oldest boys on the stairwell watching everything that was happening to me. I could hear their snickers and them trying to get closer to see and hear my whipping. I hated them for it. <br />
<br />
I was made to pull my jeans down to my knees and bend over the sofa (I can never forget the smell of that leather sofa to this day) in his newly remodeled ba<x>sement he was so proud of. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I soon forgot about my panties showing when he slammed his heavy black belt upon my bottom with extreme brute force. You just don't know how bad it was. The instantaneous pain was beyond excruciating. I am unable to describe the actual pain, it was far beyond pain. God, that belt was so hard and so thick. I kept hearing him snap that belt together tightly twice after each stroke (like a snap snap) and I knew what was coming after each one. Over and over again, you can never imagine such pain unless you have been there yourself. The lashes were unbelievably shocking, sharp, and brought me more pain than I ever knew existed. I couldn’t cry and I couldn’t breathe. I tried to run up the stairs, but it only made him madder. At one point, he had to pin me up against the wall to take my punishment. Nothing at all compared to this.<br />
<br />
He told me it was his job to make sure I remembered this whipping and learn to get my priorities straight. He said since he was a doctor, he knew how my brain worked. Said I would only learn my lesson if the memory of the pain was marked permanently deep within my brain. He was only doing it for “my benefit”. I tried to run, but he said I wasn’t going anywhere just yet and that we were just getting started. He went and drank a beer while I was made to stay bent over the sofa (I remember he had his own in his refrigerator in his new ba<x>sement.) I was crying and begging for forgiveness harder than anything I ever begged for in my life. I remember that I looked up at the boys on the stairs and vowed to get even. It wasn’t their fault, but I needed to find a release for my hate, pain, torment, and humiliation. It was just so awful.<br />
<br />
Over the next 15, possibly 20 minutes, he thrashed that belt down upon me full force. Sometimes he would throw me off-guard and just tap my bottom lightly with his belt and laugh, like he was lining up his exact target area on my bottom. Always to be followed by the angriest stroke he could administer. Mostly my bottom & thighs were struck over and over again. He was so strong and I kept trying to get away, but every time, he would laugh and brought me back up over the sofa. He would basically pin and straddle me with his thighs and make me promise to stay put for the duration of my lesson. He even made me move over to the outside back of the sofa and position myself with my butt higher up so that he could really lay the belt “properly” upon my already on fire bottom (said I needed to position myself correctly to get the full benefit of his belt). <br />
<br />
I am sure I was bleeding at this point (when I looked in the mirror later, I was horrified. There were so many red, black and blue whelps and gashes that they blended together). He didn’t stop. Kept saying it was his job to straighten me out. Oh my God, you can’t imagine the pain unless you have been there yourself. With that whipping as well as the subsequent whippings over that one summer, my bottom stayed discolored for over a year. I even have several permanent scars on my “seat” area. I want to get the scars removed, but I don’t know how I could possibly explain them away to anyone in the medical field.<br />
<br />
To this day, I don’t know how I survived that 1st belt whipping (he always used that awful black belt, same one every time). Even though some of the other whippings that summer were much more intense, this was a total shock to me that I had never known before. I would even later sneak into his closet at times just to see, feel, touch, and smell his belts. For whatever reason, he never actually wore my whipping belt as far as I know. The boys only got lightly whipped a few times with the same belt. I think that was its only purpose. To whip us kids with, and,most definitely, I was the main reciprocant. It was very wide and very thick. I don’t know how it could even fit into his belt straps. It was always hanging on that 1st hook in his dark closet. <br />
<br />
It was so sickening and twisted, but I was drawn to it in a way that I didn’t understand at the time. This is so disgusting, but I fantasize about that evil belt to this day. I would even take it off the hook and try to whip myself with it in the garage away from the house, but it was never the same. I could not bring on the pain like he did. The neighbor lady even hollered out to me one day and asked me if everything was ok. I was embarrassed and acted like nothing was wrong.<br />
<br />
So, over the summer, he repeated and I received many more of the above type of his belt whippings. Always that damn belt which still haunts me to this day. At one point, he gave me Pringles potato chips while he was on his leather chair in the ba<x>sement watching tv. I was made to sit on his leg and act like I was riding a pony. At that point, I learned to **********. It was so sickening. I am screwed up for it ‘til this very day. Nothing has met my twisted needs since then. I vowed to kill him and lived on this fantasy for many, many years. A slow agonizing death, with my own hands. I came up with multiple prolonged, painful scenerios. Unfortunately, he lives to this day.<br />
<br />
Many things happened over that summer. At one point, the boys caught the house on fire but firemen came to put it out. Of course, I was to blame as always. This led to the most severe and prolonged (belt whipping of course, never anything but his black belt) whipping of my entire life. It took place 3 days after the fire, but I knew it was coming. I can’t even go into details it was so brutal and seemed to go on forever. It lasted all afternoon with him taking breaks to drink a beer in between my “lessons”. I was made to stay bent over the leather sofa and await his return. You know what, I only figured this out just now. The reason for the delay must have been so that my punishment would be on a Saturday when he was off from work and had all day free. <br />
<br />
God, how I wanted to kill him. My hate and revenge fantasies got me through the summer. Yes, it did change me and my ways of thinking, behaving, and reacting. Not sure if for the worse or the better. Life gets so complicated at times. I consider myself intelligent, but for the life of me, I can't comprehend the twisted dilemmas of my shameful disgusting needs and desires.<br />
<br />
For whatever reason, I knew I could never make him suffer as he did to me. I was forced to come to terms with the best method of revenge is to do well in life. Today, I am a highly functional workaholic. Never married and no kids. I have unhealthy sexual fantasies that could never be and should never be fulfilled. He takes credit for “straightening me out” that summer. <br />
<br />
All in all, I guess I am ok with who I am today. Severe whippings with brutal rape fantasies and all. Why did he not just get it over with? I sometimes wonder if he would have raped me, even just once, would these twisted fantasies go away. Today, I throw myself into my work. Unfortunately, when I feel weak or defeated or just want a release, I pour myself into other’s women’s unbearable miseries. I know this is not healthy. I have read pretty much all of the books available on the subject, especially the middle-eastern women in a Muslim society forced into total submission under dominant male relatives, with an emphasis on so called "Honor Killings".<br />
<br />
Like I said, it is a twisted sense of comfort for me and conflicts me to no end. I can’t and won’t tell anyone of this sickness except for you via my being anonymous. I don’t think that I will ever change. That one summer made me who I am today. Sick as it is, I yearn for male dominance, rape, and pain inflicted upon me. However, at the same time, I know I will never allow it to happen. Never. Not ever. Elisa J.

You write way too much

I have read all the comments and quite frankly I am horrified at the dangerous behaviour of some adults who could quite easily really permanently injured their children.<br />
When I was a small boy I behaved quite well because if I did not my Mother would pull me across her knee, pull my short trousers down and my knickers (in our house "pants" were called "knickers") and I would get my bottom soundly spanked and if it was at the weekend my Father would punish me in the same way. I think I was about 6 when I got my first spanking. <br />
When I changed schools at 11 years of age my parents showed me a cane, warned me that if I behaved badly at school the headmaster would cane me and they would do the same if I misbehaved at home.<br />
The sight of the cane terrified me and I was nearly 12 when I got caned for the first time. The "system" was always the same, I was sent upstairs to get ready for bed, told to get the cane, put a chair in the middle of my bedroom and stand in the corner without my pyjama trousers on. Sometimes I had to wait nearly 30 minutes befopre they came up to "deal with me".The waiting was terrible and frequently I had to rush out to the toilet because I was almost wetting myself with fear. Wherever possible both parents were always there but if my Father was away my Mother not only put me across her knee and smacked my bottom very hard (it was hard because she was a county tennis champion renowned for her forehand drive!) but also caned me. Actually being caned by my Mother was worse than when Dad did it because she had the illusion that she could not do it as hard as my Dad and therefore instead of the statutory "6 of the best" she gave me 8 and in actual fact she caned harder than him! By absolute coincidence it was my mother who gave me my first caning and my last one when I was 19 years of age.<br />
<br />
Yes, it hurt like hell and took about a week for the marks to fade but all punishment was always on the bare bottom and that is how it should be. It is wrong to cane on the hands where there are small bones that can be damaged and it is outrageous to even think of caning testicles, breasts and vagina.<br />
<br />
Corporal punishment can be very beneficial provided it is administered calmly and firmly, when I got caned my parents took great pains to assure me how much they loved me and after punishment one of them would stay behind until I fell asleep.<br />
<br />
The cane terrified me but I confess that as a teenager (and in later years too) it also excited me and when I was alone at home I would sometimes swish the cane around, it always caused an erection.<br />
Once I was worried about this but I now know many men and woman find the whole topic exciting which is why I spend quite a lot of time teaching adults how to apply and benefit from Corporal Punishment but always and only on the bottom (usually bare). Interestingly enough I teach slightly more women how to punish their husbands than the other way round but frequently both my "pupils" end up with sore bottoms and I have some "regulars" who I visit 3 or 4 times a year but only if they live within 100 miles or so of London.<br />
<br />
There is so much more I could write and although not strictly relevant to this topic it would undoubtedly include stories about my mistress (the most beautiful girl in the world) who bought our first cane and who hated it when her bottom did not carry the marks of that cane, she used to say it felt as though she had gone out without her knickers on!<br />
If any readers need help or advice please let me have an email address so communication can be eatablished.

my dad always used diaper postition on me. the main point was he felt embarrassment was the worst punishment. my legs were held up by one of my older brothers. to make it worse, im a girl so exposing my privates infront of your big brother when you're as old as 13 is extremely embarrassing.

is it only parents in america that spank there kids? no-one in my town has ever been spanked before?

how aweful

I often winded up in the diaper position bc of all the struggling I did.

AnnNat,<br />
Thanks for this very precious comment and offer for V!<br />
I have to agree with you 100%! ~ I pray that everyone will take note of it. lol.

Again I agree with Nixxon!

i am spanked all the time like that.... and it is not abuse!

Nixxon, You are 100% correct.

My previous username was oupa.<br />
Rdh, What did your sister do?

Some people think nudity was so traumatic. It wasn't pleasant, but it was expected. I almost always had to ***** naked for a whipping. The main thing is that it made the whipping so much more painful. Also, it was humbling--I had to submit to my mother's orders--but since she had seen me naked so many times before it wasn't that terrible. Submission was a huge part of it too. The punishment wouldn't start until my underwear came off, so I knew as I was undressing that I was agreeing to and cooperating with the coming punishment. (What was embarrassing though, was being threated, in front of people, with, "I'll ***** you naked and whip you right here in front of everybody." That was terrifying! But, except for my sister, and a couple of other instances, that was just a threat. I remember thinking that I don't even begin to know how I would deal with that humiliation. She threatened to whip me in front of multiple relatives, girls I went to school with, neighbors, etc. I'm so glad that these threats were just that!)

Ecater, it's true!

Spanking is good and can be very effective if done properly. Meaning it must provide the proper amount of embarrasment as well as intense pain. The diaper posistion is indeed stupid, and probably dangerous because the person can hurth their back by strecthing so akwardlly. It is best to bare the bottom indeed but either have the person bend over or lie down for the spanking. As far as exposure is concerned who cares!After all your parent knows what your genitals look like be it male or female. So what if she sees your penis or testicals or vagina. Big deal! don't like it then don't get into a situation warranting a spanking. Otherwise pull dwn your pants and underwear and get it done and over with .

Very big hearted and intelligent of you both to sort out that misunderstanding.

OK Blu, sorry about the misunderstanding. You can have a hug back. :)

That is a case of child abuse....<br />
<br />
<br />
Being held down and then being hit so hard that it leaves all these marks?! What is the logic of that? Complete and utter child abuse. Use your brain and try to conjure an ounce of intelligence please. No one deserves to be treated in such a horrific, unjust, and abusive way ever... NO MATTER WHAT!<br />
<br />
I feel for you and am angry at your caregivers for treating you like that. ((((((HUGS)))

I cant believe you agree im a childcare provider of 15 yrs and a single mom and i have never or would ever hit my child

Well, the point of it was to embarrass me, that was part of the punishment.

good story -- i can relate in some ways

no, teens do stupid things its only natural. besides just because you learnt a lesson do not justify the means. its like saying in court "i killed to solve a problem" solving a problem is legal, but not that way.

I don't know. I was raised not to question things like that; if mom thought I needed a particular degree of punishment, then by golly I must. What I can tell you is that I didn't think of it as abuse at the time (even though I knew other people might), and I don't feel any resentment over it in retrospect. That's just the way I am.