Got It Twice!!

I am the youngest of 5 siblings....and our parents tore our butts up ALL the time....or atleast it seemed like it at the time.

My mother would send us outside to pick our own switches, sending us a minumum of 3 times.  Then she would take all 3 switches, braid them together and wear our little legs out!

And when my father would get home from work, mother would tell him what bad things we did that day and we'd get ANOTHER spanking for the same thing! 

Getting spanked twice for each thing we did was tough but i gotta admit...we turned out to be pretty good and productive members of society. 


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How old were you the last time you were spanked bare bottom and who spanked you? Did you have siblings that were spanked and did you see them get spanked too? How old were they when they were getting spankings?

Bobby, you are 100% correct!

i have also been spanked alot rarely with a switch it was mostley bare bottom over the knee with a wooden spoon i hated it but i turned out fine and it never hurt any one to have a spanking once in a while

Until what age were you spanked Bobby? Who did the spankings in your house and did you have siblings that were also spanked?

Never spanked after you were 14 Lydia? Or just not by your daddy anymore? ;-)

No I didnt get any spanking after I was 14 yrs old. I was the only one left at home by that time so there was no one else to fight with. lol

Pf., that's now interesting ~ I've never heard of that before.

Down here in the south, girls didn't seem to "cover up" welts from a switching. I guess the embarassment factor wasn't enough to keep them from wanting to wear short-shorts in the 70s and show off their legs in the summer! But it was a common practice. More than once I was scorekeeper at our girls' church basketball game, or scoring their them softball games, and some girl--could be on either team, would have noticeable stripes just visible below where her shorts came down to. Not "long, all the way down her legs"-stripes -lust the ends of those that were mostly hidden. One girl in particular seem to want everyone to know her Mom or Dad switched her--she would paint the stripes and welts with iodine or mercurochrome!

Boys down south had welts too, I know from experience

Me too. I have a few right now.


I got spanked alot as a child growing up,My mom or sister or grandma were the ones to always spank me I remember one day I was playing outside and a boy walked by and i threw a rock at him,My sister was looking out the window at the time and saw me do it,she came outside pulled like 3 or 4 switches off the bush tided them together then she bent me over a chair that was outside pulled my pants down and spanked my bare butt if front of all the kids that were there it was horrible.

How old were you at the time she spanked you and why didnt mom do the spanking

I also got it twice. When i received a caning at school (that was about 6-7 times a year), i was spanked again at home. Fortunately the story did't reach home every time, so it was not always twice. <br />
Later i grow to enjoy it and i don't mind an adult spanking now.

I deserved all my spankings and it kept me out of trouble for the same offences

Yes...we would have welts on our legs but they never stayed long and never left any permanent marks.<br />
<br />
Daddy usually used a belt on the boys and his hand for the girls...he always aimed for our *****.<br />
<br />
It's not like we got spankings everyday!...ok, let me clarify. Spankings were dispursed almost daily, but not to the same kid! lmao

Did you see your brothers spanked and did your dad spank them bare and until what ages were they spanked?

>>> Then she would take all 3 switches, braid them together and wear our little legs out!<br />
<br />
So your mother got you on your legs. Would that show (welts) so that others could see it, too?<br />
<br />
How did your Dad do it? Did he hit on the legs, too, with a switch?<br />
<br />
I'm thinking I would have to be wearing long pants if that were me when I was out with my friends.

lol that's a good thing cause my *** isnt all that small!

Hmmmmmmm, somehow I knew you were gonna say kinda gurl! BTW, I have really big hands...lmaoooo

Well, spankings are a whole different ballgame. They are much more pleasurable and YES, i do like them :-)

So it seems like you're saying you like being spanked huh? lol.....

lol my brother and i were always plotting against each other. <br />
<br />
Piixie, I agree with you. Kids dont respect authority like they used to.

ludia, <br />
<br />
i think its so funny brother set you up. I had a eveil sister that always did that for her amusement, man she could lie!<br />
nothing worse than having to get your own switch, that was always the hardest

I'm with you Lydia. I got spanked as well. I popped my son a couple of times on the thigh when he was little, that was all it took. He's a wonderful boy/man and respects authority. This being afraid to scold your children is for the birds and it's creating a bunch of kids who don't respect authority in my opinion.

yea, its much harder to get away with things when you're an only child, but can be done.

I was a one and only, so I had no one to blame but myself. I deserved what I got, but talked my out of many. It should still be done!

There are some parents that take it too far...and it appears WishIwasSpecial had one of them. For that, i am truly sorry.<br />
<br />
But as for my parents, most of our spankings were deserved. And we had happy childhoods. So for me personally, it worked out well.<br />
<br />
But Kryl and guys just look like you could stir up some trouble. lol

Yes,it was like my younger brother who was very thin and anyway I touched him he used to cry loud and I was there for the gifts.

other peoples mistakes? i was fr<x>amed i tell you! fr<x>ameD!! lol

Join the club think i deserved about 65 % of mine but I learned in life you will take the heat for other peoples mistakes as well so i guess It wasnt for nothing at all.

my youngest brother was always setting me up...half the spankings i got...i was innocent! for real!

Just never figured you the type that had to be straightened out LOL

LOL that's the reason I'm a goody two shoes!<br />
<br />
i think i was about 14 when i got my last spakning from my daddy.

I can't believe you got whooped... toooo much of a goodie two shoes LOL

But i think the boys got it more than us girls did! learned your lesson! sometimes it takes a little more for parents to get their point across.