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My parents did not spank.  But, my best friend when I was young was a neighbor girl 2 years older than I.  We often (and by often, I mean there were times when it was every day) played games the point of which was to be naked.  As part of the games, we would, of course, have to be spanked and we took turns spanking each other.

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Was the girl spanked? Was it she who incorporated spanking or was it a curiosity of yours that instigated the spanking portion of your play.
Did you both enjoy being on the giving and receiving end of the spankings?
I played a lot of house and school games but was always the spanker. I enjoyed it very much, especially when the games were one-on-one. We never got naked for play spankings nor even for our doctor games. Taking down of pants and lifting of skirts and lowering of undergarments were all part of the fun!
How old were you two when you played and how long were you together to play and where did you find to play w/o the risk of being caught?

Over my knee young man! I'll give you a taste of my hairbrush on your bare bottom!

You are correct. I misunderstood your post. I guess I need a spanking to remind me to read more carefully ;-)

I meant that people assume if you are spanked by your parents it automatically means that you will be sexually twisted in some way (like having a spanking fetish). There's a member on this site called blueomni who constantly likes to point out how sick and twisted those of us who were spanked by our parents are! But you didn't receive spankings as a punishment from your parents, but you still found it intriguing enough to play spanking games at a young age. Proof that the reason people develop an interest in spanking isn't JUST because they received spankings from their parents growing up. Sometimes the interest exists even in kids who weren't spanked by their parents.

Perhaps I misunderstood, didn't you say your parents didn't spank you as a punishment?

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Actually, I think the opposite. Because my "spankings" were erotic and pleasureable instead of painful, the experience strongly imprinted spanking in my sexuality.

Well that's proof that spanking fetishes don't always happen because one was spanked as a kid.