We Got Our *** Whipped.

Both of my parents spanked me as a child, but they called it "getting my *** beat" or "getting a whipping".  I was taken to our enclosed back porch and was made to pull down my pants and panties.  I was usually already crying or at least sniffling at this point, and I would usually stand there for a few minutes with my hands holding my *** cheeks, pants still up, sniffling and begging for another chance and promising to be good next time.  It never worked.  I was always told they knew I would be good because I was going to get my *** beat so hard I wouldn't be able to sit down and that would remind me not to do it again.  They would then remind me again that if I didn't get my pants pulled down, they would do if for me and I would get it twice as hard.  This usually would speed me up, and I would pull them down, but if I knew I was really in for it already, sometimes I wouldn't be able to force myself to pull them down fast enough, and I really  would get it twice as hard and usually for twice as long too.  

Mom usually used a ping pong paddle, fly swatter, piece of my brother's Hot Wheel track, or occasionally a belt.  She would make me stand with my pants down around my knees and hold onto the side of the washer or dryer while she beat my *** good.  She didn't talk while she did it, but after she was done, I would turn around to face her and she would always ask if I was going to do it again, to which I would always shake my head "no" and be allowed to pull up my pants and go back in the house.

With my dad, it was a totally different story.  If dad was going to beat your ***, you were scared!  Dad would make me pull down your pants and while I was standing there with my pants down, sniffling to beat hell, he would go through the whole speech about how and why whatever I did was wrong.  When he was done, he would take me by my hand and proceed to beat my *** raw with his work belt.  It was impossible to stand still when dad beat my ***.  The result was dad holding my hand with one of his hands and then whipping my *** with his belt in the other while I ran around in circles with my pants down around my ankles and usually my free hand attempting as best I could to protect my bare ***.  If my legs would give out or I would trip because my pants were around my ankles, he would pull me up and continue beating my *** without missing a stroke.  The whole time, he would be telling me how I better never do it again and how he had told me a million times that whatever I had done was wrong.  This seemed like it went on forever and sometimes it really did!  I know it was usually 25-50 swats of that inch-wide  belt on my bare *** as hard as he could hit it.  When he was done, I was made to stand there with my pants down and tell him what I had done wrong and how I would never, ever do it again.  By this time, I could barely talk, holding my beet red *** with both hands,  and was gasping between sobs, but if he couldn't understand what I said, I would get it some more.  If I was lucky, when I was done I would get to pull my pants up and run into the house.  If I wasn't and whatever I did had my dad particularly mad, I would be made to stand out there on the porch with my pants still down and my nose in a corner until some time later when he would let one of my sisters tell me to go to bed and stay there.  I usually had welts or stripes all over my *** and usually down to my knees where he had missed my *** altogether. 

If one of my other siblings happened to be getting whipped at the same time, one of us would go first while the other stood and watched, praying he would change his mind about the punishment before he got to them.  It never worked that way and always made the punishment that much worse because someone else was seeing our bare *** get beat until it was red and striped.  We would always count how many each of us got and make fun of the one who got the most. 





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very nice

That's some serious discipline! How do you feel about it now? Do you think most of your whippings were justified or should you have been disciplined another way?

Probably justified, but you couldn't have convinced me of that at the time.

I remember dancing around in a circle bare bottomed while being spoon spanked raw and howling :-(

Up to what age were you punished like this?

Through junior high/middle school. Almost got it my junior year in high school for getting caught in a compromising position with my boyfriend, but I crawled out my bedroom window and left instead. I refused to come home until dad said he wouldn't beat my ***.....I ended up grounded for several months and wasn't allowed to participate in marching band instead

For those of us in the UK can you please explain the ages those school years would entail?

Junior high ends about 14 or 15 yrs. It was called junior high (grades 7-9)'when I went, but now they call it middle school (grades 6-8)

What you describe was not unusual when I was growing up. Spankings were many times called whippings or beatings and you could see the results of a previous days belt whipping many times in the shower after gym class.

They called mine *** whipping too! Something much more powerful sounding when put as an *** whipping rather than a butt whipping.

Got my *** whipped too! And honestly I deserved every one of them !!

Exactly like me yo but my dad only did it onceill share the story. My mom would go all out with the belt on my ***! So true

I am 27 and I got my *** beat when I was younger. I live in small town TN. My mom use to whip me with belts fly swats slippers but her all time favorite was a switch its a long skinny flexiable branch i normally would have to go pick off the bush myself. i never had to take my clothes off but it seemed to go right through them and it didnt matter where she hit me i would have whelks and bruses on top of my feet up my legs on my tummy up and down my back and if it was something bad i did she would braide two swiches together. now my mamaw like to use tye dirty old wet frailed dish rag she kept in the sink for the dishes. each one of those little strings lets its own marks. and i got my last paddeling in 7th grade but you know what i turned out to be a better person for it.

How old were you and your siblings when you werre being spanked and did you see them spanked? Were they brothers or sisters and werre all spankings bare bottom?

I can remember having my *** beat through 9th grade, but I'm pretty sure not after that. I know there was a time in 10th grade where I thought I was going to, and I crawled out the window and refused to come home until my dad promised he wouldn't. I had 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother, and we all got our *** beat. No, not all were bare assed, but most.

In my country, someone could get a spanking until he was able to earn his money. I got my last beating with the belt at the age of 17 years, but I had friends who got it until reached the age of 21.

Yes, those in our 40's can totally relate, but I must admit I never got it this bad. 5 good hard swings with the belt would have me fainting! Sorry to hear about your torture :( How many siblings do you have? Back then there were so many big families that this seemed to be the easy way to deal with errant children. My brother and I never got it at the same time, it was mostly me first, being the oldest, and in our rooms. Sadly, I know a lot of people who share your story, but holy cow, I can't imagine! Stupid jerk parents...lol!

That sounds really similar to my story. But if they didnt want me running around in circles usually whatever man my mom was with would hold me up. Fighting back wasnt an option

I am sorry for what happened to you. That sounds even worse than my mom. At least she just did it on our pants. But it was alot bigger paddle than a ping pong paddle so the part about not being able to sit down was the same. Also she never used a belt that I remember. I guess she was old fashioned though because I am only 21.

As Kate noted indirectly, those in our 40's and older can relate, spankings were often very painful and marks were not uncommon at all for days.

You're right about the 40's. How'd you know?

Wow, that is rough. I guess your in your 40's....makes my parents seem soft. That is heavy man, sorry. When I was a little kid I didnt mind watcing others get hit...... I never seen another kid get it barebutt. Thats heavy.