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  I was spanked as a child in a rather ritualistic way. Sure, I received swats from both parents on my behind if I stepped out of line, but I knew I was really in trouble when I was sent to my room to change into my night clothes and wait for my Dad to arrive home from work. I would hear his car pull up and hope deep inside myself that my Mom would decide not to tell him about whatever transgression I was guilty of after all.
I would hear their voices murmur in the kitchen below my bedroom before those awful footsteps thudded up the stairs and then the door would open and in would walk my tall and rather well built Dad with a grim look on his face and the thin wooden paddle in his hand. He would take a seat on my bed and tell me that he had heard I had been misbehaving. Then the question would come;
"What did I say would happen if you misbehaved like this again?" by this time the tears were usually running down my cheeks already. "Huh?" he would question my non-reply.
"I don't know Daddy," I would sniffle.
"I said I'd put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom hard didn't I?"
By now, I was usually crying so hard, I couldn't respond. Then my Daddy would pull me over his knee, pull up my nightie and pull my panties down around my knees while all the while I begged "no daddy no, please, I'll be a good girl."
Ignoring my pleas he would chastise me and warn me about what happens to naughty girls, while I, feeling the cool air on my embarrassingly bared bottom would look down at the carpet and at my Dad's slippers, wishing I could be anywhere but here. Then as the paddle swung through the air, I would hold my breath before the first stroke sent a sharp stinging pain through my little behind at which point I would sob loudly and make a huge fuss, begging and telling my Daddy I was a sorry girl. "You will be sorry when I've finished with you," he would say delivering one stinging slap after another as I struggled under his firm grip to no avail.
"Aw, please Daddy please, noooo." I would beg, but it fell on deaf ears and I could feel my bottom sting more and more as I lay across my Daddy's lap crying like a baby.
I even remember a neighborhood kid making fun of me in school the day after one of my spankings. When I asked him what he was doing that night, he replied, "Staying in my bedroom crying and begging my Daddy not to spank me." My face burned almost as much as my butt had the evening before. It was summer and my bedroom window had been open and I could hear the other kids playing, so of course they must have heard me getting spanked. I was mortified and every time I got a spanking I wondered if everyone at school could tell that my Dad had put me over his knee and spanked my bare bottom the night before.
After my spanking, my Dad would pull my panties back up, stand me in front of him and say something like "Now, when you think of acting up like that again, just remember that I will put you over my knee and paddle your butt. You won't be misbehaving like that again will you?"
"No Daddy," I would sniffle.
"Right, now get into bed and you can come down for dinner when your Mommy calls you."
The embarrassment of sitting at the dinner table in my nightie with a tear streaked face was unbearable. I was the youngest of four siblings and if at any time one of us was at the dinner table in our PJ's everyone knew that you'd had your panties pulled down for a spanking. And being the youngest by a few years, I got spanked far beyond when the others did, although I vaguely remember them receiving a whipping or two. The other shame was if a friend knocked on the door to invite me over to play, my parents would tell them I had misbehaved and been spanked and sent to bed.

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I grew up in an ere well before homes had AC. With windows open in warmer weather, we could hear the sounds of spankings going on. We could usually tell if the spanking was done with the hand or an implement or if it was on the bare or not since those sounds were usually unmistakable.Most of us who were spanked usually enjoyed introducing spanking to those who weren't via games we would play. My favorite time was when I was able to be alone with the unspanked where they would be more comfortable talking about it and would be more prone to allow me to have them over my knee. Many returned to me for private sessions or would join in on a game of house or school where they could get into that position. The main difference was that I didn't bare them except for the private sessions due to the fact of our fear of being tattled on or that some were subconscious about being bared in front of others. I was pretty safe in spanking the underwear since the spanking area was separate from the rest of the game and I would place the chair where the others could only see the head of the one who was over my knee. Interestingly, the girls were more permissive in this than boys. I figured it was that girls were more prone to play these games than boys. Most of the boys were between the ages of 5 and 7, after which time, they be interested in sports, super hero play or war games.

Did you put yourself in troubles to get spanked?

HI spanked; Great retelling of your childhood OTK ordeal. Thank you. :) As a kid I was spanked by my dad and I was ALWAYS confused as to why, while the mostly bare butt spankings really hurt, I was very aroused. Only recently, in the last several years have I concluded that the sexual excitement gained from having my butt reddened (and bruised too), now by my really hot BF, is something that is a deep part of my sexual make-up and not just a crazy, sleazy kink, to be dismissed. Sooo, I guess, all of us spankos will keep on striving to get that "perfect", sexually transcendent, punishment experience we so truly "deserve".

And my very caring, and loving bf just bought "us" a very nasty looking "english school"cane. Gazing at it gets me both excited and scared; which serves to make me very very hot.

Again, TY, WONDERFUL story! (hope your bottom receives many more "gifts". :) )


The ritualistic aspect of spanking is my favorite part in my fantasies. It never happened this way for me when I was growing up, except once (and it really sucked. lol)! He came home like your dad, and the way you described your story is exactly how it went. Usually it was my mom who would just smack, smack, smack and then be done with it. I also have 'the fetish' for consensual spanking play, stories, videos, etc., and have all the same feelings you do. I am tired of people blaming it on whether we were spanked as children or not. I know people who weren't ever spanked as kids, but have always been interested in it and now have fun adult spanking experiences and/or private fantasies, and vice-versa. Spanked1277, there is nothing twisted about you! There are some who get it and some who don't. I mostly keep this stuff in my head though, because of the ones who don't. Take care!!

Thanks Fannyfire. I just find it hard to read the opinion of someone who makes sweeping generalizations and doesn't really understand my total history or the fetish because they don't have it. I can't imagine myself not liking a good spanking! It would be like a part of me was missing and that is not bad for me, nor does it make me in anyway unhappy, nor does it make me a masochistic or sick person! It's just something I like and with the wonderful world wide web, I now know that there are A LOT of people out there who enjoy this fetish also!! I love hearing about others spanking experiences. It interests me how differently each spanking was carried out, from culture to culture and family to family. Pure curiosity for me too! And I love hearing spanking stories between adults. It makes me quite hot to read them!! <br />
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Happy spankings fannyfire!! I hope you've been behaving yourself ;-)

Well, I've never been in an abusive relationship and I would never allow anyone to abuse me, so I wouldn't know about that. I do not confuse love and hate. I'm not stupid! I'm a strong, independent, confident woman. I've achieved a lot in my life, as have my siblings. I don't consider myself messed up because of a sexual fetish. <br />
Like I said, I don't agree with spanking children, but I would never say I was "abused" as a child because I wasn't. My parents are wonderful people who loved their kids. As for "if you aren't hitting me, you must not love me" I've never ever felt that way. I would never allow a man to hit me. A few smacks on the behind in a sexual manner, or any consensual behavior between adults involving spanking is not what I would consider hitting and if it's something I want a man to do because it feels good to me, that is not abusive and it's my preference and really not for anyone else to make judgements about. <br />
I'm not being beaten, I've never been beaten and I would not allow anyone to tell me what to do or how to live my life, including my husband. I have to ask BluOmni, do you not have sexual preferences or fantasies at all? (if you don't you're missing out!) Would you like it if someone tried to analyze your sexual preferences and implied that you were weak or abused because of something you enjoy in the bedroom? I'm guessing not. Just because something private that you enjoy in the bedroom isn't the same as what I enjoy in the bedroom, doesn't make it wrong or right. It is personal preference. <br />
I also must ask if you were ever spanked growing up? And if you were, do you now consider yourself a messed up and sexually twisted person? I'm guessing not. So I don't really appreciate your implying that a person who is spanked is automatically messed up. I am not a messed up person. I am a safe sane and very well rounded individual in a loving and happy marriage. Sure I have a fetish, sure I don't agree with spanking children, because now in my adulthood, I see spanking as something sexual between two adults. But I don't think because of my preferences I some kind of sexual deviant or a woman who ever allows myself to be abused, because I'm not and I don't. If a man ever even attempted to abuse me, I would be out of there before he knew what hit him. Sexually, most people have a "thing" that works for them. Many people have fetishes of one kind or another and while there are many out there that I do not understand, nor do they turn me on in the slightest, I say to each their own and don't judge people or think they are some kind of weak doormat because of what they like in the bedroom. <br />
I think perhaps you should think about what you're writing and try not to judge others for their sexual preferences also. I must add, there are just as many spanking fetishists who were never spanked growing up, so no opinion or reasons are full proof. I could have had this sexual fetish even if I'd never gotten a spanking. Who knows!

I understand where the spanking fetishes come into play. It is a result of being spanked. It is what happens and another reason why corporal punishment is wrong. In the minds of people there becomes a twisted identification of corporal punishment as being something somone does to you to express love... it then becomes twisted and confused with sexual activity. I think identifying with spanking in this fetish type of way is also a way to claim it and to no longer experience it in memories as a victim. It becomes something you own. something you accept... perhaps in its own way it is a form of healing. I think it can be taken too far sometimes. People twist love and hate together... sex and pain.... "If you aren't hitting me, than you must not love me enough" mentality. <br />
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This is testimony that spanking corrupts. The severity of the spanking determines a lot. People, women particularly can decide that if they are not being hurt by their partner that their partner must not love them. This can be a reason why women find it hard to leave abusive relationships or go back to them.

It was a good story....... thankyou for sharing. I'm comparing my experiences to other peoples. I don't really want children at this time...I just want to surf and do what makes me happy. I dont really have a point to argue here...I think children are programmed to love their parents, I am so pleased that you have decided not to use this treatment on your own children. I would probley not tell my friends I have a 'spanking fetish' its 'wierd' and I want to keep it private, just a bit of fun in the bedroom...nothing too hardcore. lol

In response to BluOmni, I didn't find these experience's wonderful and good at the time, but I can understand why people would describe the story that way. There are stories I read about others spanking experience's that I think are wonderful and good, merely because these people are adults now and I am fascinated by the subject of spanking and I like comparing my experiences with others. It's hard to explain unless you have this fetish, but many scenario's, I picture myself acting out with a handsome strong man playing the father figure. Maybe this was how I experienced love and earned attention growing up, so now it's my own twisted view of it. I don't know, I analyze my desires almost every day, but they are such a deep rooted part of who I am, that I couldn't ever imagine myself not feeling comforted at the thought a strong man giving me a bare bottomed spanking.

I DON'T agree with spanking children. I was ashamed and embarrassed about it as a child. I used to wish I could run away or that I had different parents. Mine were stricter than anyone else's I knew. I don't hate my parents now. As people I think they are wonderful, as parents, they weren't great. We lived our lives controlled with fear. But they were very young and naive and I think that spanking was an accepted form of punishment back then and their parents were much harder on them. Somehow, they thought they were doing the right thing. I find it most difficult to understand the pre-meditated ritual I was put through when I was spanked. As much I don't think spanking out of anger is right either, I would find it easier to understand if they had lost their temper in the moment and swatted me a couple of times right there and then. It's the fact that it was thought out, pre-meditated and delivered in a calm and controlled manner that disturbs me. I would think that as a parent if you had time to calm down before giving a spanking, you would in fact have the time to rationalize and decide not to spank, but to think of a more fitting punishment. Incidentally, I didn't receive these ritualistic spankings very many times, but they do stick in my mind. The other thing is, I don't remember what I had done to warrant them, so obviously they didn't teach me anything other than shame and humiliation. <br />
The long lasting effect is that as an adult, I have an over bearing spanking fetish. I long to be spanked by a strong man. Watching an ADULT spanking video, where a woman seems to enjoy her spanking can bring me to ******.<br />
In some ways, spanking for me is more intimate and more craved than sex. So yes, it left me with a rather twisted notion of my own sexuality. My husband is a gentle and kind man. He knows about my experiences and my fetish. He and I both agree that we would never ever spank our child. My husband didn't really get spanked growing up (although he remembers being slapped across the face once or twice). He says he could never bring himself to thoroughly spank his wife. The farthest he has carried it out is by lightly smacking my behind during sex, or the odd playful light pat on the bottom when we're cuddling or joking around. But as far as my cravings and need to be spanked, he thinks it's strange and sad, and doesn't understand how I could ever want someone to do that to me. <br />
I don't think my parents thought they were sexually abusing me, as these kinds of punishments were accepted in the early eighties (and in some cases sadly, still are). But I think in this day and age and with the internet having sights dedicated to people with a spanking fetish, a bare bottomed spanking is in my opinion sexually abusive to a child and sends a very mixed message about their body parts and how to feel about themselves. No child should suffer that kind of pain and degradation. I look forward to having my own children and showing my parents that there are so many alternative ways to parent. Of course no one is a perfect parent and I don't think I will be, but I could never bring myself to beat a child. Ever.

fannyfire... you wrote: "...if people (like myself) can benefit from them than to each his or her own." What are you referring to when you wrote "them"?<br />
<br />
There is a very fine line between criminal child abuse and spanking (socially acceptable form of child abuse). People can easily cross it when they are having a particularly bad day. People have been having particularly bad days lately because of the recession and people losing their jobs. People have gone so far as to commit murder-suicide these days... they would not have commited these things if there was not tremendeous amount of stress. Granted it isn't an excuse for these actions... it is a partial reason. I do believe people suffer a kind of mental psychosis when they have a certain amount of stress in their lives. <br />
<br />
Anyway, spanking is an unhealthy way some parents have choosen to do in order to deal with stress brought on by children's behaviors... some behaviors, I might add, are completely innocent behaviors that are just childish. <br />
<br />
If a parent was not stressed and also new what to do in order to teach the child, they would not spank at all. I think parents need to stop giving themselves excuses for doing it.. there are a lot of reasons why they choose to do it.. but stop excusing it and do the right thing instead. This is the future of humanity we are talking about.. It is no small thing.

I thought that was a good story..I always found it interesting to hear how others were spanked. I dont remember dad ever hitting a bare bottom...I dont imagine a teenager having that done, they are so moody and body conscious, Id be shocked to think if it happens. My dad would spank before age 12, but it was an impulse thing...not ritual. I know that fire in his eye, he would charging towards you, grab your arm and give a few wacks where ever they landed. I would also tell my friends no, dad doesnt hit youngest brother, somehow never got hit....unfair! lol

I can certainly write some more. I have had many spanking experiences. I have to say, I was pretty well behaved child (for fear of a spanking!) so I didn't get spanked on too regular a basis, but the spankings I did get really did stick in my mind. I always have to wonder the ritualistic spankings I received as a child are one of the reasons I developed a fetish for it? I say developed a fetish, but to be honest I don't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by spanking (although not when I received one from my parents. I hated that. I used to wish that a teacher, or someone else's parents would spank me instead. I also loved to hear about how my friends were spanked. This was all exciting to me, even before I knew why I had such desires). I certainly didn't get severe beatings as a child, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I got my bottom bared and spanked on a few occasions when I was naughty. I think one of the most embarrassing things was that if I misbehaved, it didn't matter where we were or who was around, my Dad would say to me (pretty loudly I might add) "You better start behaving yourself or I'll put you over my knee, pull your panties down and spank your bare bottom when we get home." So humiliating! particularly when I would lie to my friends and tell them I didn't get spanked and my Dad would out me by threatening a spanking right in front of them!!