Embarrassing On The Bare From My Mom...

 Most spankings in our house were carried out by my father. My mother used the old saying "wait until your father gets home," and we knew when she said that that were getting a bare bottomed over the knee spanking when my Dad got home from work!

One morning when I was about ten years old, my friend came to my house to walk with me to school. The weather was a little chilly and as we were leaving my the house, my mother said to me, "Sarah, do your coat up." I laughed it off and made some comment about my stupid mother telling me what to do. I didn't realize she could hear me from the kitchen. Next thing I knew the front door opened and she said, "Sarah, come back here." I rolled my eyes at my friend and we walked back to the front door. While my friend waited at the door, my Mom dragged me by the arm around the corner into the hallway, where my friend couldn't see, but could hear everything. As I stood there, she pulled up my pleated school skirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles and started spanking my bare bottom while telling me off, "When I (smack) tell you (smack) to do up (smack) your coat (smack) you do it (smack). Don't you dare (smack) roll your eyes (smack) and be cheeky (smack) to me (smack). Now do up (smack) your coat (smack) before you (smack) go out (smack), or I'll tell your dad (smack) and you'll get paddled (smack) after school (smack) understand me? (smack)" 

Her smacks stung my bare behind and the top of my legs, but even as I felt my eyes tear up, I couldn't cry because I knew my friend would hear. My Mum pulled up my panties, straightened my skirt said "Do up your coat and have a good day at school." Needless to say I did as she told me. My friend looked at me with sympathy as I walked out of the house, as I tried my best to laugh it off. I was embarrassed because I would tell my friends that I didn't get spanked. My parents however, were not in on this act and would spank me if they felt I needed it, no matter who heard!

As an adult, I love to re-live these spankings with a handsome man, which is why I would never spank a child. I would consider it very abusive as it become a sexual thing for me.

But I grew up in a time when this was a normal and very accepted punishment and I don't respect my parents any less for it. 

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Hope you've found the handsome man to help you re-live your spankings!

Why not to spank a child when he/she misbehaves?

I was spanked infront of friends once. At the swimming pool all my friends were out and i wouldn't get out so my mom walked to the side of the pool and firmly told me that i would get out of the pool or else. I knew then to get out and i did. As i climbed out the side she pulled me up by my arm and slapped my bottom on my togs. She then proceeded in a quiet but firm voice to tell me that i was a naughty girl and i should expect to be punished like one. She then spanked my bottom a few more times and marched me out to the car. All my friends saw my red bottom.

Gauge2030 - I don't think any spanking is trivial to a child. It's always very meaningful, even if it's not terribly painful, particularly to a sensitive child. I'm not sharing my story to compete and see who had it worst. There were times when my Dad bared my bottom across his knee for a taste of the paddle or leather slipper and I would inspect the marks in the mirror afterward. But I didn't get spanked very often and my parents are nice people who did the best they could for us. But the spankings I did get stick in my mind, mainly because of the shame factor, not necessarily the pain factor.<br />
No child ever deserves to be told or made to feel like they aren't wanted. I'm sorry you felt that way as a child. Everybody has different circumstances and we are all affected in different ways by them. I only hope that you've moved past this and are able to live a happy healthy life now.

I also like to look at mirror to check my red butt after my mom spanked me.

mmm most of your spaning seem triviel sorry dont mean to offend my spankings where with the slipper and left marks so much i apparently asked my single mom who had told me not to move a muscle can i move now mummy i had slipper ,mark s for weeks and i got spanked besides oh am female just so you know hee hee also mum never even wanted me but here i am

Lever you poor boy. How embarrassing that must have been! Fannyfire - I bet everything echoed in that bathroom too! Ouch!

One of the most embarrassing spankings I got was around the same age. I had talked back to Mom when she told me to do something, in front of 3 of my friends. I don't even remember what I said, but it was sufficiently bad for Mom to order me to the couch and tell my friends to leave. Well, Mom had the wooden spoon out in no time and my friends were still in the hall putting their shoes and jackets on when Mom sat on the couch, yanked my sweat pants and underwear down and put me over her lap. I figure they saw at least the first quarter of the spanking.

Ouch? How old was you and was that the first time your freinds saw you spanked? Had you ever seen any of your freinds spanked before?