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And I'm Grateful

I believe in spanking children as a form of discipline.

I got spanked as a child, and I am grateful for it- I learned my lesson every time. There is a difference between spanking and abuse, and parents today need to realize that. Too many children are not learning about consequences because they aren't being spanked. I'm sorry, but taking away privileges and time-outs just don't always cut it.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit 31-35, F 151 Responses Dec 5, 2009

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I believe in locking up stupid, abusive parents who don't know how to love and raise a kid.
I believe that people like you should not be allowed to be parents, EVER

Through fear there is no morality, only fear and DAMAGE

I've wrote a story here about my childhood.My parents way over did the spankings.
However,I think there comes a time when it is called for. Even though I never spanked My own. Never spank Your child in anger.Always make sure they understand just why. So many times as a kid,I found my self suddenly getting spanked or slapped or hit for something I may have done days before.

Texan, I agree with you.

The Lord in Heaven, prescribes spankings in His Word. I and many others,
obeys His commands.
Spankings work, but it must be separated from violence. Spankings are done with love and nobody will end up violent. Its those who does know how to take responsibility for their actions that becomes criminals.

The bible is a pile of bullshit, it was written by ignorant and crazy men and it's a SHAME people still believe in CRAP like that.
There's no god, there's only us and the effects of our actions, you sir are a piece of **** for promoting child abuse and should be shot, eliminated from society, no more trash like you.

The bible is a piece of paper wrote by ignorant idiots in a dark time

There is no god and there is no hell you stupid crazy ****

I agree, Billcle. His language confirms it.

Poor Andy,
I'll pray for you. May the Lord have mercy on our soul!

You don't belive in the same faith as me WHICH MEANS IT'S PERFECTLY TO HAVE THE TOUGH GUY ACT AND START VIOLENCE BECAUSE THIS PERSON DOESN'T BELIVE IN THE SAME THING AS ME EVEN WHEN MY FAITH TEACHES TO LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AND LIVE AND LET LIVE AND TO ALWAYS FORGIVE, WHY, BECAUSE I CHOSE A JOB WHERE I BEAT UP PEOPLE FOR A LIVING AND OVERLOOK STRIPPERS AND LAP DANCES, ONE OF THE WORST SINS YOU CAN DO IN MY RELIGION. You forgot the last bit a verse "but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes". You like to forget about that little pat, don't you? Also, news flash, the bible is stories. It was made to think of something as complex as god and heaven into simple stories so you can understand the teachings even if you were a peasant you couldn't read or write, you would understand. the bible was not made into a life helper. and you made fun of the relgion of my friend but you belive the same thing.

Yes....perhaps.but i dont think The bible condones it as a seems to be Your case.

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sorry to disagree, I respect you, but I don't think violence is the answer

and turn them out to be bullies, they learn violence is the answer. my daughter turned out fine

violence begets violence

Id never use a belt.I still feel the sting and the humiliation at 52 yrs old.

You have no idea of the word love means. Love means gentle spankings in the way they were intended for. If it becomes abusive and violent then that parent is wrong and they need to be punished by having their kids taken away from them forever.

how is beating a kid non violent?

Raising a child with fear and mind control IS ABUSE, there's no love in that, just your twisted mind at work producing a ****** up society

You're the ignorant twisted **** here

Billcle you need to be shot, why don't you kill yourself and make the world a better place?

Billcle you need to be shot, why don't you kill yourself and make the world a better place?

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I can't believe we're all on here seriously arguing whether or not you should hit a child. This is SO sad and a should-be-outdated issue.



sometimes it depends on child,however I found the threat worked,but you must be prepared to carry out if required.

Hand is fine but a tool such as slipper,cane or belt on a child is ABUSE.


Some people couldn't control their tempers. Sometimes a swat on the rear will remind a child there is a problem. Now we parents can only play head games with kids in public.

I still chuckle when I hear a parent say something like "Hunter... One.... Two.... Three..." and the kid still acts up.

I like your comment.
One must never apply spankings if you are agree.

true couldn't agree more well said

well said the laws now preventing the spanking of a child has caused more problems in ante social behavior with kids they dont know better and and if they do some thing wrong then so what what can the parents do but they get the blame let them spank the kids when they need it

I agree. Every circumstance is different. Time out etc. may work with some children, and other punishments may also. But repeated, persistent disobedience must have consequences. A good spanking can have lasting effect. I don't favor abuse, but a good seat warming, and promise of more can be good discipline. Its important tp find out what works for your children. Many older adults learned this early, and it did not hurt them in later life.

I agree pappap. Horses for courses.

yeah kind of what i wanted to say

i just didn\'t find the way to do it

Thanks, KatCode.

My African teacher certainly gave me a good seat warming!!, you\'re right, I needed it and it didn\'t hurt me.

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U have our vote
There is a time and place for removal of privileges etc... but also a time when NO has to mean NO and be backed up.... There are no lessons in a hard life now... expectation and greed abounds... Life can be tough and a lot of kids now expect anything and everything and tantrums etc if they dont get what they want.
I pushed things as a kid and hit that end-stop a few times - parents and school knew when the pushing was over and the re-educating lesson began

I never really learned from them till I was older because I just keep doing what I did before. My dad put my into military school now that's a life lesson learned! Now somedays I wish the spankings were back! Haha

I totally agree
How right you are
And loving parents should have the ability to spank their children without feeling that it is anything other than a loving form of discipline

Too many people out there who think they know best how to raise other parents children

I know the government doesn\'t think people should spank their kids either. Why don\'t you take it up with them.

I'm glad to this day. It kept me from getting a police record. I deserve all of them.

For me is really hard to understand this.
How violence can educate kids ?

Sometimes I think there less people who have the ability to educate a child without violence.

As a personal experience.
I was raised with my cousins that way.

What happened now is he became addicted to drugs. Hates his parents and dropped out of school. didn't complete GED.

For me. I'm in a good way. But because I decided to do it. I hated my aunt and uncle for some time. But decided to forget that and live free of violence.

Was a good decision to leave. And start for my own.

This is just my experience. And there are times when I think it might be good but for children that from the beginning were not educated right.

There is a difference between punishment and violence. Punishment is to inflict a penalty. Violence is an unjust exertion of power or force. In contrast punishment can vary in degrees yet warranted. Whether someone develops into a habitué in relation to punishment is entirely onto their persons. Violence would be excessive punishment for petty violations of regulation demands; although, the actions of those placed in authoritative positions on us do not have to define our character.

I'm sorry to hear about you and your cousin's nasty experiences. It sounds to me if you were abused. A spanking is only 1 form of correction and should fit the transgression.

Thanks for you excellent explanation. Me, not being English-speaking, cannot describe it so perfect!

well. it was every time we did something wrong. but i knew and i still know that a simple explanation (on why is wrong, or how to solve the issue) was enough.

in addition to that, when i came and reunited with my mother everything was so different. i felt something i almost never had, the love of a mother.
i\'ve been living here in the US for more than 9 years, and all this time i hear about my mom\'s work, well, i only hear good things, she is a babysitter, for so long, (like 16 years), and all people she has worked with, are really nice to her, because they know she does an awesome works babysitting, all the kids she has taken care of, are super awesome persons, well behaved, she has made a difference in those families.

she never needed to spank the kids, also because they are not her own, all education was based on love and the most awesome thing i can say.

she raised them from almost babies to around their 12~13,

i feel proud of her because, well, i don\'t want to talk more about it, but for me, it is also a proof there are better ways to educate children,

and cowsunite,

i understand it for some cases, but i think the parents must try to find a better way to educate their kids, and use it as a last resource.

there is something i heard a lot, was \"the more they tell you not to do it, the more you do it\" in Spanish of course.

also when i see parents spanking their kids i really feel so much anger, at them for doing it, is not for not being in favor of it, but because it reminds me of some parts of my childhood,

KatCode, what a wonderful testimony for your mum.
I understand your thinking / feelings on spanking. There are different means of correction.

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I agree with you time outs and taking away privileges just don't instill respect for what the right thing should have been and trivializes the bad behavior.

Sounds like you were well raised with the necessary love, care and concern. :)

well said i was spanked severely as a child but i have 4 kids of my own i did spank them but no where near as bad as i was

First,I see the difference between spanking and abuse but your view on discipline is really strange: you seem to think people who don't use spanking as a form of discipline are inevitably too permissive parents.My mother is a professional nanny since 27 years and she has raised 42 children (not to mention my siblings). During those years, she has NEVER used physical punishment: Yet all these children are well educated and now, are well-balanced and respectful adults.And believe me, we were not spoiled children: my mother had millions ways to discipline us without using spanking.Off course, spanking puts a stop to a bad behavior but it doesn't encourage a child to understand the reasons why what he was doing was wrong. It's also a model of agressive behavior. Even though the child is being hit in the context of being disciplined,by hitting your child, you are demonstrating that action is acceptable, that it's OK to hit someone when you are angry.Discipline is a learning opportunity: after being spanking, the child focuses on the punishment, rather than what they are being punished for. So, there are no lessons learned.I don't think spanking will damage mentally the kids but I just think it's a useless and pointless punishment.

So very right.
So sorry for what you had to experience. Violence is wrong, no matter how you put it.

Totally agree!

There's no hitting of any sort in our family. I have 6 nieces and nephews and they're such well adjusted and compassionate little human beings I can't imagine using violence of any sort against them. If non-spanked kids are bratty, look to the parents. Monkey see, monkey do.

Says a woman who takes pictures of her giant boobs to display for the world to see. Yep, monkey see, monkey do. Hope you don't have a daughter. I mean, seriously, no disrespect, but don't you think you could have found something a little more classy to use as your profile picture?

Just because you have internalized a sex-negative culture doesn't mean that you should be able to beat that disorder into your children.

Jessica, I like your comment!

Nope. And no children for me now or ever. I know better. And if you got a problem with my ****, I\'m sorry you\'re jealous. They\'re beautiful and I love them. Way to miss the point entirely.
Haters gon\' hate.

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Nope.. but spanking is also a popular sexual act for a reason and I think our kid's are the last people we should subject to shameful humiliation. Leave that to the grown ups that can make the decision to have someone smack at one of their most private of areas.

Unfortunately, English-speaking cultures elevate authoritarianism and coercion, and deprecate reasoning and negotiation.

Right on. You will never know if your supposedly good intentions have the effect of creating sexualized traumas in your children. Many adults with a spanking fetish were spanked as children.

I respect the fact that you think spanking is a good form of discipline, but if I ever have kids I promise you I will never take your advice. As a person who has helped raise my younger siblings, as well as taken care of other troubled youth I can assure you that spanking is never the correct choice to take. I may not be a parent, but I know with great certainty that if a child grows up in a home that respects him or her, then they will be very well behaved. That is how I grew up, and that is how my three other siblings are growing up. Mutual respect is the key, not fear.

i would hate for you to be my mother :) im a brat thats never been spanked pleased to meet ya x

It sounds like you were spanked the right way. You knew why you were being spanked. It wasn't too severe and I'm sure in the end you knew you were loved and forgiven. Spanking should not be the only tool in the parental toolbox, but it should always be there if it is needed.


You need to watch

I think that a justified (and non abusive) spanking is good discipline for children. But never spank while mad and never do it just "because".

My niece and nephews are never spanked and their all spoiled...

I was spanked way too often and way too harshly and too often for reasons i did not understand.As my own 2 kids grew up I never spanked them,nor did i allow any one else to spank them.However,Im not saying that a little spanking is a bad thing in an extreme situation.Such as catching a Young child doing something rely dangerous to them,if it may save their life.Crossing the street,things like that.

i see your point, but i don't think i could "spank" a child or hurt it physically in anyway.

I agree. People need ti know the difference betwern spanking and abuse. My bro and I got spanked as children and it made us who we are today. I'm thankful that our parents taught us from right to wrong and disiplined us. If they didn't then we would end up in prison. So I thankful for my parents. But I agree with you on this one.